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How to bake a loaf at home?

Baton — composition, beneficial properties, harm and calorie

Calories: 262 kcal.

The energy value of the product Baton:
Proteins: 7.5 g.
Fat: 2.9 g.
Carbohydrates: 51.4 g.

Baton — one of the most famous and sought-after bakery products, for the preparation of which wheat flour of the highest grade is used. The product has an elongated shape, fragrant crisp and several longitudinal cuts (see photo).

This type of bread received its name due to the French word “bâton”, which translates as “bar” or “stick”. Such a comparison is due to the fact that the original loaves had a thin and elongated shape. Over the years, the bakery product improved and gradually changed its appearance. Today in the bread assortment there are both long loaves and wide ones.

The history of the loaf begins with the fact that one of the ancient Egyptians forgot about the dough, which he kneaded to make flat cakes. In the morning, bake the product, he noticed that the bread had acquired a loose structure and an unusually pleasant taste. After that, a resident of ancient Egypt began to bake more often his favorite loaf, and only later many Egyptians and not only learned about its recipe.

During the Middle Ages, they also baked loaves. However, in this case, they meant gingerbread, for the preparation of which the dough was kneaded with various nuts and dried fruits. Today, also on sale there are loaves with raisins, peanuts and other fillings.

Currently, the loaf is divided into separate types, because for its preparation can be used many different ingredients that affect not only the taste of the product, but also the calorie content. The number of ingredients added to the dough may also vary. For example, sugar. In one recipe it is proposed to take in the amount of five grams per kilogram of flour, and in the other — in the amount of fifty. This is quite a big difference, which can completely change the characteristics and taste of the flour product. To date, there are salty loaves, as well as fresh and sweet.

This product is also classified by the following types.:

  • Capital — an oblong loaf with four cuts, which includes a standard list of ingredients: wheat flour (top grade), granulated sugar, yeast, water and salt;
  • special — a long baguette, which is made from the same list of components as the capital, but only this list is supplemented with sunflower oil;
  • Volga — the usual wide loaf with three large cuts, which includes standard ingredients and margarine;
  • mustard — a bread product resembling an externally sweet bun, has a smooth ruddy surface and a thin elongated shape, consists of wheat flour, mustard oil (3.6%) and other components;
  • a loaf for breakfast is a flour product, all the same ingredients are used for cooking as for the Volga loaf, it is distinguished by a darker brown color, as well as a diamond pattern on the top of the bread;
  • rifled — the most demanded type of long loaf, which has an elongated wide shape, good taste and four cuts, consists of the same components as a special long loaf, often sold as a slice;
  • lean — an unusual wheat product, which has notches in the form of check marks, its components are flour, salt, as well as water, yeast and sunflower oil;
  • Simbirsk — a very tasty yeast loaf containing raisins;
  • cottage cheese — an aromatic bakery product with a golden crust and one long cut, consists of the usual ingredients, as well as vanillin and low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Milk — a tender loaf with many longitudinal cuts, includes milk margarine, as well as whole milk powder and other ingredients.

There are also garlic and cheese loaves that came to us from the French and Italian cuisines.

In addition, this bakery product can be white and rye. In the first case, the product is made from wheat flour, and in the second — from rye.

Every person should know how to choose the right loaf, because this is the product that you have to buy every day.

So, before you send a bakery product to the basket, you must carefully examine the label if it is on the product. If the composition of this product includes baking powder or any flavor enhancers, then such a stick is recommended to immediately refuse. It is advisable to see the appearance of the product. Bread should not be crushed and cracked. If the loaf has a wavy surface, it means that it is poorly baked.

Before buying this product, be sure to press it with your finger. If the resulting dent is in its original shape, the bread is fresh and prepared according to the flow chart.

You can choose a delicious loaf and its pulp. It should also be well baked. If the crumb crumbles heavily, then the product contains flavor enhancers.

In addition to the choice of the loaf, each person should know about the rules of its storage, as in this case almost everyone makes a serious mistake. In no case can bread be stored in plastic bags, because the very next day moisture begins to appear in them, which results in the formation of mold.

Keep this product in a closed container. Most often used for this breadbasket with special holes for ventilation. Any bread packaging should be periodically cleaned from crumbs. Otherwise, it will appear damp and unpleasant smell. To prevent mold, it is recommended to place a lemon slice or activated charcoal in the breadbasket.

A refrigerator and freezer can also be used to store the loaf. The last option is very convenient. The product should be immediately cut into portions, wrap well with cling film and send into the freezer. To defrost bread, you can use both the oven and the microwave. It will take at least two hours to defrost the bakery product at room temperature.

The shelf life of the loaf — three days!

It is incredibly easy to bake a loaf with your own hands at home, which is why there are so many simple recipes for its preparation. Nowadays even there are special devices for baking bread. However, due to the oblong shape, the home-made loaf is convenient only in the oven and bread maker. More information about these two methods can be found in the table below. We also recommend to watch the video below, which not only tells, but also shows the whole process of cooking homemade loaf.

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