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How to remove hair extensions — independently at home

How to remove the hair by capsular and tape methods at home?

Remove hair extensions it is very difficult at home, although it often depends on how they are built up. Of course, you can not worry about it and go to remove hair extensions in the same salon, where you and they have increased, but for this procedure, as you know, you have to pay. So why not try and not remove the hair yourself?

In our article we will tell you about how to properly remove accumulated hair on capsules and tapes without harm to your hair at home, and then you will not have to seek help from a salon specialist.

Capsule extension is a bond of real and extensible hair with an adhesive capsule. This build-up is popular because it is relatively inexpensive. However, hair grown in this way has many rules for their care. And that is what we will use if we want to remove the hair that has been built up by the capsule method.

So, to remove hair extensions, you must do the following:

  • It is not recommended to apply on hair extensions fat-containing agents, and it is precisely such means that we will inflict on them. Be a rebel, go against the system and generously water your head with vegetable oil!
  • It is not recommended to expose the hair extended by the capsular method high temperatures. Say what you need to do? Having smeared your head with vegetable oil, we boldly step into the bathhouse, give in to frying and enjoy life. Coming out of the bath, you can safely pull the accrued curls down, and then they will gradually peel off.
  • If the bath did not help, arm hair dryer, turn on the hottest mode and mercilessly burn the places of bonding of the hairs and native hair
  • In that case, if you don’t like to risk it very much, then in order to remove your home-grown hair by the capsular method, we recommend you special means or gel for removing hair extensions. You can find it in any specialized shop.

I would like to note that after such rough treatment of real hair, they suffer a little. You will have to use masks and balms to restore their structure. Be prepared for the fact that they can be very tangled and difficult to comb.

With hair that has been extended by the cold ribbon method, everything is much simpler. To properly remove such hair at home on your own, you just need to unstick the tape. For this, any alcohol-containing liquids are usually used. You can pour a little inside for courage, but do not overdo it.

After wetting the place of bonding natural and hair extensions with alcohol, wait a few minutes, then carefully peel off your hair. You can also use acetone or nail polish remover, but this should be done only if you are at loggerheads with native hair.

It is not difficult to remove the hair grown in the salon itself, however, it should be understood that natural hair will look frankly unpresentable after such a procedure. In addition, to remove hair extensions from the neck you will be very uncomfortable, so you should enlist a support group.

In the salon, the price for removing hair extensions can vary greatly. On average, they ask for such a procedure from 500 rubles and more. But we still recommend trying to remove hair extensions on their own at home. It will save you money that you spend on the purchase of conditioners and masks for hair restoration after hair extensions.

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