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How beautiful to stab a bang — long or short with the help of invisible women

How beautiful to stab a long or short bangs when growing with the help of invisible women or pigtails? — step by step text instructions and video lesson

Beautifully stab bangs You can unimaginable number of ways. To do this, you are free to use items such as hairpins, rubber bands, invisible hair and any other hair accessories. If you do not know how you can quickly and nicely lay a bang, then we present you with several step-by-step methods that will tell you about how you can beautifully stab a short or long bang.

If you want to kill the bangs that you grow up, then hairpins and invisible beings will be just necessary for you in this situation. With their help, you can fix the hair in the way you need, and if you also use hairspray or mousse, the result will completely exceed all expectations. Here are some step-by-step recommendations for those who want to slap bangs quickly and beautifully.

This option is suitable for those who want to slap bangs back. However, its length is not important. You will need a mousse for hair, varnish and a pair of invisible women.

  • First of all, grease the bangs with a small amount mousse, to make it easier to work with.
  • Then comb it back and slightly lift it up, stabbing the tips of the fringe with Invisibles crosswise.
  • Correct your bangs and spray it with varnish.

This option is perfect for both long and short hair. Stabbing a bang in this way is possible not only with loose hair. It will look beautiful even if you want to make a high tail, but in this case, you should first do the hair, and only then do bangs.

The second option is suitable for those who like their hair to be loose, but regrowing bangs all the time. Stabbed her as follows.

  • Apply some hair gel on bangs and comb it well.
  • Make a parting in the middle and divide the fringe into two parts.
  • Secure each part of the bangs under the hair on both sides.
  • Spray your hair with lacquer.

You need to understand that stabbing your beautiful bangs in this way, you will not be able to collect hair in a ponytail or other hairstyle, since the place where the hair is fastened by the invisible will become noticeable, which does not look very aesthetic.

Another way to beautifully and simply stab the regrown fringe on the side with the help of hairpins or invisible women looks like this:

  • As in previous recommendations, you first need to lubricate the bangs hair foam.
  • Now make a smooth parting on the side and comb the bangs to one side.
  • You can fasten the end of the bangs under the hair with the help of an invisible one or outside with a massive hairpin.

If you have an overgrown or short bang, stab it is not difficult, armed with hairpins and invisible. With their help, your hair will become irresistible, and bangs will not interfere with the review.

If everything is clear with invisible hairpins and hairpins, then how beautifully to pin the bang without these accessories? Such methods also exist, and we suggest you to adopt some of them.

  • You can remove bangs from your face with rim or special tape. To do this, just put the accessory on your head and put your hair under it.
  • Another great way to stab a long bang is pigtail. You can braid it directly or sideways, wetting your hair with mousse beforehand and braiding it in a pigtail. The end of the pigtail should be fixed under the hair with the help of the invisible.
  • Also, instead of a pigtail, you can twist the bang into a bundle and fix it like a pigtail.

Thus, beautifully and quickly stabbed bangs, you will look irresistible. Especially magically looks pinned fringe with long wavy hair. Do not forget to use mousse and hairspray, so that the first light breeze does not ruffle your hair. Read more about how beautiful and just to kill the bangs in the video below.

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