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How to whiten your face at home? — cosmetics and folk remedies

How to effectively and quickly whiten your skin at home?

How to whiten your face at home? Why even whiten your skin? We will talk about this and many other things in today’s article. For many, this is a rather serious problem that the beautiful half of humanity most often faces. In pursuit of ideal beauty and well-groomed appearance, women resort to various procedures that offer numerous beauty salons. But, few people know that the greater half of such manipulations can be carried out independently with the help of specialized preparations or folk remedies, which can rejoice many economical housewives.

Human skin is subject to gray pigmentation, the appearance of freckles, the formation of sunburn, and in adolescents the epidermis is highly prone to acne due to puberty. All these reasons can bring a lot of anxiety and complexes not only to a teenager, but also to an adult. Each of the sources of concern deserves special attention and a specific approach, so before using any drug it is wise to consult with a dermatologist, allergist or specialized cosmetologist.

How quickly, and most importantly — to properly whiten the skin of the face at home? First of all, you need to carefully deal with the appeared pigmentation, because it can be hereditary darkness or «grandmother’s» freckles. But, there are also acquired skin defects in the form of various spots, which can be caused by hormonal disruptions, due to pregnancy, during puberty or due to age-related changes. The causes of various unhealthy shades of the epidermis can be liver disease, vitamin deficiency, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, drug use, alcohol, intoxication, and infection with harmful organisms.

However, the most common problem remains pigmentation due to improper treatment of acne, wounds and skin diseases, as well as lethargy of the smoker’s dermis. Such problems with the skin of the face can be solved whitening with your own hands. Procedures at home are easier, but at the same time require longer and regular use.

Pharmacy or cosmetic preparations have proven to be a good helper in the fight against freckles or other pigment formations on the face. But almost any of the drugs or cosmetic products requires a fairly long-term use, which can last from several weeks to a year.

The set of cosmetic products contains hydroquinone — a substance used in various fields as a developer, dye, antioxidant, bleach and other types. However, this organic compound is quite toxic, so it can often cause various disturbances in the body. In view of this, in order to obtain not only a positive, but also a maximum effect, it is necessary to discuss the ways of using such a preparation with a specialist who will appoint a personal approach.

It is much safer to use ordinary vitamins that can be bought at any pharmacy for almost a penny. These useful substances include retinol and ascorbic acid.

  1. Vitamin A is excellent as a component in masks, lotions or scrubbers for whitening tanning, freckles and slight pigmentation. This substance should be applied daily to the cleaned fabric throughout the year. This manipulation will not only restore the skin, but also lead to renewal and a fresh state of the epithelium.
  2. Vitamin C is also applied to the clean layer with neat circular motions, letting the skin around the lips and eyes. The whitening effect contributes to the slight elimination of various color changes in the cells of the epidermis.
  3. Vitamin E very well reduces various degrees of pigmentation due to its effect on melanin, as a result of which the production of pigments is suspended. The result will not be seen, of course, immediately, while using a vitamin remedy, a taut and tender skin will initially become more noticeable.
  4. Rosemary and lavender oils are used as a mask. The liquids are mixed in equal proportions and lemon juice is added, applied to the fabric and aged for 15-20 minutes, then washed off with water. The procedure is completed using a moisturizer.
  5. Cosmetic clay suitable for a particular skin type is combined with lavender oil, lemon juice and a small amount of water. A thick mixture is applied on the face and wait about 20-25 minutes, then washed off and moisturized with cream.
  6. Hypericum tincture can be used as a lotion for wiping the face after washing.
  7. Hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic agent known to all, also has bleaching properties. With the help of 3% peroxide, the skin can be not only bleached, but also rid of black spots. Dry skin should be wiped no more than once a week, and oily skin can be treated about two times. The duration of the course should be no more than a month, after which the skin should be allowed to rest for three months.

Sometimes, due to prolonged use of such medications, the top layer of the skin begins to peel off, so it is necessary to use such tools with extreme caution so as not to harm the skin.

Our great-grandmothers used folk remedies, and it is worth noting that it was very successful. Regular food packs, dried or fresh herbs and essential oils can help you whiten your complexion. Before applying any means of skin, of course, do not forget to thoroughly clean.

Manipulations with masks can be carried out regularly or periodically, depending on the condition of the dermis. At home, the whitening mask is applied to the skin for no more than a quarter of an hour, after which it is removed with sponges or simply washed off.

Lightening skin tone recipes masks, in fact, an incredibly many, besides many of them are suitable only for a specific skin. But it happens that, even knowing the structure of the skin, it is not always possible to quickly find a mask, so there is nothing terrible about finding the best recipes for yourself. What came up to a friend (sister, mother-in-law) does not necessarily have to help you, because it is necessary to take into account not only the type of skin, but also the body itself, as well as the age category.

As for the universal masks: these methods of bleaching are suitable for any type of epidermis, and also help to equalize the tone from sunburn, freckles or acne. Such recipes include masks based on dairy products, in particular, cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, natural yogurt. Bleaching procedures with cottage cheese and parsley juice or dandelion leaves, with sour cream and banana puree, kefir and mashed fresh cucumber, yogurt mixed with lemon juice, vodka and egg yolk and so on are extremely popular.

In addition to masks, there are many other recipes that can also help in the whitening of the skin of the face, especially they are considered convenient when there is absolutely no time for the masks.

  1. Whitening scrub. You can make a wonderful abrasive tool with your own hands, which with time can not only lighten the tone of the face, but also give it a more well-groomed and resilient appearance if you add a few drops of liquid vitamins to such a tool. So, in order to make such a mask, you need only a little baking soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The resulting mixture gently massages the skin, avoiding the areas around the mouth and eyelids, from the center to the edges. After this technique, the skin is thoroughly washed and treated with moisturizing agents. As with masks, scrubbing materials should be applied once or twice, depending on skin type.
  2. Whitening lotion. Liquid made from the available ingredients at home, you can easily replace the purchased lotion. Self-made tool can treat the facial area 3-4 times a day for several months. Lemon lotion can be stored longer than other liquid home remedies. The recipe for this solution is prepared quite simply: glycerin 5 ml, lemon 1 fruit, thyme 10 g, linden 20 g, birch sap 15 ml, plantain 20 g. To make a lotion, dry herbs are steamed in 90 ml of boiled purified water, diluted with birch sap, then insist 4 hours, and then filter and mix with glycerin and lemon juice. The face should be rubbed with a solution for 5-7 minutes applied on a cotton sponge. The liquid composition should be stored in a glass tightly closed container in a dark, cool place.
  3. Whitening peeling. The procedure is aimed at the complete elimination of the upper skin cells that have long been outdated. You can make a gentle and gentle face peeling with your own hands using oatmeal, honey and fresh pineapple, crushed in a blender. A spoonful of oatmeal is mixed with two spoons of honey and two slices of pineapple. Fruit acid contained in a tropical fruit perfectly destroys keratinized skin layers, oatmeal removes old particles, and honey nourishes the skin.
  4. Cream bleach. Even such a cosmetic can be created at home, for it you will need scrap products and some pharmaceutical preparations for a high-quality foundation for a cream. Preparation of the cream mass should begin with the dissolution of 15 g of lanolin, to which 50 grape seed oil and one spoonful of cucumber juice are then added. The solution is boiled in a water bath, sealed tightly with foil for an hour, then carefully beat and apply for an hour before bedtime.

How to whiten your particular type of face, you choose, the main thing is not to overdo it, because even simple products can overpower the skin, especially skin prone to excessive oiliness, and dry — overdry.

To whiten a face should always be extremely neat, and if there are the following contraindications, the procedure is better to cancel. As already mentioned, banal, in your opinion, pigmentation can be a serious health disorder, so you should always consult a doctor before any manipulation of the skin. So, do not apply to skin whitening components, if the face:

  • there are skin diseases;
  • undergo any inflammatory development;
  • just starting to heal the stitches and even small wounds;
  • the skin is prone to allergic reactions;
  • salon procedures were carried out no more than one month ago;
  • hypersensitive or too dry areas.

The naturally pale skin should also not be subjected to such bleaching tests, and the nuances on the face should be eradicated with the help of fortified preparations.

Effectively to whiten a face at home can be any of these techniques, only in this case, be patient and systematic. A big plus of homemade recipes is that they not only help get rid of problem areas, but also nourish the skin with beneficial particles.

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