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Jewish (Israeli) cuisine — homemade, step-by-step photo recipes of national dishes

Jewish (Israeli) cuisine — homemade, step-by-step photo recipes of national dishes

Jewish (Israeli) cuisine or national cuisine of Israel — this is a rather conventional concept, because as you know the state of Israel was artificially created only in 1948. Prior to this, Jews were settled around the world, which had a significant impact on the dishes they prepared. The only common feature in the cooking of all Jews is kosher (religious restrictions on the use of certain foods).

What is this ban? The Old Testament gives the following order: “Thou shalt not seethe a kid in the milk of his mother.” This means that meat dishes should not contain milk and dairy products. So, for example, meat habitual for us stewed in sour cream is a terrible sin! Also during the meal, it is forbidden for a Jew to eat both meat and dairy dishes. You need to choose one thing. In the same cooking dishes should be used separate dishes. For meat dishes — this is one set of dishes, for dairy — another. Jewish cuisine has such an unusual feature!

It is possible to divide traditional Jewish cuisine into two types: Ashkenazi and Sephardic. The first variety is the cooking of Jews living in Europe. This type of Jewish cuisine is more modest, because its representatives were not particularly rich, and therefore life itself forced them to use products more rationally. Sephardic Jews inhabited the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Unlike their European counterparts, they were not in such a plight, and therefore could afford the use of more expensive products: all kinds of vegetables, noble fish, and also quite valuable olive oil.

By the way, it is believed that traditional Jewish cuisine and traditional Israeli cuisine are different, since the latter was greatly influenced by the cooking of the East (Turkish and Arabic). Therefore, the Israelis, unlike the Jews who are settled around the world, often eat, for example, shawarma.

Another interesting fact regarding Jewish cuisine is the prohibition, like that of Muslims, of eating pork!

Having gone to a restaurant or a cafe of Jewish cuisine, you will find a fairly large variety of dishes on the menu, including snacks, first courses (all kinds of soups), hot main dishes, salads, pastries and desserts.

The most famous hors d’oeuvre among Jews is considered Forshmak, which is made from lightly salted herring, minced with apples, onions, and soaked bread. The result is a paste of uniform consistency, which is usually spread on matzo (flat cakes of unleavened dough). Also known as stuffed and stuffed fish, while the varieties of the fish itself are «not noble.» Jews themselves say that this dish only tastes better. Also quite popular as a hummus snack. This dish is a chickpea puree with garlic, paprika, lemon juice, olive oil and sesame paste.

As for soups, the most common among them are chicken broth with dumplings, bean soup with potatoes, oxalic borsch, as well as chilled soup with dried fruits.

Second dishes are, as a rule, meat served with an abundance of vegetables. An example of such a dish could be Cholnt, which is a hot meat stew with potatoes and beans. The festive hot dish for the second can be called Kreplach or triangular dumplings. They are stuffed not only with meat, but also dried fruits, as well as cheese. Also on the second Jews bake all kinds of fish.

As for the Jewish pastries, it is mainly represented by the matzah, which was discussed earlier in the article. Also, Jews often bake Challah (bread), sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds. Another traditional dish, which is both baking and dessert, is Sufganiet or donuts with jelly or jam. Another dish from the baking category that is popular among Jews is the bagels (bagels). Features of their preparation is that they are first boiled, and then baked.

Traditional Jewish desserts are usually a mixture of fruit and nuts. A rather unusual dish from this category is Tzimes, which is a sweet carrot stewed in fat. If meat is also added to the ingredients of this dish, then it goes into the main course category.

In general, it can be concluded that the national cuisine of Israel or simply the Jewish cuisine is quite diverse, and the taste combinations of dishes are unusual for us! However, try them all the same worth it. To do this, you do not need to go to a restaurant or a cafe, everything can be prepared at home, guided by step-by-step photo recipes of our site.

Successful experiments in the preparation of delicious kosher food!

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