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Italian cuisine — recipes of national dishes with photos at home

Italian cuisine — traditional simple recipes of national dishes with photos at home

Italian cuisine or national cuisine of Italy — This is one of those cuisines that makes up the culinary European family or, as it is otherwise called, Mediterranean cuisine. It is special with the variety of its dishes, which have a regional division (this means that recipes from different regions of this country differ somewhat, although, of course, there are still similarities).

If we turn to history, we will learn many interesting facts about Italian cuisine. For example, it is not inferior in its characteristics of exquisite French cuisine, because, in fact, it is its progenitor. So is known the fact that the Emperor Franz I was not indifferent to the Italian kitchen, who actually brought her to his country. It began to spread everywhere after the marriage of the son of this august woman with Catherine de Medici, which took place in 1533.

As we said earlier, traditional Italian cuisine varies in its dishes from region to region, but there are some common features:

  • quite often fish and seafood are used in cooking;
  • pasta or pasta is used everywhere in Italy;
  • and, of course, it is simply impossible to imagine classic Italian cuisine without fresh vegetables.

The most famous and popular Italian dish is considered pizza, although this is not entirely true. In fact, this dish, which is a cake of unripe wheat or millet with tomatoes and cheese, was prepared in Naples. Thus, pizza belongs to the Neapolitan cuisine. In this part of Italy, the previously mentioned dish was simple food for the poor. It gained popularity after 1945 thanks to American soldiers, who liked the poor dish.

It is worth noting that classic Italian gourmet cuisine from around the world is becoming more popular every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that the names of traditional dishes in Italy are known and recognizable. You can even say that they are heard. Surely, you have heard about pasta, spaghetti, risotto, ciabatta, calzone and many other foods of this country. They are not only tasty, but also useful! Some even believe that eating traditional Italian food will be able to lose weight. We will not argue about the veracity of this fact, but such a theory has the right to exist!

In order to better understand the features of the Italian cuisine, let’s understand what the Italian is breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, the sutra is traditionally consumed with a cup of coffee with sweet pastries, children eat almost the same thing, though they drink juice, drinks or milk instead of coffee. In general, breakfast for an Italian is an ordinary snack. Lunch is represented by more substantial food. It consists of a starter, for example, of a vegetable salad, first course, main (second) dish, and also of dessert, always served with a cup of coffee. Of course, not all Italians eat at lunch so densely. It all depends on tastes, any dishes may be excluded or the lunch menu, on the contrary, may consist of a larger number of dishes. Dinner usually consists of one dish. This is either a soup or some meat / fish dish.

In order to join, without a doubt, delicious Italian cuisine, it is not necessary to go to Italy or go to a cafe / restaurant of national cuisine of this country! All dishes can be prepared at home and this should not cause difficulties. Italian cuisine is not so difficult, and especially if you know the secrets and tricks in the preparation of traditional national dishes. You can find them out of those photo recipes that are shown on our website. All of them are equipped with the most detailed instructions. In addition, all recipes contain step-by-step photos.

So go ahead, we are sure that everything will work out for you. We also hope that the question: what to cook or what to try, with regard to the national cuisine of Italy, will not be left unanswered, because we are trying to collect for you a real “culinary treasury” full of simple and tasty recipes!

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