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How to get rid of acne on the face of a teenager: the causes of the problem, solutions

How to get rid of acne on the face of a teenager with the help of folk methods

With the onset of transitional age, children become vulnerable. There is a psychological and physical restructuring of the body. During this period, boys and girls are sensitive to appearance. Skin rash can plunge them into real depression and deprive yourself of confidence. To prevent this from happening, it is important for parents to teach the child how to properly care for themselves and explain how to get rid of teen acne.

Causes of rash

Puberty is the time in which there are rapid changes in the mind and appearance of children. According to the observations of doctors, about 90 percent of adolescents suffer from lesions on the skin. The causes of acne are different.

  • The main one is hormonal adjustment. At 12-14 years old, intensive production of sex hormones begins. Both boys and girls are sure to face this. During this period, the autonomic nervous system starts to work properly. As a result, subcutaneous fat is intensively produced. Its excess clogs the sebaceous glands, they develop inflammation that causes rashes and acne on the forehead of a teenager.
  • The answer to the question of why acne appears in teenagers is vitamin deficiency. A lack of vitamins B and A often leads to irritation and rashes.
  • Causes are experiences, stress and skin sensitivity. Not without reason, inflammations often arise before important events in a teenager’s life, for example, the first date.
  • Rash provokes improper diet. How to deal with teenage acne, if today’s youth is keen on carbonated drinks, fast food, sweets? After all, it is detrimental to the condition of the skin and causes pimples on the chin, nose and back. To face was beautiful, you need a healthy food, rich in vitamins.

Sometimes a rash on the face appears from the uncontrolled intake of antibiotics, the use of improper cosmetics and lack of thorough hygiene.

In adolescents, acne causes a microscopic mite. In the microflora of human skin there are many microorganisms. One of them is Demodex. Usually it does not manifest itself, but under the influence of certain factors it can be activated in the ducts of the sebaceous glands. On the face there is a scattering of acne and pustules, which are hard to heal. The disease manifests itself at different ages, but most often it is diagnosed in adolescents.

General recommendations

In puberty, appearance is of great importance, so it is important to know how to get rid of acne in adolescents. To tidy face, you need to learn how to care for your skin.

It needs to be cleaned daily of grease and dust. Tap water is not suitable. It can lead to increased peeling and irritation. Washing is useful filtered, thawed, non-carbonated mineral water or boiled warm liquid.

To get rid of teenage acne on the face, you need to choose the right remedy for cleansing. These should be alcohol-free foams or gels with a neutral pH. It is desirable that in the composition were vegetable components, stopping the inflammatory process and regulating the production of sebum.

  • You can wash the birch sap. Cosmetologists confirm that this is an excellent remedy for youthful acne, benefiting in the spring fresh.
  • At other times, it is advisable to prepare a decoction of birch buds for washing, to remove acne. Measure out a large spoonful of dry buds, pour half a liter of boiling water and rub a little on the stove. Cool, pass through the filter and use to cleanse the skin.

When new teenage acne appears on the face and how to get rid of it is difficult to imagine, make an appointment with a dermatologist. The specialist will find out why the skin condition is deteriorating, and prescribe tests to identify the activation of demodex.

If the cause of the rash is tick, you will need therapy with drugs that destroy pathogens. In other cases, the doctor will recommend to treat acne with special ointments that relieve inflammation, draw out pus and provide relief from irritation.

What not to do?

Some young men and women in order to treat acne, buy advertised drugs at the pharmacy on their own. This is not worth doing. In most of them are antibiotics or hormones, therefore, in order not to harm the skin even more, such aids should be used only as directed by the dermatologist.

When choosing how to treat acne in adolescence, do not treat your skin with alcohol-based tonics, lotions and herbal tinctures. They eliminate greasy shine well, but they also dry the face. From this, the production of sebum begins even more, causing new foci of inflammation.

What not to do? Do not listen to dubious advice on how to get rid of acne on the face of a teenager at home, in which it is proposed to squeeze pustules and acne. It is dangerous to do this. The slightest violation of sterility leads to the ingress of microbes and dirt into the subcutaneous layer, aggravating inflammation and infection. Getting rid of them will be much more difficult than from acne.

What does traditional medicine offer?

Natural ingredients — the most effective remedy for acne. They were used in ancient times, when nothing was known about chemical compounds. Proven ancient recipes, with which you can quickly get rid of rashes at home, have survived to this day. The main advantage of folk remedies is soft action. They are allowed to use for a long time.

Successful struggle with teenage acne is provided with such ingredients:

  • aloe vera leaf juice that has regenerating and soothing properties;
  • essential oil of tea tree, which disinfects, quickly reduces inflammation and does not allow rashes to appear;
  • cosmetic clay — it is useful to use it as a scrub to cleanse the face of greasy shine;
  • chamomile and calendula — these remedies for acne on the face of adolescents are needed for the preparation of lotion, steam baths and lotions;
  • lemon juice — it copes well with anke, helps to remove black spots and eels;
  • honey — the product of beekeeping is necessary for strengthening and moisturizing the skin;
  • argan oil: this exotic component is an ideal remedy for acne on the face for teenagers, it normalizes the water balance, soothes and cleanses.

If you stick to personal hygiene and regularly use popular recipes, there will be no question how to treat teen acne.

Healing herbs

Once a week a steam bath is useful. How to treat acne on the face at home with her?

  • Mix in an enamel saucepan on a spoon of chamomile and calendula, cover with a liter of water and boil.
  • Remove from the stove, cover your head with a diaper, bend over and breathe the healing steam for 10 minutes.
  • During this time, the skin will evaporate, clogged pores will be cleared of dirt. To help the bath against acne, it should be carried out regularly for 1 month.

What to do with very oily skin? Adjust the work of the sebaceous glands can be a herbal mask. Take 1 tsp.:

Crush the acne treatment for teens with a coffee grinder, pour a little boiling water on it, cover tightly and let it brew for a quarter of an hour. Strain and apply steamed herb powder on face. After 20 minutes, rinse. To wipe the face, use a tonic or moisturizing lotion.

Chamomile flowers and sage are excellent remedies for teen acne. They are useful for compresses that need to be made from infusion throughout the month: the first two weeks — daily, at a later time — once every two days. The length of each procedure is half an hour.

Dampen a piece of gauze in the infusion. Put on face. After 5 minutes, remove the compress and put in its place a new cut soaked in liquid. Do this 6 times. As a rule, acne quickly ceases to bother.

The best remedy for teen acne — fresh juice, squeezed from aloe. Wipe them inflammation on the skin in the morning and evening. From comedones quickly helps the flesh of the plant. It should be applied to the accumulation of eels for 15 minutes, 2 times a week.

Aloe Tincture

If acne on the face of a teenager is constantly popping up, and you don’t know how to get rid of them, try using aloe vera for cleansing. Wash 5 leaves, cut and cover with a glass of hot water, but not boiling water. After half an hour, filter and wipe the face with the healing liquid twice a day. Keep the tincture in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

To get rid of acne at home, prepare a special ointment. Mix with each other 2 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. aloe juice Apply spot on pimples, hold on skin for 5 minutes and rinse. Use means 2 times a week. For each application, prepare a new composition, and the inflammation will cease to appear.

Essential oils

If the rash is much worried, and you can not find a way to get rid of acne on the face of a teenager, use essential oils.

Tea tree oil dries inflammation, prevents anke and positively affects the overall condition of the skin. It is possible to remove the appearing pustules by gently treating them with oil using a cotton swab several times a day.

Argan oil is produced in Morocco. Local beauties used it to cleanse the skin hundreds of years ago. Now you can use it with us.

To remove acne, it is useful to apply it on the affected area of ​​the face with a thin layer or use it as part of the healing mixture. Combine 2 drops of argan, chamomile, rose oil and myrrh oil. For teenagers’ acne, lubricate the skin overnight with a mixture, and you will not notice how skin cleansing will occur.

Cosmetic clay

Natural clay has the properties of pulling pus and deep cleaning the pores. Such a healing effect is necessary for a teenager for acne.

White clay is useful against black spots. Dilute 1 tbsp. l one-to-one clay powder with mineral water, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a drop of rosemary oil, mint and tea tree. Apply to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Wait until the composition dries and wash. This cleansing mask is a great way to deal with acne on the face of boys and girls.

To folk remedies for acne on the face helped as effectively as possible, it is necessary to revise the diet. To exclude from it fatty, high-calorie meals and not to eat at night. The skin needs fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables. To cure acne, you need walks in the fresh air, a full sleep. Then the skin will become clean, blooming and healthy.

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