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How to do inhalation? right at home children and adults

Make inhalation at home is very simple. For this you need only some products and oils for inhalation. The process itself is nothing complicated.

Inhalations are effective in that, in contrast to drug treatment, all the beneficial substances are absorbed directly into the blood, and do not end up in the stomach. And inhalation helps to excrete sputum along with the bacteria that live in it.

At the moment there are three types of inhalation.:

For each of these species has its own adaptation. Steam inhalation can be carried out in two ways: “old-fashioned”, that is, using a pan and hot water as a steam generator. The second method is a special inhaler that looks like a plastic bowl with a stand for the face.

As for wet and wet-steam inhalations, there are special electric inhalers for them, or nebulizers. The nebulizer is a device of new generation with which help it is possible to do damp inhalation to both adults, and children in house conditions.

Inhalation helps to get rid of cough, sore throats, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies and runny nose. But there is also a list of contraindications with which we will introduce you in this article.

Inhalation has only a few contraindications that are very simple to follow. Inhalation is not recommended if:

you are inhaling a child under three years old;

you have a high body temperature;

you have a tendency to bleed from the nose;

diagnosed with heart failure or laryngeal edema;

blood pressure is always high.

Also do not forget about the dosage. Each of the products or oils for inhalation has its own limitation, the excess of which is fraught with the deterioration of the patient.

By the time inhalation should not last more than 15 minutes. It can be done only twice a day, and after it is carried out, it is desirable to provide the patient with complete rest for an hour.

How to do inhalation at home?

Properly do inhalation at home using a nebulizer. It is thanks to him that this will be most effective, since particles of the medicinal solution will get directly into the respiratory tract. But if there is no nebulizer, then even a regular pan is perfect.

The principle of home inhalation is always the same: you just need to inhale and exhale steam with the supplements you need. And if you are overcome by the question: “What to do with inhalation?”, Then here you have a huge scope for choice. There are a large number of oils, mixtures and products with which you can do inhalation at home. In our article we list the most popular and effective:

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