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How to restore hair: effective tips, recipes masks

How to effectively restore hair: reliable ways

The structure of women’s strands is sensitive, therefore it reacts sharply to hot air when drying with a hair dryer and flattening with an iron. It is adversely affected by frequent staining, various varnishes and sprays. These reasons slowly thin the hair. They make them dull, dry and split at the tips. When girls notice that their hairstyle has lost its shiny look, they begin to look for a way to restore hair at home.

Causes of damage

The appearance of hair spoils not only constant styling and aggressive coloring. There are a lot of reasons for this, therefore, before starting recovery, you need to find out why this is happening.

  • A common culprit in the lifelessness of curls is an imbalance in the body. It occurs due to malnutrition, sleep disorders, stress and diseases of internal organs. When this happens, the strands dry, break off at the roots and sometimes fall out. To help solve the problem can only be examined by a specialist and well-chosen treatment.
  • Often, hair restoration at home is required after using unsuitable cosmetic products. For each type of curls produced a separate line of caring products. If, in case of excessive dryness, you wash your hair with shampoo against greasiness, the curls may not withstand such an impact and begin to break off and split.

When the doctor excludes hormonal disorders and other diseases during the examination, the treatment of damaged hair can be carried out independently, changing some habits and using natural proven recipes.

Where to begin?

Starting to restore hair, you need to tune in to the fact that one day to improve the hair will not work. But if you make a little effort and perform healing procedures regularly, the curls will surely bring back the former brilliance, softness and strength.

To restore health to the hair, you need to balance the diet. Try to remove sweets, fatty foods, pies and rolls from it. Instead of sweets it is better to feast on dried fruit or honey. Include in the diet:

  • fresh greens with vegetables and fruits;
  • nuts, fiber-rich cereals, cereal bread;
  • foods with a high percentage of vitamins of group B.

Along with this, one should reconsider the way of life and give up bad habits, if they are present. Smoking and alcohol greatly undermine health, and this can not but affect the hair and skin.

During treatment, follow the small rules, then it will be much easier to restore hair.

  • It is necessary to purchase a brush with natural soft bristles. Only brush dry hair with it. Carefully unravel the strands to prevent mechanical damage to the hairs.
  • During the recovery period, it is desirable to abandon styling with a hair dryer and curling. Do not use heated rollers or ironing. These procedures dry hair very much.
  • Every month you need to trim the tips to 1 cm. So they are less stratified and grow faster.
  • Carefully pick up the shampoo, given the characteristics of the curls. Try to keep it with a minimum amount of surfactants and various fragrances.

After washing the strands should be rinsed with herbal infusion. It not only perfectly restores the structure of hairs, but also relieves dandruff, treats irritation on the scalp. Pour 2 tbsp. l Chamomile half a liter of boiling water, let it brew for a quarter of an hour, filter and use.

Do not forget to do a repair mask several times a week. They can save the damaged strand structure and return them to a perfect condition.

Recovery Oil

How to restore damaged hair at home? Effective result is provided by natural oils. They contain a large percentage of vitamins, fatty and organic acids, which saturate the hairs with moisture.

Especially useful oil when the hair becomes excessively fluffy, curls naughty and dry.

  • To straighten hair helps burdock oil. It is useful to slightly warm it up, gently rub it into the roots and distribute it along the strands. The duration of this procedure is 1 hour. Then the oil is required to rinse with shampoo. To guarantee a lasting effect, it must be used once a week for 2 months.
  • Well help to revitalize dry hair more complex formulations. It is useful to mix in an equal ratio of olive, burdock and castor oil, heat and apply to restore the same as the first recipe.
  • A quick result is achieved if a little essential oil is added to the base oil, for example, burdock oil or olive oil. In this recipe, it is important to comply with the dosage. For every 2 tbsp. l oils can be added no more than 3 drops of ether essence. The composition is rubbed into the hair follicles and does not wash off for 1-2 hours. The course of treatment is once a week for 30 days.

To get rid of dryness and from the section of the tips, the extract from burdock is ideal. You will need to buy 100 grams of plant root and chop it. Put in a ceramic bowl, pour 200 ml of olive oil and put on the table for a day. Then remove and heat in a bowl of boiling water. When the tool has cooled, it must be filtered and placed in a glass container. It is necessary to use the hood for rubbing in the hair roots a few hours before washing the head twice a week for a month.

Hair masks

Many girls, faced with the problem of fragility and dryness of strands, try to rectify the situation with various masks, but do not achieve the desired effect. How to restore hair? Is there a reliable tool?

To succeed, it is not enough to know good recipes, you need to mix the ingredients correctly and undergo a full course of treatment.

  • It is important that all components of the mask are fresh. They must be combined in a glass container and stirred with a wooden spoon.
  • The composition should be uniform. For its application on the head is better to get a brush.
  • Masks, restoring the hair structure of the house, are applied before washing. At the time of exposure, the strands should be covered with polyethylene or a special oilcloth cap and warmed with a towel or handkerchief.
  • If there are no other recommendations in the recipe, the agent should be washed off in half an hour with decoction of chamomile or nettle. After that, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and apply a nourishing balm.

The restoration of dry hair will be successful if you carry out procedures regularly 2 times a week for at least 2 months. Then it is necessary to take a break for 30 days and, if desired, continue the treatment.

Honey mask

Type a large spoon of honey and melt. Add as much fresh aloe juice and castor oil. Mix as much as possible and rub into the hair follicles. After 5 minutes, distribute the remains of the mask on the strands.

Bread mask

If you need a way to quickly restore hair at home, then this recipe is ideal. It heals deep damage and fully nourishes.

You will need to measure 1 spoon of sage, burdock, chamomile, boil them with 250 ml of boiling water and let it brew. Then strain the liquid, put in it the crumb of black bread in the amount of 100 g, pour in 1 tsp. burdock, almond oils and 1 tbsp. l onion juice.

Stir the ingredients well and saturate the curls with plenty. When washing off the mask, be sure to use shampoo. So you can quickly remove pieces of bread from the hairs.

Carrot mask

Many are interested in how to restore dry hair and heal exfoliated tips. If a girl has dark strands, her carrot recipes are great for her.

It is necessary to squeeze out 100 grams of juice from a vegetable, mix it with kefir 1: 1. Soak up the strands. The way makes the hair shine, makes each hair smoothly and beautifully lying.

Cinnamon mask

For blondes, a cinnamon based method is good. You will need to mix 2 tbsp. l honey, cinnamon powder and olive oil, put on wet curls and leave for 2 hours.

Keratin Recovery

Hair begins to break down and dry when there is little keratin in their structure. To make up for the shortage, we need a reconstruction of the curls, which you can just hold, without leaving your home. This requires products that contain keratin. Prepare:

The ingredients combined together will create a transparent film on the strands that heals the damage.

Freshly cut aloe leaf should be hidden for 7 days in the refrigerator. Then squeeze out of it 2 tbsp. l juice, mix them with lemon juice in the same proportion and add 1.chl. rosemary oil. The components need to be mixed and smeared with the composition of washed wet curls. After half an hour, remove the agent with running water.

After the first use, the strands will become obedient and soft. If you do this effective hair restoration once a week, you will quickly improve their structure.


When you need an urgently beautiful hairstyle, but you do not know how to revitalize your hair, make lamination. It will not cure the damage, and hide them under a transparent shiny film. To prepare the composition will require a pack of gelatin 25 g, 1 tbsp. l nutritional balm and 3 tbsp. l water.

  • Place the gelatin in a ceramic bowl, cover it with warm water and cover with a lid.
  • While it swells, wash your head and blot the water with a towel.
  • Stir gelatin. If there are small lumps in the mass, put the bowl on the steam bath and heat up a little.
  • Do this carefully so as not to overheat the gelatin, otherwise it will lose its properties. The composition should be warm, not hot.
  • When it becomes homogeneous, add balm and stir.

Carefully distribute the jelly-like mass through your hair, wrap your head with oilcloth and a scarf. The product should be kept for about 4 hours and rinsed with water without shampoo.

Such an express hair reconstruction helps in emergency situations, but for complete healing it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment masks, change the diet and take care of the curls.

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