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How to quickly grow bangs — a guy or a girl at home

How can a boy or girl grow a short or long bang very quickly at home in just one month?

Quickly grow bangs — a very real task. Of course, it will not grow at all in a day, not in 2 days or even not in a week, so if you need exactly the instant result, you can close this page and go for the ingredients to call the devil. Grow a bang in such a short time is possible only in this way. If you still have a certain amount of patience, then we will tell you how to grow a long bang for a boy or girl in a month.

First of all, you need to thoroughly consider whether you are really ready to go for all sorts of tricks, or is a short fringe all the same — is it not so scary? There are several pros and cons of short bangs.

— if your face is round or square, then a short fringe visually pulls and rounds the face, bringing it closer to the ideal shape of the oval;

— a short fringe helps to hide mimic wrinkles or problematic skin on the forehead;

— Also, it will help focus on the beautiful eyes.

— if you are the owner of curly hair, then the bang will have to be straightened and laid daily;

— so that the length of the bangs remains comfortable and does not interfere, getting into the eyes, it becomes necessary to visit the hairdresser every couple of weeks.

Try to determine for yourself what exactly you need from bangs. Do you want to somehow hide the flaws of your face, or do you not have them? By answering all your questions and deciding what you need, you can stop at this place or find out how to grow bangs as quickly as possible.

In order to quickly grow bangs at home, you must adhere to certain recommendations. You need to remember that the speed of hair growth depends on your care for them. Eliminate all harmful factors that affect the structure of the hair is extremely negative, and then you will notice that the hair began to grow much faster.

Among other things, it is useful to adopt the following recommendations:

  • So that the bangs grow back as fast as possible try to protect yourself from the use of electrical appliances. If this is quite problematic, in this case you should buy lotions that will protect your hair from exposure to high temperatures.
  • Do not forget that styling bangs with a gel, varnish or mousse for hair at home is very detrimental to their structure. Give up on time from such cosmetics.
  • Give preference to comb or scallop from natural materials. It is not recommended to use plastic combs, as well as combs with metal teeth, as this contributes to the irritation of the scalp and dandruff. Accordingly, hair growth also slows down significantly, and if you want to grow bangs quickly, then this can not be allowed.
  • If you are a fan of frequent hair dyeing, then you should know that in this case they will not grow very quickly. Chemicals that are part of the paint, slow down hair growth and injure their structure. Prefer professional expensive means of dyeing. They spoil the hair is not so much, and in this case, to accelerate their growth remains possible.
  • Do not wash your hair more often than once every three days. Too frequent washing you wash off the fat necessary for the scalp, because of which the hair can become dry and lifeless, as well as slow down its growth.

In addition to these tips, you need to include in your diet a large number of products that contain vitamins necessary for hair growth. To quickly grow bangs, your body must receive vitamins A, C, E, D, H and B6-B12. They can be found in fatty fish, poultry meat, green vegetables, and in cereal products.

Another good way to accelerate the growth of bangs at home — massage the scalp. Massaging certain points on the head, you contribute to the improvement of blood supply. Due to this, the hair roots get more oxygen and start to grow faster.

Also one of the surest and ancient ways to make hair grow faster is cutting it. Yes, yes, you did not hear. To grow a bang as quickly as possible, it must be cut frequently. One millimeter will be enough to accelerate hair growth. However, there are both supporters of such a theory and opponents. From this we can conclude that the method does not help everyone, and the rate of hair growth for each individual.

It would be nice to make a few masks for hair on the basis of walnut leaves, as well as burdock leaves. Broths of these ingredients accelerate hair growth and bangs, respectively.

Of course, it is best to read the reviews before using any recommendations. In general, anybody can quickly grow a bang: even a man, even a woman. The main thing is to provide your hair with proper care, and they will gladly do everything else for you. Do not forget to be patient.

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