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How to make propolis tincture at home — on vodka, alcohol or water

How to make tincture of propolis at home?

Make propolis tincture at home everyone can, because all you need for this is a few ingredients that are very easy to get in the kitchen of any hostess. Or, in extreme cases, you can always leave the nearest store.

There is one feature of propolis: the fact is that when it is exposed to alcohol-containing substances, the beneficial substances that are contained in propolis strengthen their healing properties. That is why alcoholic propolis tincture is not the first year used to cough, inflammation of the joints, stomach, as well as infectious and colds. We propose to adopt some of the most effective and simple recipes with which you can easily prepare such a useful medicine for yourself.

There are several common recipes, thanks to which the preparation of propolis tincture will seem to you quite simple and easy. When cooking, you should know in advance what you are preparing this tincture for. If you are going to treat your ailments with it, then the composition of propolis tincture will differ from that which you would prepare for a child. That is why we offer you two recipes.

Before you make propolis tincture on vodka or on alcohol, the main ingredient of the medicine should be temporarily sent to the freezer. When the propolis hardens, it will be easier to work with. Well, after that you can start preparing the tincture in this way:

  • Frozen Propolis grate on a fine grater and pour the chips into a bottle or jar.
  • In the same container pour high alcohol (96-degree is best) or vodka, based on the proportion of one hundred milliliters of alcohol per ten grams of propolis.
  • Hermetically close the jar or bottle and straighten to infuse in a dark place. The process of insisting should last at least ten days.
  • Do not forget to shake the container with propolis tincture at least once a day.
  • When the medicine infusions, it must be filtered by gauze, folded in several layers, and put in the fridge for an hour.
  • After the tincture has cooled a little, it can be used as intended.

It should be noted that propolis tincture can be prepared on vodka or alcohol, which is significantly less degrees, however, the higher the degree of medicine, the more effective it will help in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, as well as infectious and colds.

It is undesirable for children to take a high-grade tincture so as not to harm the children’s body. For children, there is another recipe for preparing propolis tincture, which is prepared on the water. Read more about the recipe in the video below.

Alcohol propolis tincture is not suitable for a child, so it would be advisable to prepare such a medicine in water. It is very easy to do at home, however, do not forget that it is possible to store propolis tincture cooked in water for no more than three days. The process of its preparation is as follows:

  • Take high-quality propolis and chop it with a grater or a knife, and pour the chips into the jar.
  • Fill the crushed propolis with hundreds of milliliters of warm water and cover the container with a lid.
  • Infused water tincture of propolis should not less than a day, after which it can be given to the child.

If you use propolis tincture for the treatment of infectious or catarrhal diseases together with medicines, then you should know that you only need to take medicine two hours after taking antibiotics in order not to harm the body.

Among other things, you can add a small amount of sea salt to propolis tincture. This medicine will be an excellent replacement for nasal drops and will quickly get rid of a cold.

Like any other medicine, propolis tincture has contraindications that must be observed in order not to cause harm to the body.

First of all, it should be noted that propolis tincture is used as an additional method of treatment, therefore, it is not necessary to stop taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

It is forbidden to give tincture of propolis and alcohol to children under 10 years old, and propolis tincture on water — to children up to three years. If you use the medicine externally, then these recommendations can not be followed.

Among other things, before taking homemade propolis tincture, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to bee products. For hypertension, you need to take this medicine with caution.

In all other cases, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor before starting to use the tool.

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