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How to make dimples on the cheeks? — ways at home

Ways to make dimples at home without surgery and with it

How to make dimples on the cheeks? Most often this question is asked by young ladies who dream not only to smile radiantly, but also to conquer hearts with sweet and tender dimples. And while science in the field of modern medicine puts forward different versions of the appearance of such a distinctive feature, women do not cease to think about what to do so that these playful hollows appear.

Such pits on the face are of different sizes and shapes, in some they are located deeper, in others — longer, in some — in general on one side. This phenomenon is imperceptible until a person starts smiling or moving facial muscles expressively.

Despite the many versions of the origin of this effect, physicians hold the opinion that the reason for this is the individual structure of the facial muscles, which, with contractions, stretch the corners of the lips upwards. It is a large zygomatic muscle, which has a forked structure, the base is attached to the zygomatic bone. While doubling, the muscle tissue is intertwined with other muscles, and in some cases intertwined into the dermis of the lateral part of the face.

When a person smiles, this muscle segment stretches, pulling the cheek inward and thus forming a hollow. Many are inclined to believe that this is a kind of birth defect, but nevertheless no one denies the attractiveness of such a human reaction.

What is an effective way to make dimples at home easily and quickly? There is one technique that can not create the grooves in the cheeks themselves, but make a qualitative illusion of the presence of the desired dimples.

The cosmetic method is one of the simplest and fastest methods that you can create with your own hands in a few minutes. The only disadvantage of such a trick is that this transformation is only suitable for forming a suitable image in photographs. In everyday life, artificial dimples will look pretty ridiculous.

To achieve the desired effect, you will need the following makeup products:

To achieve a certain result, cosmetics will help by darkening and lightening certain areas of the skin in the cheek area.

Before starting to model the face, determine the future location of the dimples. For this you need to smile broadly in front of the mirror.

  1. During the contraction of the “laughing” muscles, wrinkles will appear on the outer part of the face in the cheek area. It is in these longitudinal strips that the future pits should be located.
  2. Smile should be as natural as possible in order to determine the ideal location.
  3. On the proposed side areas should make a small mark with a pencil or eyeliner dark brown shade.
  4. After that, you need to relax the facial muscle tissue and draw a curved line like a small comma.
  5. The mark should be shaded with eye shadows of matte light tones. Wash clear lines with your finger or a special makeup brush.

The main thing in this procedure is to produce symmetrical patterns, in which it is necessary to shade pronounced outlines. At the end of the transformation, artificial dimples and the entire face should be lightly covered with powder for a more natural look.

Exercises for a large zygomatic muscle responsible for a smile, will help those who want to get more natural dimples on their cheeks. Exercises can be both mimic and with your own fingers. All you need to perform the manipulations is a mirror and moisturizer, ideally a cream that prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Initially, you should apply a cosmetic moisturizer on the skin of the face, standing in front of a mirror. The following set of exercises will focus on increased muscle tissue activity.

  1. Smile. Expressive movement of the facial muscles, turned to the reflection, should be done with closed lips. To achieve the best effect, you should press your index fingers on those areas where the dimples should be located. Movement should be slow to feel the tension of muscle tissue.
  2. Grin. In this case, you must raise the corners of the labial folds alternately, first the left side, then the right, while keeping your fingers on the cheeks.
  3. Pulling the cheeks. Try to suck in your cheeks inside the mouth and try to smile.

Exercises for the face should be performed in two sets of 15 times each. Do not rush when training. It should be noted that in order to achieve the maximum result, special trainings should be performed every day, persistently increasing the number of approaches.

Alternatives are those that are reproduced by surgery, puncturing, or other manipulations associated with exposure to the tissue with surgical instruments.

Women resort to such extreme methods quite often. In the modern world, where various plastic surgeries or piercing any part of the body for jewelry are no longer a novelty, such processes are not considered to be something rare or unique. By the way, men are also not averse to acquire such a charming twist, and therefore they can sometimes be seen in specialized centers of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery for the formation of dimples on the cheeks is called dimplectomy. Although such manipulation refers to simple surgical interventions, the operation should be performed only by a highly skilled surgeon.

Before the operation, the doctor should identify the future location of the dimples, as well as their shape and depth. This operation has practically no contraindications and no restrictions on the structure of the skin. The only caveat (because it is difficult to call it a minus) is that it will not be possible to remove the dimples even surgically, but only to make them smaller.

Under anesthesia and analgesic, the doctor makes an incision in the inside of the cheek in order to remove the fatty tissue. The resulting cavity is stitched with thread and sewn up. At this point a dimple appears. The same is done on the second mucosa.

The operation is so insignificant that the patient is already released in an hour, without leaving under supervision in the hospital. After this, the client must treat the oral cavity with special solutions for several weeks, especially after meals.

Such an operation is worth considerable material investments, therefore, not everyone can afford to get dimples. Of course, somewhere the price may seem quite acceptable, but in this case you should check the certificates of specialists and reviews about this clinic.

Piercing is a physical change to the surface of the body by piercing to wear jewelry. Piercing on the zygomatic muscles creates the illusion of natural cavities due to decorative jewelry attached to the skin.

Such dimples are often called metal, because the jewelry is made from various precious and semi-precious metals. Only a professional should create such cavities, so do not try to make a puncture with your own hands, otherwise you risk not only bringing germs, but also getting injured.

A qualified specialist with lots of good feedback and disinfected tools is exactly what you need. But, remember, not every master will undertake to do the necessary punctures, if you are under the age of majority. In addition, it will not be superfluous to visit a neurologist, who at the medical level will determine the location of the facial nerves.

Piercer can do two types of punctures: classical and intradermal implantation. Specific features of the species should be explained in an accessible and visual manner. Regardless of the chosen method, you must take care of the zones in the puncture sites. Options for healing and antibacterial solutions should also indicate the master.

According to the survey, most like dimples on the cheeks in both women and men. But this does not mean that the absence of dimples makes you inferior or not attractive enough. Each person is individual, if he does not have depressions on his cheeks, then there will definitely be another highlight!

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