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How to quickly grow eyebrows — thick at home in a week

How and what will help to quickly grow thick eyebrows after plucking at home?

The question is about how to grow eyebrows quickly, very often tormented by girls who made mistakes during their correction. Of course, the eyebrow correction is best done in the salon, where you are guaranteed to provide the expected result. Sometimes, however, there are exceptions: if the master is not sufficiently experienced, the result can be unpredictable.

Many want the eyebrow industry immediately the day after plucking, but it does not happen. It will take at least a week for your eyebrows to grow to such an extent that they can be called eyebrows. Of course, in a week they will not become thick, but then you will no longer look like an alien.

Before we tell you the main secrets that will help you effectively grow eyebrows, we suggest you take note of a few recommendations. If you comply with them, this problem will cease to alarm you.

  • One of the most important recommendations is that can’t go to bed with make up. The fact is that the particles of the products that you put on your face tend to split and weaken hairs, because of this, eyebrows and eyelashes are affected. Before bedtime it is always necessary to get rid of makeup using tonic or milk, as well as essential oils. ABOUTthey can easily cleanse your face of dirt, fat and makeup, and at the same time make your skin soft and silky.
  • Get a brow comb or select for this a brush from the mascara, before that, thoroughly washing it out. With this item, massage every day using essential oils. This will help the eyebrow hair grow faster.
  • When washing your hair and using hair balm, do not forget about eyebrows. The hair on this part of the body is no different from the hair on the head and also requires nourishment and moisture.
  • Provide your body with essential vitamins that allow eyebrow hair to grow faster.
  • Do not pluck the eyebrows too often., as this injures the root system of the eyebrow hair.

Using these tips, you can grow eyebrows or forget about this problem forever. For those who are in a hurry and want their eyebrows to grow as quickly as possible, there are several other recommendations, read more about which below.

For those who want to grow hair on their eyebrows after an unsuccessful correction as quickly as possible, the use of folk remedies that accelerate hair growth will be reasonable. Various balsams and masks based on natural products are very easy to prepare yourself, and the reviews about them are often the most positive. Of course, you can give preference to professional tools, however, they will cost quite expensive. Based on this, we can conclude that the best tool is hand-made.

Castor oil is very popular, which is used as the main ingredient for masks and balms to strengthen hair and accelerate their growth. In order to grow eyebrows as quickly as possible, heat the oil in a water bath and rub into eyebrows for five minutes. Repeat this twice a day.

Here are some recipes for using other oils and eyebrow and eyelash growth products.

  • Similarly, castor oil is very often used and such as camphor, linseed, provencal and calendula oil. They can be used both individually and in combination with each other.
  • From pharmaceutical drugs will help to quickly grow eyebrows vitamin B in oil-based, as well as a tool called «Minoxidil.» Eyebrows need to be treated with these means as abundantly as possible and left to dry completely. No need to flush.
  • Decoctions of herbs — Another faithful assistant for those who at home are going to grow their eyebrows as quickly as possible. The best results were distinguished by plants such as chamomile, coltsfoot and calendula. Brewing these flowers in the amount of one tablespoon, cool it and process the eyebrows for five minutes twice a day. This tool is suitable for those who want to grow not only eyebrows, but eyelashes.

Using general guidelines and ensuring proper care for your hair on the eyebrows, you can grow them as quickly as possible, and in the future do not repeat your mistakes.

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