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Hot or warm salads — delicious cooking recipes with photos

Hot or warm salads (with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood) — delicious cooking recipes with photos

Hot salads, which are also called warm salads, have recently taken everywhere more and more confident positions on our table. Various combinations of meat — pork, veal, beef, lamb; birds; fish and seafood with greens and special sauce classify them in the category of separate dishes or part of the buffet table.

The principles of recipes for cooking such salads are similar to the principles of recipes for the preparation of ordinary salads. The only difference is that they serve such dishes in a warm (hot) form. Thanks to such a small nuance, salads begin to play with new flavors.

Louis Fontane, the chef of a well-known French restaurant “Trufo”, considers the salad a lifeline for literally every hostess, where you can mix everything that is — even ingredients that are incompatible at first glance. Even if you have herring, banana and boiled eggs, they can be mixed, seasoned with the words and the words — the salad according to the original recipe from Kenya — served on the table. We assure you — they will not just be eaten, but will be asked to supplement. Preparing hot salads, do not be afraid, experiment with foods, dressings and spices.

The main thing that is required of you in the preparation of salads is fresh produce, delicious sauce, a setting for victory and a confident supply of warm salad on the table — both for the family and for any holiday.

In general, the history of the origin of the salad is associated exclusively with inspiration or despair, when cooks literally risked their heads if they could not surprise the patrician with something new and original. At the same time, such a “recipe” is associated not only with the preparation of salads. The same applies to pizza and dishes in pots, where almost all the products in the fridge are also laid.

Hot or warm salads differ fundamentally from the usual cold in that As the main ingredient, several varieties of well-toasted meat are used, or any fish in any kind of cooking combined with seafood, and possibly their base — vegetables just removed from the grill. The main thing is that the main component is warm or even hot.

As a rule, lettuce leaves are put in such dishes. However, they are not cut with a knife, they are sure to tear their hands into large pieces. This allows not only to decorate the original dish, but also to preserve more useful microcomponents in lettuce leaves.

As a self-dressing or for preparing a dressing for dressing, meat or fish juice is often used, which is released when the corresponding product is roasted. In addition, for filling hot or warm salad, you can use any vegetable oil supplemented with herbs. Often used aromatic olive oil.

Meat in a hot salad is a classic, but fried or baked fish is ideal for its preparation, as well as seafood — mussels, shrimps, squid, and baked vegetables, ideally, on the grill or on the fire.

In the absence of the grill and in the absence of the opportunity to cook the components of a warm salad on the fire, you can still achieve the aroma of «smoke» at home. So, you need to do the following: put a thin layer of sugar on the pan, put a non-stick iron bowl or stick on top and put a plate with food on it, close the lid and stew for a while. The smell of burning sugar will give the very unusual taste and smell of the fire, from which hot salads will be incredibly appetizing.

Preparing a hot (warm) salad at home is a snap. It is not necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the selected recipe, you can act by inspiration, combining these or other products, selecting the gas station to your liking.

Step-by-step photo recipes of this section of the site will help you in preparing truly delicious hot or warm salads.

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