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How to wash your head with an egg — right at home and why to do it

Wash your head with an egg advises not only traditional medicine, but also many cosmetologists. Reviews of this non-standard method of shampooing the most diverse, however, many agree on the opinion that it still brings benefits to hair. You can wash your head with an egg both with shampoo and instead of it.

Many will ask quite a logical question: «Why wash your head with an egg?». In order to answer this question as accurately as possible, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the beneficial properties of chicken eggs. We will also tell you how they affect hair and skin if you wash your head with an egg at home.

The use of chicken eggs for washing the head is that they contain a large amount of various amino acids and fats. They also contain a huge amount of microelements and vitamins, which, being absorbed into the scalp, nourish the hair follicles. Due to this, hair grows healthy and radiant.

Usually, only the yolk is used to wash the head with an egg. Protein is used much less frequently, however, both of these components perfectly nourish and cleanse the hair. Particularly strongly felt the effect of egg yolk on oily hair. If you wash your head with an egg, having oily hair, you will very soon notice that they have ceased to be contaminated so quickly.

If you believe the recommendations of doctors trichologists, then washing the head with an egg will help in a short time to get rid of brittle hair, as well as dandruff and split ends.

As for the harm, then this way of washing the head can only be applied if you have idiosyncrasy or egg allergy. You can wash your head with chicken eggs even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We have learned about the beneficial and harmful qualities of washing a chicken egg. Now let’s figure out how to properly wash your hair at home, using chicken eggs. First you need to calculate the number of yolks: for dry hair up to the shoulder and above, you can take one yolk, below the shoulder — two or three yolks, depending on the thickness of the hair.

In order for the hair to remain unpleasant odor after using the egg as a shampoo, you should remove the film from the yolk. This can be done with a sieve, passing it through the yolk.

We advise you to adopt our recommendations that will help you wash your head properly with an egg at home:

  • Add half a glass of water to the egg yolk and beat it all with a mixer until you get a steady foam.
  • You can add a little rosemary essential oil to the resulting mass. This will help to significantly reduce the fat content of the hair.
  • Be sure to moisten your hair with warm water before washing your head with an egg.
  • Evenly distribute the mixture over the entire length of the hair, gently massaging the scalp.
  • Leave the chicken egg shampoo on your hair for half an hour.
  • Rinse eggs need plenty of water.
  • After you wash your head with a chicken egg, it is not recommended to use balms or other hair masks.

After the first application, you will hardly notice the result. However, if you regularly wash your head with an egg at home on a regular basis, then after a few procedures you will see that your hair has gained a healthy shine and beauty.

You can wash the head with an egg not only for an adult, but also for a child, and it is also not forbidden to do this to pregnant and lactating women. More on this in the video below.

If you think that you can only wash your hair with an egg and water, then you are mistaken. There are a large number of different recipes, knowing that you can make an effective shampoo from chicken eggs. We suggest you to adopt some of the most popular and common recipes.

  • For one egg yolk should take one teaspoon ground coffee. All this should be well stirred, and best of all — beat with a mixer. The resulting mixture should be applied to wet hair and spread over their entire length. Massage the rubbing mixture into the scalp, it will help not only to clean it from pollution, but also to accelerate hair growth.
  • You can wash your head with an egg and follow this recipe: mix one egg yolk, a little baby soap and a teaspoon castor oil, Heat the mixture in a water bath, then use the mixture as a shampoo.
  • Kefir also goes well with egg yolk, creating a wonderful hair mask. Mix one yolk with two teaspoons of yogurt, then apply the resulting product to the hair with circular movements of your fingers.
  • Also you can wash your hair mustard and an egg. This will help accelerate hair growth, however, this recipe is not recommended for owners of dry and brittle hair. Mix one egg yolk with half a teaspoon of dry mustard, whip the mixture and gently apply to the scalp, massaging it with your fingers.
  • Table spoon gelatin dissolve in a glass of water, and after it swells, add egg yolk and stir the mixture. Apply it to the entire length of hair and wash it off after 10 minutes.

You can wash the egg from the head is not ordinary water, and decoction of chamomile. This will greatly enhance the effect of washing the head with an egg, and you will feel the difference after two procedures! Remember to make sure that you are not allergic to these ingredients.

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