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Kashi — delicious photo recipes for children and adults at home

Porridge — delicious step-by-step photo recipes for children and adults at home

Porridge prepared in milk or water and is a boiled grain of any cereal. As an additive for porridges use vegetable or butter, sugar, salt, various seasonings, dried fruits and berries, jam, jam or fudge. These ingredients in certain combinations make up a huge collection of porridge recipes, which can be cooked at home every day. At the same time, such dishes are so diverse that you can cook them without ever repeating throughout the whole year.

Porridge is one of the most popular products in traditional Russian cuisine — no diet can do without it. They are used as a breakfast on the water or with milk, as a side dish for the second to all sorts of dishes (mainly, meat and fish). The most delicious porridge is obtained if cooked in a special clay pot, roasted over low heat, not cooked until ready and ready to be wrapped in heat for “income”. Such porridge will be crumbly, soft and very useful. In general, cereals are exceptionally rich in beneficial macro and micronutrients, as well as other nutrients.

There are such recipes for making porridges at home, for which dishes are especially important in which they are cooked — the most delicious cereals will be obtained in cast-iron dishes or in teflon-coated dishes. In most cases, porridge burns to the enamelware, which negatively affects the taste of the dish, and the subsequent washing of this dish.

Russia is one of the few countries where all the variety of cereals is included in the daily diet. It may be buckwheat; rice; peas; oatmeal; semolina, barley, barley, corn, wheat and bearberry cereals.

A special place among all Russian cereals is occupied by the legendary Guryev porridge, the recipes of which change with time, the most important ingredients are added and disappear. Initially, Guryev porridge — is semolina, brewed in milk with the addition of a large number of nuts. The peculiarity of the preparation lies in long languishing in the oven, thanks to which the milk is transformed into ryazhenka, adding the original unique taste to the porridge.

Other countries traditionally prefer one, maximum two or three varieties of cereals, which are raised to the rank of national — for example, England of all possible types prefers oatmeal, America — corn, East — rapeseed and wheat. And only in Russia, porridge is not just an independent dish, but also the basis for a variety of first and second courses.

Regardless of what you prefer recipes for porridge — sweet or as a side dish, salt is necessarily laid in the porridge before boiling, keep this in mind!

Some cooking secrets delicious porridges have already been given, so we list the remaining ones.

  1. Any grits before starting the preparation should be picked and thoroughly rinsed with tap water.
  2. Grits should always be poured into boiling milk or boiling water, and not vice versa. In the case of milk, it should also be borne in mind that some types of cereals, namely, barley, millet, rice, are badly boiled soft in it. For this reason, these cereals are boiled in water for 5-7 minutes, and only then they are combined with milk.
  3. Crumbly porridge will be obtained only if it is not mixed in the cooking process, otherwise, it will turn out to be quite viscous.
  4. Rapid stirring significantly slows the cooking process, so it must be done slowly and at the same time fairly carefully.
  5. It is believed that the taste characteristics of any cereal will be much better if you add a small piece of butter to boiling water or milk (ghee is also suitable for this purpose).
  6. Just one drop of acetic acid, added to the water during rice preparation, will help make it snow white.
  7. To avoid the appearance of a bluish overflow on crumbly pearl barley porridge will help such a manipulation: after boiling water, you need to drain it, and then pour the grits with warm and salted water, then bring to readiness.
  8. The barley will be cooked much faster if it is placed in cold water, at least for a couple of hours.
  9. But the secret to making delicious semolina without lumps is to pour it not into hot milk, but into cold milk, and then heat it over low heat, stirring constantly.

Here, perhaps, all the basic secrets of cooking porridge at home. More information about how to cook this or that cereal will tell step-by-step photo recipes of this section of the site.

Which cereals are suitable for adults and which for children?

Restrictions on the consumption of certain cereals for adults practically does not exist. Only individual indicators of intolerance to some food components become the main reason for excluding one or another cereal from the diet. In general, cereals for adults are very useful. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that are easily digested, and in addition they contain large amounts of carbohydrates, so that they quickly and effectively saturate. The presence of a variety of cereals in the diet of an adult allows you to balance the diet. And still many varieties of cereals can be called tasty adsorbents, which are able to excrete toxins from the body, “harmful” cholesterol, slags. And buckwheat porridge is credited with the ability to excrete even heavy metal salts.

Children from one year can also use almost all kinds of cereals, as adults. However, in this matter you also need to consider the indicator of personal intolerance of a particular product. But for kiddies up to a year gluten-free cereals (from six months) are introduced into supplements, in particular, buckwheat and rice. When ready, they are frayed through a sieve and diluted with milk. Also suitable specially adapted for kids corn porridge.

Porridge for children is no less useful than for adults. They saturate the body with a mass of useful microcomponents that help crumbs not only not to get sick, but also to develop properly.

And, of course, the question of choosing one or another porridge, both for adults and for children, is decided taking into account personal taste preferences.

Porridge can be not only a tasty addition to the second, but they can also be a completely independent dish. Rich and nutritious — they perfectly satisfy hunger. In addition, cereals are very useful. It is the combination of these characteristics makes porridge so popular dish.

Learn how to cook this or that porridge from the step-by-step photo recipes on this page. They are provided with the most detailed descriptions. In addition, each cooking stage is supplemented with a photo, thanks to which the process of cooking porridge will become even clearer.

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