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Hydroperitol for hair — how to use for bleaching and removal at home

Hydroperite for bleaching and lightening hair — instructions for use

Hydroperit for hair — A tool that is used to lighten, bleach and remove hair depending on the purpose. Such a substance is very cheap, and the result of its use is visible almost immediately. Gidroperit — an assistant in the fight for the beautiful bright curls. In this article you can learn how to use hydrogen peroxide to remove unwanted hair on the body, to lighten curls. The article also provides recipes that will help dye or bleach hair.

The composition and characteristics of hydroperit must be known before using the tool. The drug is sold in any pharmacy tablets. Usually it comes in plates of 8 tablets each, and its price is low. And you can also find a tool in the form of powder.

The drug itself is a substance with antiseptic properties. It began to be used for bleaching hair due to the fact that when it hits the curls, an oxidative reaction with air occurs. As a result, the hair pigment is neutralized. The longer the product will be on the hair, the brighter they will eventually be.

Many people confuse hydrogen peroxide and hydroponic. This happens due to the fact that the composition of hydroperit contains about 35% hydrogen peroxide. Urea is also present. In combination, these two components and give a positive result in the form of hair lightening.

It is important to understand that hydroperitol is not a miracle cure. In other words, black curls will not turn white. The maximum result is clarification by 2-3 tones. If the strands were black, they will become dark chestnut, brown-haired women can become light brown, and owners of light-wheat curls can become blondes.

It is important! Red-haired beauties hydroponic to lighten the hair will not work. They need to look for another tool.

Precautions when using the tool you need to know, so as not to harm the hair and overall health. Contraindications per se means no. But it is undesirable to use it in case of hypersensitivity to any components, as well as during lactation and carrying a child. People who have a tendency to allergies, you need to carefully apply the substance.

Tip! Before use, it is best to test for an allergic reaction. To do this, a mixture in a small amount is applied to the skin of the hand, preferably from the outside near the elbow. If during 10-12 hours there is a feeling of discomfort, burning and other unpleasant reactions, the application of the means should be abandoned.

Lightening the hair on the head at home with hydroperit is a simple procedure. But, in addition to this tool, you will need more ammonia. At cultivation of paint for clarification it is worth adhering to such instruction for use:

  1. It is necessary to take two tablets of hydroperit and grind them into powder (powder can be used immediately, but it is not sold in all pharmacies). It is preferable to use a porcelain or glass container. Add 10 ml of water to the powder. All work should be done in rubber gloves.
  2. Next, you need to add to the liquid 2 ml of ammonia (10% ammonia). It is convenient to do this through a pipette — 10 drops are enough.
  3. There also should pour 0.5-1 teaspoon of suitable shampoo hair type.
  4. Next, the solution should be well mixed using a plastic or wooden spoon.
  5. Sometimes the solution is quite liquid. Then add some flour to it to thicken.
  6. Next, the resulting mass should be distributed in wet hair. Convenient to do this with a brush.
  7. It is enough to stand for 5 minutes and rinse off the product with the strands, rinsing them thoroughly with water.

Hydrogen peroxide gives a coloring effect by discoloration or destruction of the pigment. It is important to understand that each person has his own ratio of eumelanin (dark pigment) and pheomelanin (light and red pigment) in hair, so the effect of hair dyeing with hydroperit may be different.

Tip! It is necessary to apply the product to dirty hair, at least a day after washing. The scalp due to the development of the sebaceous glands is covered with a kind of protective film, which means that the product will be practically harmless to it.

Often, to achieve the desired result is possible for several stains. It is important that the reps be no more than five. After that, be sure to take a break, even if you want to achieve a brighter shade.

Worth knowing! If the hair is dark, then discoloration will occur gradually. At first, the hair will turn yellow, and then it will gradually lighten.

You can make and highlight strands. The instruction is similar to lightening hair, and the fundamental difference lies only in the fact that the tool is applied only on some curls. It is necessary to distribute the mass in curls, retreating from the roots by 1-1.5 centimeters. The exposure time should not exceed 15 minutes.

Hydroperite for bleaching hair on the body, face and hands collects a lot of positive feedback. Hair coloring with their subsequent lightening is generally simple. Step-by-step instruction involves the execution of such actions as:

  • dissolve one tablet of hydroperit in one tablespoon of water;
  • add a small piece of soap;
  • Pour one tablespoon of liquid ammonia into the solution;
  • mix the resulting mixture thoroughly until smooth;
  • apply a mass on the skin of the feet, hands, face and body;
  • after 5 minutes, rinse off.

The hairs will be thinner, lighter and, as a result, less noticeable.

Worth knowing! Hydroperite is often advised as a remedy for nits. The substance actively fights against these pests, allowing you to clean the hair.

Hair removal using hydroperit is a procedure that every girl can handle. You can apply the following composition. The algorithm is simple:

  1. You need to mix 3 tablets of hydroperit, 10 drops of ammonia and 10 ml of water.
  2. The resulting composition should be applied to the skin.
  3. After 5 minutes you can rinse with water.

It is worth considering that the solution is quite aggressive. That is why it is very important to test for an allergic reaction to avoid unpleasant situations.

Professional advice will help to achieve positive results and eliminate possible problems. In particular, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • If you apply the solution to the hair away from the roots, you can increase the exposure time to 15 minutes, but not more;
  • grease the hairline with a greasy cream to avoid burns;
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash it quickly with a large volume of water.
  • foil can be used as a protection against burns by wrapping strands of hair in it;
  • bleached hair needs extra care, in particular in moisturizing and nourishing, so that it looks beautiful;
  • do not wash your hair after dyeing daily;
  • do not rub your hair with a towel, squeeze lightly and allow to dry naturally;
  • use care products, including oils (jojoba, burdock, coconut, olive, wheat sprouts).

If you want to lighten your hair a little bit in a few tones in a cheap way, hydroponite is a great helper in this matter. The tool is worth a penny, and you can find it at any pharmacy. This is a kind of grandmother’s recipe that can become a lifesaver when there are no funds for going to a beauty salon or you just want to do everything at home.

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