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How to wash your head with an egg and whether to go on such an experiment

How to wash your head with a chicken egg for strong and beautiful hair

Washing the hair with an egg is the old way that our ancestors used. And it is not surprising if we consider the use of this product, which contains proteins and amino acids, fats, vitamins, trace elements, for strengthening and growing hair. Using a chicken egg instead of shampoo, it is possible to achieve amazing results. How to wash your head with an egg, so that the result is pleased — we will look at the article!

Features of the composition of the egg

The effect of the use of eggs for washing the head is achieved due to their unique composition.

  • Vitamins of groups A, B, D promote deep moisturizing of the skin and endowing it with nutrients.
  • Lecithin provides a complete restoration of protective functions and makes the effect of nutrients stronger.
  • Protein saturates not only the hair, but also the skin of the head with essential nutrients, ideal for oily strands.
  • Fatty acids make the curls smoother and silky, suspend brittleness and loss.
  • The components that make up the yolk, prevent tangling, make them more «alive», bright and shiny.

Using this product, you reward yourself with the opportunity not to use conditioners, since you will receive both shampoo and balm — 2 in 1. Penetrating into each hair, useful substances supply it with shine, nourish with a unique composition, restore, ease combing, remove dandruff, moisturize, nourish, make the hair obedient.

Rules for washing with chicken eggs

So, what to do to a positive result was noticeable from the first time? If this is your first experience, you should pay attention to mixed methods, and not to a separate component. For example, egg masks and shampoos are popular.

After getting used to the scalp and hair to a new way, you can use a simple recipe — using only egg yolk.

But when considering how to wash the head with an egg, it is important to take into account several factors that will make this procedure simple and even pleasant.

  • It is much easier to wash the yolk from the hair than to do the same with protein, therefore many recipes assume the use of only the yolk part of the chicken egg.
  • Before you start applying the yolk, it is necessary to rid it of flagella and film, which will ensure ease of use of the composition and eliminate the unpleasant smell after washing off the mask.
  • Before contact with the hair, it is recommended to beat the yolk so that it has a better effect on the hairstyle and is easier to wash off. This can be done manually or using a mixer.
  • Apply the «shampoo» is on the hair when they have not yet dried, but were previously pressed by hand to remove excess moisture.
  • After the washing process, the washing of the yolk is carried out as if it is a shampoo — completely and gently.

Such a shampoo will certainly please you, because it is simple, beneficial and most importantly — effective.

Features of the use of egg-based shampoos

It is advisable to use egg yolk at least once, but even if you think about such a mask once a month, this is enough for shine and hair improvement. Recipes involve the use of a whole egg. In the protein there are many useful things, and it is unlikely that it will be able to harm the hair, but you really can do without it when you wash your hair. In this case, the effect of the nutritional mask will not be worse, and you will save yourself from having to comb it out of the hair. Whatever recipe for washing your hair you choose, following the instructions will allow you to get the most out of the process.

Step-by-step instructions for creating shampoo

Washing your hair with an egg is a simple process. For a better understanding of it, it is worthwhile to consider step by step instructions.

  • Prepare an ordinary chicken egg, and, separating the white and yolk, whisk it through the aureole, placing it in a small bowl beforehand.
  • The composition must be applied to moistened hair: if you use both protein and yolk, avoid hot water so that the protein does not boil (if this happens, combing it out will be problematic, it will take a lot of time).
  • During washing, you need to gently massage the hair at the roots, hold your hand along the entire length, so that the mixture can be distributed.
  • The process lasts no more than five minutes, after which the egg is washed off the hair with clean running water.

This, in fact, is the whole secret of how to properly wash your head with an egg. However, this product can be used not only as an independent unit, but also as an element of healing masks with stunning properties.

Egg masks for beauty and health of hair

We considered how to wash hair with an egg, but the useful properties of the product do not end there. There are several compounds that will saturate your hair with vitamins, giving shine and beauty for a long time.

  • The mask of castor or burdock oil with an egg helps to moisturize and deeply nourish the hair.
  • The mask of mustard and egg is widely used for oily hair and is an excellent stimulator of their growth.
  • To make hair shine, it is enough to add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of castor oil to the egg.
  • If you need to fight hair loss, you need to include in the mask with an egg a little honey and vegetable oil.
  • Masks with oils are a universal option for any hair, regardless of their type. It is necessary to dilute the vegetable oil with water and add it to the yolk, beat until foam forms. So, lavender helps to make hair shine, while rosemary oil and tea tree oil regulate the fat content.
  • The mask of eggs and natural honey is perfect for owners of blond hair, because honey helps to clarify the strands. This is a real salvation from dry hair and damaged scalp.
  • Kefir shampoo is another effective remedy. You must take 1 yolk and add 2 tbsp. l ordinary kefir, with a fat content of 3.2%. The mask will make hair softer and more docile.
  • The mask of soaked bread and eggs ensures the health of the scalp and a high level of moisturizing hair. To do this, bread should be soaked in water and allowed to stand for about 10 minutes.

All masks are identical according to the rules of use and suggest the subsequent putting on a plastic hat and towel on the head. Compositions are kept for 1.5 hours and then washed with running water. For greater efficiency, you can wash the hair with a separate yolk, using it instead of shampoo. So, the preparation of the tool does not take much time, and the procedure itself and the result obtained from it will certainly delight you.

General rules for the manufacture of the composition

Excellent washing shampoo will be prepared only if you follow the general rules.

  • For the preparation you will need a mortar made of ceramic material, a pestle, a device for beating products.
  • The egg must be cleaned from the film: we are talking about yolk. Otherwise, the hair will get an unpleasant smell.
  • Additional components for the preparation of masks and shampoos are recommended to choose depending on the problem being solved.
  • All masks should be done on slightly greasy hair, just before washing them. In this case, the best reaction of the components with the hair and skin in the head area is ensured.

So, we looked at how to wash your head with yolk, so that from the first time your hair would delight you with its beauty and volume. Compliance with these rules will allow you to achieve the effect of strong and luxurious hair for a short period of time and delight the people around at a glance!

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