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How to make lips plump? — instruction at home

Ways to quickly make lips plump at home

Make lips plump almost every woman dreams, especially those with thin lips. It is quite real. There are many different ways. Visually increase the plumpness of the lips will help correct makeup. You can give preference and exercises that will help achieve the desired without surgery.

Important! Of course, you can give preference to visiting a cosmetologist who offers injections or injections. This will help make the lips plump forever, but the price is quite big. Exactly how much such a procedure costs scares customers. This is not necessary, because you can do everything at home.

Exercises to sponge were plump, will help girls achieve their goals. Plump lips look very flirty and sensual. And most importantly — exercise helps eliminate the need for injections of hyaluronic acid or Botox. Obtain visible results can be subject to the daily implementation for one and a half months. It is recommended to follow all the tips exactly.

Enough to perform only seven simple exercises.

  1. You need to get air in your mouth so that your cheeks puff up. Lips need to stick out forward. Palms need to put pressure on the cheeks, trying to resist. Exercise should be done for three minutes. After that, you should arrange a 30-second break and repeat the exercise five more times.
  2. The mouth should be opened wide, stick out your tongue as much as possible and stretch your lips with a straw. In this position, you need to stand still for 40 seconds, and then relax. Exercise repeats 12 times.
  3. You need to get air in your mouth and inflate your cheeks to the maximum. Then you need to imagine that there is a ball in your mouth. Begin to roll it on cheeks, to get for the upper and lower lips. Exercise must be performed within 10 minutes.
  4. You need to get air in your mouth and then exhale sharply so that your lips are slightly parted. Exercise should be repeated 50 times.
  5. It is necessary to close the lips and tightly clench your teeth. There should be tension in the jaw. Now you need to push forward the lower lip, then the upper lip, then the lips are closed in the pipes. In this position, you need to move your lips up, down, left and right. Exercise should be performed for 15 minutes.
  6. Every day you need to whistle for 15 minutes. If you do not have the skills of whistles or simply do not want to do this, you can let the air out of your mouth only by imitating the whistles.
  7. If there is a young man, it is recommended to kiss him more often. The maximum effect can be achieved if the man will slightly bite his lips.

With the help of exercises, you can achieve plump lips at home and save the result for a long time. This method allows you to not use cosmetics.

Make-up at home can easily help visually enlarge lips with lipstick, gloss and pencil. Sponges will quickly become plump and red (you can take lipstick and any other color depending on your own preferences), if you use this algorithm:

  1. It is necessary to outline the lips with a pencil, retreating from the edges of not more than two millimeters. It does not make makeup vulgar, but will significantly increase the lips visually.
  2. The strip between the pencil contour and lips need to be shaded.
  3. Several vertical stripes should be made on the lower lip using a brown pencil. Then the strip should be slightly shaded.
  4. On the lips you need to apply a suitable bright lipstick, suitable and glossy and matte. Dark lipstick is not recommended, as the lips will seem thinner and smaller.
  5. The center of the lower lip can be covered with glitter. A fairly small band width of three millimeters. This will add extra volume.

To make the lips visually more plump, you should always outline the contour, even if you plan to apply only a transparent sheen. It is recommended to give preference to a neutral, imperceptible in color or pencil color of nude. It will also prevent glitter spreading. As a result, the makeup will make it so that your lips look plumper and more beautiful.

Massage as the best helper will help at home to increase the lips. If you perform massage regularly, you will be able to increase blood flow and increase the volume of lips for a long time. It is necessary to do massage actions before applying cosmetics. In this case, the skin of the face and hands should be clean.

The most effective types of massage include:

  1. Using your fingers. You need clean fingers to perform patting movements on the surface of the lips. Next, perform easy tingling, and finally make stroking. It is recommended to massage the lips twice a day.
  2. Toothbrush. To give preference to the one that has soft villi, as the skin of the lips is very delicate, and it can be easily injured. Before the start of the massage, the brush should be moistened with oil (peach or olive), perform the procedure, and then wet the lips.
  3. Ice cubes. Suitable ice from ordinary water or juices, decoctions of useful herbs in frozen form. You need to drive an ice block on the lips until the ice has melted. It is recommended to do this over some capacity.
  4. Contrast massage. It is performed with a sponge, toothbrush or sponge. You also need to prepare two containers with water, one of which is hot water, and the other is cold. You can add a pinch of soda to each bowl. Massage device must be alternately wetted in hot and cold water, massaging lips for 15-30 seconds.

Plump lips with masks are easy, the effect is achieved quickly, but it is short-lived. That is why the mask is suitable for use immediately before the solemn event. If desired, several masks can be combined with each other to achieve the desired result. The most common recipes for masks can be found in the table, which lists the ingredients and features of the application.

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