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How to paint lips — lipstick, pencil or gloss

How to paint thin or full lips (matte lipstick, glossy, liquid, pencil, gloss)? — step by step instructions and video lesson

Correct make up lips not every girl can, as most of them think that it is enough just to put lipstick on them. However, it is necessary to paint the lips in a certain way. In our article we will reveal to you all the secrets of the correct application of lipstick on the lips., However, before this you should take note of several useful recommendations:

  • Do it regularly peeling using special lotions or homemade masks of honey and sugar. This will help remove dead skin from the lips, making the sponge soft and soft. Thanks to this, any lipstick will look inconceivable on the lips.
  • Before you paint your lips, you need to degrease them with a special tonic, to remove dirt and dust.
  • Every time you go out, do not be lazy to paint your lips hygienic lipstick. It will moisten them and protect them from exposure to temperature.
  • Take care of hair removal over the lip, since no lipstick is combined even with the thinnest and inconspicuous antennae.

Taking note of these recommendations, you can study the question: «How to properly paint the lips?».

It is most difficult to paint lips and apply contour with a pencil, since this action requires a certain accuracy. The fact is that if you make your lips with a pencil wrong, then your entire makeup will look sloppy. With the help of a pencil, you can change the shape of the lips, their size and volume. Even the thinnest and smallest sponges can be made appetizing in appearance by correctly using a pencil. However, there are several tricks that should be noted in order to create an original and unique image, and also correctly make up the lips with a pencil.

First of all it is necessary choose the right shade pencil that you want to paint lips. The hue depends on exactly how you want to use a pencil: create a contour for lipstick or use it as a base. Let’s see, how to choose a lip liner correctly?

  • If you want to not only create a contour, but also make up your lips with a pencil completely, then you will certainly fit color pencil. With it, you can give the desired shade of lips, brighten the color of lipstick or not use it at all. If you choose a pencil for the contour, then its shade must necessarily be the same as that of your lipstick. Choosing a pencil in order to completely make up their lips, you can rely on your preferences. Very effective lipstick-pencil looks saturated colors: red, burgundy, brown and purple.
  • Change lip shape You can with the help of flesh pencil. Tint should be chosen in such a way that it most closely matches the skin tone on your lips.
  • If you want to make it so that lips seemed bulky and plump, and also give them the effect of looking at a white pencil. With it, you can make beautiful highlights, and also soften the transitions of shades.
  • You can also use colorless a pencil. It is created only to create an outline. Thanks to this pencil you do not need to choose the right shade, as it fits any lipstick and even lip gloss.

Having decided on the selection of a pencil, you can proceed to its application. As already mentioned, you can create a contour with a pencil, and also make up their lips instead of lipstick.

Starting to paint lips with a pencil is necessary with V-shaped zone. Apply a pencil on the upper lip, giving the corners the desired shape, then apply a small stroke on the lower lip, emphasizing the bend. It is necessary to come to the corners last, when the remaining zones of the lips are already painted.

By creating clear outline circle it again. You can stop at this stage and apply lipstick, or you can paint the lips completely. Most girls use this technique, as the correct application of a pencil on the entire surface of the lips will allow lipstick or gloss to last longer.

If you want to make your lips more plump and give them volume, then you need to paint them with a pencil so that it protrudes slightly behind the edges of the lips.

To increase the lips visually helps white pencil. With it, you should create in the middle of the lips a wide white band, slightly shade it to the corners, and then apply lipstick or gloss. This approach will help to simulate beautiful highlights on your lips.

Matte lipstick is a great way to complement your makeup and make it unique and bright. With the help of matte lipstick you can add a zest to your lips, however, not everyone knows how to properly paint lips with such a tool. The fact is that matte lipstick is somewhat different from its glossy texture. That is why the usual methods of applying makeup do not work here. In this case, let’s see how to properly make up the lips, if matte lipstick appeared in your arsenal.

  • The first step is to pick up a lip liner to match the lipstick and carefully create a contour.
  • After that, shade the entire area of ​​the lips with the same pencil.
  • Having created a base for matte lipstick, arm yourself with a brush and start applying a matte base on your lips, starting from the middle and moving to the corners.
  • Apply two coats if you want to look brighter. Also, do not forget to use the corrector and wipe the edges to create clear outlines.
  • Never rub your lips against each other, as matte lipstick has a different texture than gloss.

By making your lips with matte lipstick in this way, you are guaranteed to provide yourself with a great view for a long time, since matte lipstick is quite resistant.

To paint lips with glossy lipstick is not much easier than matte. Especially hard to properly make up their red or pink lipstick. Also, many dark shades require accuracy when applied. In addition, in order to properly make up lips with glossy lipstick, you need to choose the right shade, because a mistake can spoil your entire image. It is best to choose a lipstick under your color type.

You can make up your lips with glossy lipstick as follows: first, apply a little foundation to your lips, powder it on top with light powder. This will help make the color more saturated and resistant. Then apply a pencil to match the lipstick, optionally paint over the entire area of ​​the lips. Well, after that you can start applying lipstick. This can be done in two ways: standard and using a brush. If you brush your lips with a brush, then the color will fall more evenly, and you can also better control the areas that should be painted a little brighter.

If you want to create a highlight on the lips, then before dyeing it with lipstick, apply a little white pencil in the middle of the lower lip.

Glitter and liquid lipstick for sure there is in every woman’s cosmetics bag. It would seem that it is easier to paint lips with such makeup, however, many make blunders in this case.

To properly lip gloss, you must use a colorless pencil. Paint over them the entire area of ​​the lips, and also create a clear outline so that the gloss does not spread. After that you can apply it on the lips with a brush. It is advisable to make so that passers-by do not have the feeling that your lipstick is about to start dripping onto your blouse. Do not apply too many layers of gloss or liquid lipstick, as this visually weights the lips and does not look very neat.

If the gloss has a rich color, then one layer will be enough. If it is translucent, you can use a colored pencil as a base, and on the top cover your lips with one or two layers of gloss.

Anyway, having learned how to paint your lips correctly, you will be able to create unique images, and your mouth-watering sponges will complement them.

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