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How to get rid of black dots? — causes, folk remedies and salon procedures

How to get rid of black dots quickly at home?

How to get rid of black dots? This is a pressing issue for men and women, for teenagers and even children. Harmful black dots appear on the body and face, on the lips and near them, on the forehead, on the chin, on the cheeks, in the ears, on the nose, on the neck, and on any part of the body, even under the arms or between the legs. Black dots are a real problem, fortunately, you can fight it. It is quite possible to get rid of it, but first you need to figure out why black dots appear and what they are all about.

Worth knowing! Human skin is covered with a large number of pores. On average, about 100 pores are observed on each square centimeter of skin. They are necessary to protect and moisturize the surface of the body. But the pores, especially if they are enlarged, become clogged with dirt, dust and dead epidermis, and from above they are blocked with sebum. This leads to the emergence of comedones. They are closed (these are acne and blackheads) and open (these are black dots). Most often they appear where the sebaceous glands are the most active.

The causes of black dots are very diverse. Namely:

  1. Inadequate skin care. If a person does not wash after a working day, then this leads to the fact that all impurities of any type remain on the face. If you do not wash off the makeup, then the remnants of cosmetics also settle in the pores, which leads to the appearance of black dots.
  2. Excessive skin cleansing. It is actually very harmful. Excessive skin care should be understood as washing the face with soap several times a day, rubbing it with lotions, tonic and alcohol. All this leads to the fact that the protective layer of the skin is simply erased. As a result, any effect on the skin is perceived by the sebaceous glands as an alarm. That is why sebum begins to stand out even faster, which leads to the appearance of black dots..
  3. Hormonal problems. This is especially observed in adolescence, in women and girls during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. All these changes in the body lead to the appearance of inflammation on the skin.
  4. Use a significant amount of scrubs. The use of scrubs and peels in unlimited quantities leads to the fact that the protective layer of the skin is removed, which means that the fat begins to stand out much faster. In addition, a rough scrub increases the likelihood of mechanical damage to the skin..
  5. Frequent touching of the face. No need to just touch the skin, especially if the hands are dirty. If you want to scratch your nose, you should use a paper napkin, especially when traveling in public transport or when working in the office.
  6. Smoking. This is a bad habit that has a negative effect on the entire body. In particular, the skin begins to fade and aging prematurely. And cigarette smoke also contributes to the formation of acne, blackheads and deep or shallow black dots.
  7. The use of hair products that are high fat. This reason is relevant for those who are concerned about the numerous (usually small) comedones on their shoulders, on the neck or on the forehead. Particles of these products for washing, care and styling hair often remain on the skin and clog pores.

It is important! Many are convinced that nutrition has a particular effect on the appearance of black dots. But it is not. Of course, the use of sweet, fatty and fried is undesirable for the organism, but this does not affect the increase or decrease in the number of black dots on the face and body.

What will help? There are many different ways to eliminate open comedones. Among them are:

  1. Mechanical cleaning. It can be held at home or in the cabin. This method gives a quick, but short-lived result. Independent extrusion of points is not recommended, and it is also undesirable to finish this work with an unreliable master. This can lead to the fact that infection will be entered into the pores, as a result, scars and scars will remain in place of the black spots, and it is rather difficult to get rid of them.
  2. Cosmetic procedures. They are represented by a significant number of options. The most common include vacuum cleaning, acid peels and the use of ultrasound. Each of these procedures is effective, but possible contraindications should be considered. If you continue to follow the rules of skin care, you can forget about the problem forever.
  3. Scrubs and masks of various types. They can lighten black dots, pull them out or peel them off. You can give preference to purchased drugstores or to prepare the composition of the house from natural ingredients.
  4. Change your own lifestyle. This is the best and most effective way to deal with any comedones, as well as skin problems in general. The method is quite complicated. It involves the rejection of bad habits, high-quality and proper skin care. Other methods will give only a temporary effect, without caring about your health forever forget about the black dots will not work.

Let’s look at each of the options in more detail to determine the most suitable for dealing with the problem in a particular case.

Mechanical cleansing and salon procedures from black spots are aimed at cleaning the pores of sebum. If you ignore the need to cleanse the skin, then inflammatory processes may occur. Cleaning is a fairly simple procedure that can be performed at home or in the cabin. It helps not only to get rid of black spots, but also to improve the complexion and condition of the skin in general.

It is important! The principle of mechanical cleaning at home and at the beautician is very similar. But still it is better to turn to professionals. This reduces the likelihood of scarring and other negative reactions.

Mechanical cleansing is indicated for people who suffer from acne, as well as for teenage acne. It is necessary to seek the help of a beautician and those who have enlarged pores and skin prone to fat. Cleansing can help prevent acne, and a beautician can recommend remedies to narrow pores.

Mechanical cleaning has some contraindications. In particular, it is prohibited to those people who suffer from skin diseases. And also it is not recommended to carry it out at a location close to the skin surface of the vascular grid and any vascular diseases.

Attention! Owners of dry skin should not try to perform mechanical cleaning at home. This can lead to skin irritation and premature wrinkle formation.

The very mechanical cleaning of the skin is standard regardless of where to do it. And at home and in the cabin, it involves the following:

  1. Steaming of the skin. At home, this is done by means of a steam bath (salt or on herbs), and in the cabin by means of a special device. It is much easier to remove dirt from the opened pores, and the possibility of skin injury is also excluded.
  2. Now it is cleaning itself. In the cabin, for this purpose, use a spoon, Una, a special strainer and Vidal needle. The latter helps to cope with the deepest black dots. At home, you can clean the pores with finger pads (they must be sterile clean) if there are no tools.
  3. The final stage is the disinfection of pores with the help of a suitable agent, the application of an antiseptic and soothing mask.
  4. After that, you can use and suitable for the type of skin cream.

Attention! It is enough to carry out mechanical cleaning once a month. In the more frequent cleansing of the skin is not necessary, since it does not bring the desired result. It is also worth remembering that a few days before and after cleaning you can not sunbathe in the sun and go to the solarium.

In addition to mechanical cleaning, common salon procedures that are effective in combating black spots include the following:

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning. This is one of the modern methods. It involves the initial implementation of light peeling. Then a special gel is applied to the skin and affect the skin by means of ultrasound. The result is not only the removal of black spots, but also the renewal of the dermis and the acceleration of blood flow.
  2. Vacuum cleaning. This is a demanded procedure that involves the use of a special apparatus. He pulls pathological elements, cleansing the skin.
  3. Chemical peeling. At the heart of — a special drug, in the composition of which there are fruit acids. This tool is applied to the skin. It allows you to whiten comedones and remove deposits in the sebaceous glands.
  4. Vaporization The procedure is aimed at steaming the skin, but not hot steam is used for this, but a stream of cold water. The beautician directs this stream to the affected skin. Water is sprayed with fine sprays that open the pores. After that, the removal of comedones and the imposition of a mask on the face.

Before applying salon procedures, it is important to consult with a specialist. This is explained by the fact that there are contraindications. Alternatively, you can look at the finished products or folk remedies.

Folk remedies — one of the most affordable means to deal with black spots. They can be used independently, creating masks and scrubs. The result is not long in coming, but it is important to adhere to the described recipes. The most popular and effective folk remedies, as well as the method of their use are shown in the table.

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