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How to get rid of acne on the face at home quickly in 1 day

How to quickly get rid of acne on the face at home: whether the effect is possible in 1 day

Suffer acne? Common situation! It is especially annoying when an eel appears on the skin at the most inopportune moment! But often this is exactly what happens: you only need to schedule a date or a family celebration, and indeed, the publication, so here you are!

There are, of course, people without complexes on this score, but not everyone is able to maintain a good mood and have fun, despite the spoiled appearance. And many are ready to completely abandon the planned event or meeting with friends because of such trouble. How is it a shame!

The problem of the appearance of acne is quite acute as in young people, and in quite mature. This is due to many factors. But what if the question requires an urgent solution? Thousands of people are looking for a way to get rid of acne on their face at home quickly in 1 day, and they make a lot of mistakes that they later regret.

It is necessary to understand that for a day to become the owner or the owner of the perfect skin will not work. However, if you take action, the effect will not take long. Therefore, we will discuss how to get rid of acne at home, what actions are necessary and whether it is possible in principle. Let’s start with common mistakes on the way to perfect skin.

Squeeze pimple, by all means! The temptation, of course, is great, and now, the real violence begins over the delicate skin of the face! She and pick, and crush mercilessly, and burned with all sorts of questionable compositions, and what is the result? Inflammation, swelling, redness, and sometimes hematoma. There is no question of any speedy deliverance, and we are not talking about it.

In general, cosmetologists and dermatologists strongly recommend to abandon face experiments and treat acne in a complex, under the supervision of a specialist, but not all hear and listen.

You should know: squeeze out, and even then, with the risk to the health of your own skin, you can only mature pimple, the purulent head of which is visible under its thin layer! Such a pimple does not hurt, since the inflammation in it has already passed, and the contents have focused on leaving the pore, around which there is no redness. How to do it correctly will be described below.

Raid the pharmacy and buy the most expensive remedy for acne. Most likely, does not help. Pharmaceutical preparations are not intended to get rid of acne in 1 day at home with their help. They are designed for long-term and constant use to be bought again and again.

Get into despair and immediately «stick» the problem of some yummy. Women in such cases usually prefer chocolate or cake, not remembering that often these high-calorie and fatty foods cause acne on the face, and stress only increases the negative effect, triggering a surge in hormones and, as a result, new rashes.

Correct measures

No need to panic! After all, pimple is not a shameful stigma, and every person has once come across this unpleasant phenomenon. It is better to enlist an optimistic attitude and try to cope with the situation using affordable and safe methods. Of course, you should not flatter yourself, because in reality there is no instruction on how to get rid of acne in 1 day completely, but there is still an opportunity to minimize their manifestation and cure in a short time.

First of all, the solution to the problem must be started from the inside. All junk food should be excluded from the menu: sweets, animal fats, flour products, smoked meats, salty and pickled foods, as well as any fast food. It will be good to cleanse the body by eating fresh vegetables, not too sweet fruits, greens and porridges boiled in water. If possible, it is better to give up salt in general, but to increase the amount of water consumed to one and a half to two liters per day, and it should be clean and non-carbonated.

Such a diet will make a significant contribution to the improvement of the skin, in principle, if we take it as a basis for everyday nutrition, having consulted in advance with a specialist in this area to make sure that there are no contraindications.

Of course, alcohol also falls into the black list, where, in fact, he and the place, like smoking! These poisons can ruin and kill even the most perfect beauty. Down with!

Individual approach to each «patient»

Now you can do directly nasty pimples. First you need to carefully consider what they are. If these are small reddish tubercles, with a slight pressure on which mild painful sensations appear, then these pimples are in the nascent stage. In this case, to get rid of their contents for the day will not work without injury to the skin. But you can try to finish them in the bud.

For this, it is good to apply tea tree oil. It is a very affordable and effective remedy for acne. It is enough from the very morning and throughout the day to put it on the spot blackheads, and the deliverance will not take long to wait! It may well be possible to cure acne in a day or two. In any case, the inflammation will noticeably decrease, and some rashes may simply be neutralized.

Mature acne is easy to calculate by the presence of a white purulent head, which has not yet reached the topmost layer of skin, but can already be seen. Such eruptions (papules) are usually quite painful, and the tissues around them are inflamed and whiten with slight pressure, but their contents do not go out. Making such pimples to quickly dissolve is almost impossible, but there is a way to accelerate their maturation with the help of a salt compress. It is done very simply:

  • for 1 cup of warm boiled water take 1 tsp. salt;
  • clean gauze folded in several layers (usually in four) and soak with a solution, squeeze, so that it does not drip;
  • Attach to the site of acne and hold for at least an hour.

As is known from the initial course of physics, the liquid tends to where the greatest amount of salt is concentrated. This will happen in this case. Puffiness will subside, and unhealthy moisture, which contains an infection that causes inflammation, will stretch out of the tissues. Perhaps some pimples will erupt, and the gauze will remain characteristic traces.

After the procedure, it is necessary to wash the face with clean water and treat the wounds with a disinfecting solution. Lotions can be done several times a day, closely watching the condition of the skin. Should not continue the course, if there was a feeling of discomfort and irritation. It is useful to have ready chamomile decoction, which will have a calming effect on the skin.

How to get rid of acne in one day, if they are already ripe and the type are extremely unattractive? Pustules are “ready customers” at the exit. Such pimples are no longer affected by pain on the touch, and their purulent contents are concentrated under the thinnest top layer of skin, there is no inflammation. It would seem that there is nothing simpler than simply squeezing them out and covering up the treacherous places with the foundation.

Do not hurry! First it is important to understand whether there is a secondary infection in the tissues, which, when extruded, can easily spread over the skin surface and get to the «neighbors». Its presence is determined by the color of the purulent head, which ideally should be white. Yellowish or greenish hues indicate that there is an infection. In this case, the pimple can still be squeezed out, but with the greatest care, after disinfecting the hands and skin before and after the procedure.

Again, it is worth trying a salt or chamomile compress. Fresh aloe juice can also do without mechanical impact on the skin. To do this, take the lower fleshy leaf of a medicinal plant, squeeze out the juice with pulp or cut it lengthwise, attach it to the problem area and fix it with a plaster. Hold for an hour.

If the pimple turned out to be so stubborn that it simply asked for forced expulsion, then after the manipulation, in no case should one immediately apply a concealer. Having processed the damage and the adjacent skin areas with a decoction of chamomile, you need to wait until the wound is covered with a crust and subsides. Picking is strictly prohibited in order to avoid re-infection and the appearance of scars and scars!

How to quickly get rid of acne at home, if it is comedones, that is, white or black spots, clogged pores with excess sebum? Many people mistakenly believe that these rashes are harmless, they can be squeezed out supposedly without fear of any consequences. In fact, it is not. The danger is that comedones can cause the appearance of purulent acne, if you squeeze them with dirty hands or simply do not process the disinfectant solution.

Experts say that squeezing is always a big risk, which can lead not only to gross cosmetic defects of the skin, but also to serious diseases, such as blood poisoning. Getting rid of them, you should strictly observe sterility and apply a good antiseptic.

Many people ask how to quickly get rid of acne in a running form. The answer is no way, alas. When the skin is so affected that acne is reborn into cysts, forming vast cavities under the skin, filled with purulent contents, only an experienced doctor knows how to cure such an attack. The usual remedy will not help here, and the treatment will be long.

We solve the problem at home

At home, the best helpers in the fight against acne are considered to be the following:

  • Calendula officinalis perfectly relieves inflammation, has a bright antibacterial effect;
  • wheat germ oil will ensure the speedy regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • cosmetic clay masks will dry pimples and pus will stretch out;
  • decoction of oak bark with regular use will reduce the number of lesions;
  • already mentioned chamomile and aloe always work flawlessly for the benefit of healthy skin.

I would like, of course, that the first pimple that appeared on the face turned out to be the last, but not everyone is so lucky. If inflammation poisons life and it is impossible to fight them alone, then a visit to a dermatologist is shown without fail.

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