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Lamb fat — the use of the product, how to melt at home

Calories: 897 kcal.

Energy value of the product Mutton fat:
Protein: 0g.
Fat: 99.7 g.
Carbohydrates: 0 g.

Mutton fat — it is a product unique in its characteristics (see photo). Most often it is used in cooking and is in great demand in Eastern cuisine. In countries such as Mongolia and Georgia, mutton fat is often used as a folk remedy, not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. A feature of this product is that it hardens very quickly and has a peculiar specific smell.

Get mutton fat by vytaplivaniya fat raw, and distinguish it by grade. The fact is that this product is mined from different parts of the carcass of a ram, and each type of fat is distinguished by its smell, appearance and color. There are three varieties of natural mutton fat, and you can find the characteristics of each of them in the table below.

This fat is obtained from the fat-tailed part of the ram. It has a white color with a yellowish tinge. After refloating, a high-quality product acquires a transparent structure, rich taste and aroma.

To create this fat is used inner fat raw. After heat treatment, the interior product acquires a gray-green color, but remains transparent to the maximum. By smell, it resembles cracklings.

The technology of preparation of this fat is the same as that of the first grade. However, after melting, this product becomes cloudy. This type of fat is also called mixed, since it uses intermuscular, subcutaneous and interstitial fat.

Despite the fact that mutton fat is a specific product, in some industries it is very popular, so now you can buy it in the pharmacy and in the store. In addition, today sold as raw mutton fat, and already melted and usable product.

Melt lamb fat at home is incredibly easy. Often, an oven is used for this purpose, as it is considered to be the fastest and most reliable way to extract fat. To do this, take a fresh piece of lamb fat, cut into small pieces and pour a large amount of cold water for sixty minutes. This procedure is required to ensure that blood clots and the remaining pieces of connective tissue are separated from the product. After an hour, the ground fat is removed from the water, washed thoroughly and laid out in a cast-iron or clay container. The product is thoroughly sprinkled with water and sent to the oven for an hour and a half. The melting point of mutton fat should not exceed one hundred fifty degrees. After that, the baked product is removed from the oven, filtered through a sieve with cotton cloth and poured into a suitable vessel for further storage.

In addition, it is possible to melt mutton fat at home in a slow cooker. To do this, the fat is also washed well, and then crushed into pieces or twisted in a meat grinder with a fine mesh. The prepared ingredient is sent to the multicooker bowl and fueled on the «Baking» mode for sixty minutes. After one hour, the program “Extinguishing” is set on the electrical device, and the product is prepared for another two to three hours. From time to time the fat should always be stirred. The finished lamb mass is also filtered and placed in a convenient dish for storage in the refrigerator.

As you can see, lamb fat is very easy to heat. In addition, as a home product, you can be sure one hundred percent!

The use of lamb fat is very versatile. This natural product is very famous in the culinary field, and in some countries it can not be replaced by anything. Lamb fat is also famous for its healing properties. That is why it is in great demand also in such branches as medicine and cosmetology. Natural sheep fat is considered the most popular and popular among other animal fats.

In cooking, mutton fat is used in two types: raw and melted. This ingredient is especially appreciated in Asian cuisine. The set of national dishes of Asia is simply impossible to cook without lamb fat. For example, real Asian plov. To make it right, vegetables and meat must be fried in lamb. Otherwise, the dish will be considered inferior. Even in Asian cuisine, lamb fat is used for cooking kebabs, both for lamb and beef. In this case, the meat is smeared with melted fat so that after roasting the dish is more fragrant and softer. In no case will they cook samsa, manty, pasties, soups and homemade sausages without lamb fat.

In Damascus and Aleppo, various eastern sweets are prepared for mutton fat. This product is also added to cookies, and very often they are coated with puff pastry to make baking an appetizing golden color. Syrians, even the usual scrambled eggs are not without lamb fat.

Lamb fat is rarely used in Russian cuisine. It is sometimes mixed with vegetable oil and used for roasting potatoes, vegetables and other ingredients. Some housewives melt this product and mix it with honey. The resulting mass is used for pancakes, fritters and similar products.

In addition to fat, mutton fat is also used in cooking, which is called the omentum. It is perfect for making juicy kebab, homemade sausage and beef tenderloin.

In folk medicine, mutton fat is known as a therapeutic external and internal remedy. This product is very good for abrasions, wounds (non-purulent) and burns. Also, mutton fat is recommended to use in metabolic disorders and fatty liver. The table below lists the diseases that can be cured with natural lamb fat.

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