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How to restore hair after dyeing — masks recipes at home

How to quickly restore damaged hair (natural color and shape) after frequent staining at home? — masks recipes and video lesson

Restore hair after dyeing most often very difficult. In the process of repeated hair dyeing, their structure becomes weak, they begin to fall out, and the ends begin to split. Anyway, after coloring the hairstyle no longer looks alive and shiny, if you do not start to properly care for your hair.

Particularly badly spoiled hair after dyeing blond, as the lightening paint contains a lot of unpleasant components that can not only etch the dark pigment, but also destroy the hair from the inside. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can restore hair at home without making a lot of effort, and in our article we will tell you about them.

Hair masks and conditioners are the most effective way to restore their structure in a relatively short period of time. Nowadays there are so many masks that can be purchased at the store, however, we recommend that you prepare a nourishing hair mask on your own at home. To do this, you can use our table to choose the most suitable means for hair restoration after dyeing.

When the hair length is below the shoulders, the number of ingredients must be increased.

Mask based on chicken eggs and honey is able to restore the hair shine after dyeing, as well as return them to its former elasticity. To cook it, you need to separate the yolk and protein. Mix the yolk with honey until smooth, and then apply to slightly damp hair. You need to hold such a mask for at least half an hour., after which it must be washed off with warm water and fragrant shampoo.

You can use this honey hair mask with an egg no more than three times a week.

To prepare a mask for hair restoration after dyeing on the basis of burdock oil, it is necessary to mix it in the amount of ten drops for one large spoonful of honey. The resulting tool is applied to the hair for 20 minutes, then thoroughly washed with water and shampoo. Be careful, as oil-based masks are very hard to wash off. You may have to use a little more shampoo than usual.

This mask has only positive reviews and can help restore hair even after henna staining.

  • Almond oil;
  • Coconut oil;
  • Burr oil;
  • Castor oil.

A mixture of oils, too, has repeatedly proven its effectiveness. Before applying the product to the hair, all the oils should be heated separately in a water bath, then mixed in equal quantities and reheated again, just all together.

Such a hair restoration mask can even be left overnight, only do not forget to cover your hair with oilcloth and cover the pillow with a thick cloth in case the oilcloth subsides, so as not to stain the pillow.

This tool helps to restore damaged hair structure relatively quickly.

Buy in a pharmacy liquid vitamins A and E, mix them with a tablespoon of olive oil and, heated in a water bath, apply to damp hair, preferably on the roots. This mask will help if the hair after dyeing began to fall. Also, a mask based on vitamins can moisturize the scalp and help get rid of such problems as dandruff.

With the help of a mask prepared on the basis of herbs and colorless henna, you can restore your hair color to girls who have light hair. To do this, you must make a decoction of herbs, then mix it with henna powder and use it for its intended purpose.

It is necessary to wash off such a mask only after half an hour. It is advisable not to use it more than twice a week, so that your hair is restored more evenly.

If you want to restore your hair color after repeated or unsuccessful dyeing, then you need to use these masks for at least three months so that your hair is well saturated with healthy substances and ceases to be dry and brittle. Do not forget that you may be allergic to some of the ingredients, so make sure you do not have it in advance by testing the mask on a small area of ​​skin behind the ear. If there is no discomfort or redness, you can freely apply the mask to restore hair after dyeing at home. Read more about the recovery procedures in the video below.

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