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Lamination of eyelashes at home — step by step instructions using a special set and gelatin, the effect

Lamination of eyelashes at home with gelatin and a special set

Lamination of eyelashes at home — a great way to take care of the expressiveness, attractiveness of the look, because it will become more alluring. Of course, there are other ways, such as curling and building cilia, daily use of mascara. But all these methods harm the health of the eyes and eyelashes themselves. Lamination is a good alternative. With this procedure, it is possible to lengthen and heal eyelashes, give them volume and curvature. And most importantly — no harm will be caused to them. The procedure can be performed in the salon, and at home

The essence of lamination of eyelashes involves strengthening the cilia through the use of the drug, the main ingredient of which is keratin. This component is present in the eyelashes and hair. That is why lamination is often called keratin. In the proposed ready-made compositions for the procedure includes other components, such as vitamins, caring components (extract of yarrow, hops, chamomile) and organic ingredients. This allows you to strengthen eyelashes and increase their flexibility.

The composition penetrates the structure of the eyelashes. This allows you to deal with structural damage, forming a thin film on the cilia. It guarantees the preservation of the right amount of moisture and nutrients inside the eyelashes, provides a pleasant shine, protects against many negative environmental factors, including hard and salty water, frost, heat and ultraviolet rays, and also prevents repeated damage.

Lamination of eyelashes in home or salon conditions is an opportunity to improve eyelashes and take care of their appearance. Interestingly, many cosmetologists call lamination ecological lifting, as it provides a lifting eyelashes at the roots.

Make the procedure yourself quite real. For this you need to purchase suitable materials. You can give preference to a ready-made set, for example, Yumi Lashes, or make a special gelatin remedy on your own. The procedure in any case is carried out in several stages. It is best to ask for help from a friend, because the two people are much easier and more interesting to perform such a procedure.

Step-by-step tutorial with the application of the finished set will help you complete the procedure correctly. You only need to buy the right product and you can laminate it to yourself. The kit includes components such as silicone tape, silicone lining, fixing serum, pigment-dye, film. Additionally, it is desirable to prepare a cream for the skin around the eyes, which has a suitable effect, such as softening, smoothing or moisturizing.

The procedure itself is performed as follows:

  1. First, you need to perform cleansing and degreasing hairs and the uppermost eyelid. This must be done so that the nutrients penetrate into the structure of the eyelashes.
  2. Now it is necessary to comb the cilia.
  3. Apply a suitable cream to the skin around the eyes. Silicone tape is stuck on the lower eyelid so that the eyelashes are on top of it.
  4. On the upper eyelid, you need to secure the silicone pad.
  5. On cilia need to apply fixing serum. It is necessary to improve the effect of the coloring pigment. Serum allows you to make the lashes thicker, thicker and fill all the structural voids. Next, you need to comb the cilia on the silicone pad, which is located on the upper eyelid. From surplus funds get rid of by means of an ordinary cotton swab.
  6. Now you need to create a thermal effect. For this, a film, cotton swabs and a towel are placed on the eye area. After 10 minutes, all funds can be removed.
  7. Next comes the staining of cilia with coloring pigment. Usually five shades are offered on the selection. Select the most preferred is guided by the appearance of the girl.
  8. The paint should remain on the eyelashes for 10 minutes. After that, using a special brush you need to get rid of its surplus.
  9. Next you need to remove the silicone lining. To do this, you can use a cotton swab dipped in water.
  10. In conclusion, the cilia give a bend and share.

The lamination procedure using the ready kit is simple and harmless. It is preferable to get acquainted with the video tutorial to understand how to do the procedure correctly. The procedure itself is performed fairly quickly — less than an hour.

Lamination of eyelashes with gelatin is a great alternative to a ready-made set. Such a procedure is considered the safest, it can be applied to everyone, if there is no individual intolerance to gelatin. The recipe involves the use of such ingredients:

  • hair conditioner — 2 tablespoons;
  • gelatin — 15 grams;
  • essential oil — 6-7 drops;
  • water — 50 ml.

The procedure takes about 40 minutes. No special skills to perform are required. Remember that before the procedure, you should get rid of makeup residues, defat skin using a lotion or tonic. And the procedure itself is performed as follows:

  1. It is necessary to dilute the gelatin in water, heating the liquid until the powder is completely dissolved.
  2. Next, you should pour in balm, add 6-7 drops of essential oil and mix the resulting product.
  3. Eyelashes are degreased, and after that, you should put silicone pads on your eyelids.
  4. Cilia should be applied to the prepared gelatinous agent, leave it for half an hour.
  5. After this time, the excess funds should be washed off with ordinary warm water.

That’s all, it remains only to admire the finished result.

The effect of lamination lashes usually lasts for a period of one to two and a half months. More accurately, it is very difficult to predict the duration of the preservation of the result, since it affects the natural renewal of eyelashes, which happens differently for each person, the use of cosmetics and makeup products.

But in any case, the effect of lamination will be as follows:

  1. Eyelashes will become more spectacular, their length will increase, will increase the strength and elasticity, you can notice the thickness and additional volume. In general, cilia recover. This can be achieved by staining with a special pigment and thickening with serum.
  2. The color of the cilia will be more intense, deep and lasting.
  3. Natural ciliary curvature will be more prominent.
  4. The look will be open, expressive and attractive.

The main advantage of lamination of eyelashes is the ability to get rid of the need for daily make-up, which involves the use of numerous decorative tools. After lamination, the eyelashes look as if they are already made up and curled. It is very important not to try to save on funds for the procedure, and then the result will meet the expectations.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure interest every girl. By the testimony include the desire of the girl to become more beautiful and exclude the use of decorative cosmetics on a daily basis. Lamination is not prohibited to perform even during lactation or pregnancy.

But there are still contraindications, these include:

  • recent eye diseases, such as barley on the eye;
  • any diseases of the mucous membranes;
  • any previous eye surgery;
  • the presence of an allergic reaction or idiosyncrasy of individual components of the finished or personally prepared composition.

In addition, it is highly undesirable to carry out the procedure on the extended eyelashes. Increase after lamination is also not worth it. It should be understood that lamination can not make the effect of extended eyelashes, but the procedure can strengthen and strengthen what is given by nature.

Many girls worry that the lamination procedure can be harmful. Experts say the opposite. They say that the procedure has a regenerating and even healing effect. This is explained by the fact that keratin is able to nourish the structure of the eyelashes from the inside.

Tips for the care of laminated eyelashes will allow to prolong the preservation of the effect and to achieve the overall aesthetics of the face The main recommendations include:

  1. After lamination of eyelashes, it is not recommended to use alcohol lotions to remove makeup.
  2. It is recommended to perform lamination every 3-4 months, so that the procedure brings only benefit.
  3. Experts also advise you to massage the eyelids and use masks for eyelashes at home.
  4. Being interested in how lamination is done, you should definitely read the step-by-step instructions or watch the video to eliminate possible errors.
  5. Remember that you can not remove or remove lamination just like that. It is recommended to wait until the lamination comes off on its own.
  6. Additionally, you can do and lamination eyebrows. It is also easily performed independently at home. Brovki will be more expressive.
  7. Remember that after lamination it is impossible to wet the eyelashes during the day.
  8. Use of mascara is undesirable, but it is not prohibited.

The feedback on the lamination procedure is mostly positive if performed correctly. This suggests that making the eyes more expressive and eliminating the use of mascara every day is very simple. The procedure itself is easy, special skills are not required. The only thing you need is to buy ingredients and set aside free time.

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