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How to care for a tattoo — after applying it at home

How to take care of a fresh tattoo at home after applying it and how much should I do?

The question is about how to care for a tattoo, Most often it is set when the care for it no longer makes sense. A tattoo master usually gives advice on caring for a tattoo in the first week after application, but not all follow. Because of this, the quality of the tattoo suffers, customers are angry at the master, and he, in general, has nothing to do with it, because he had to follow his advice.

For those who still have not lost everything, and it is not too late to look after a fresh tattoo, our article will be useful. We will tell you in detail what and how to smear, how to handle it and when to do it all.

In the early days, caring for a tattoo may seem incredibly painful and uncomfortable, but later you will realize that these were still flowers. But first things first. Now we will try to combine the main recommendations of tattoo artists into one big tattoo care instruction.

  • The first thing you want to talk about the bandage, which is put on immediately after applying the tattoo. Many people are interested in: “When to remove the bandage?”, But there can be no definite answer, because time depends on the size of the tattoo. On average, the bandage should be on the body for at least four hours. Sometimes this time reaches twelve hours, or even days. But do not forget that the tattoo still needs to breathe! Therefore, strictly adhere to the recommendations of the master about the time. It does not matter, color tattoo or black and white.
  • After you remove the bandage, rinse it. with warm water and soap, does not contain alcohol. Do not wipe the tattoo, allow it to dry, or blot it with a soft cloth.
  • Fresh tattoo must be lubricated with special creams. Your tattoo master must advise you on a healing agent, do not neglect his advice.
  • It is necessary to carry out the procedure of washing and smearing the tattoo that was just made. for three days. After that you can do without film and cream.
  • Care for a tattoo at home is necessary for several weeks. After four days, you may notice a crust that covers a fresh tattoo. In no case can it be ripped off! Otherwise, you risk going to the master for a second session.
  • It does not matter what part of the body the tattoo is made on: on the arm, leg, back or any other place. It is necessary to look after her equally accurately. When the skin is peeling off, it is necessary to restrain oneself with the last strength in order not to scratch the tattoo. This is fraught with consequences.
  • If you still flayed the crust, then the tattoo should smear with healing cream.
  • Care for the tattoo after the correction should be the same way.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to strong heat. You should forget about hot baths and baths forever. Joke. Not forever, but at least for a month it is necessary to do with just warm water.

If your tattoo is in a place that often sweats, then you need to limit physical exertion for a while. Also, give up alcohol for several months, as it increases pressure, which is why the pigment can be washed out of the skin much faster.

Care for a fresh tattoo is not difficult at all. Try to follow the recommendations of your tattoo master, or at least ours, and then you will not be disappointed and will not send a curse to the master until the seventh knee.

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