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Homemade sweets — step by step cooking recipes with photos

How to make sweets at home by yourself — step-by-step cooking recipes with photos

Candies — These are confectionery made on the basis of sugar or chocolate. They can contain a variety of toppings: jelly, creme brulee, liquor, nuts, jam, fudge, condensed milk, dried fruit and many others.

As for the types of candies, there are a lot of them and even simply to list them is not possible. All of them are quite accessible. Visiting the confectionery department, you can purchase almost any kind of candy. However, the unfair attitude of the manufacturers to the products they produce encourages them to prepare such desserts at home.

But how difficult is it to make candy with your own hands? It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question. Some candies are quite simple to prepare; others, on the contrary, require complex manipulations and an enormous amount of time and effort. So if you decide to prepare sweets with your own hands at home, then, first of all, you need to study the characteristics of the recipe for their creation. Only, having assessed the complexity of one or another recipe, one can make a decision on the expediency of their preparation.

The advantage of making homemade chocolates is that you can avoid the use of harmful food additives, which abound in the «factory» versions of your favorite dessert. Especially important is the preparation of chocolates with their own hands will be for those who have children, as well as for allergy sufferers, because homemade chocolates are not as harmful as store ones, and in most cases are even useful.

How to make candy with your own hands? The general technology of making such delicacies simply does not exist, because they are all individual. Each type of candy requires not only its own set of ingredients, but also its specific procedures. However, some general recommendations still exist.

For example, in the case of making chocolates, you need to be able to work correctly with the main ingredient — chocolate. Often, recipes offer it to melt, not always specifying exactly how to do it. Meanwhile only properly melted chocolate will turn out tasty and attractive after solidification.

It is best to melt chocolate in a water bath. It should be brought to a temperature of fifty degrees, no more. But the melted delicacy should be stored at a lower temperature from 28 to 32 degrees. For the purpose of melting, you can also use a microwave, but this should be done strictly on the recommendation of the recipe, otherwise the chocolate can be overheated.

Chocolate, which when subjected to melting, was subjected to too high temperatures, after solidification will be dull, besides it may appear white. To achieve a shiny glossy surface on candy, you can only apply the above-mentioned technology of melting chocolate.

In the manufacture of candy with their own hands also it is important to protect the molds for them and the melted chocolate itself from the slightest ingress of moisture, because it causes this sweet product to crystallize.

As for the filling for homemade chocolates, it can be the most diverse. The most simple and useful options are nuts and dried fruits. Nuts are best pre-fry, because in raw form they are not so tasty. But the dried fruits must be washed out with drinking water and, remembering the negative interaction of chocolate with moisture, carefully dried. Preparation of other options for filling can be studied in the appropriate recipes.

A very popular type of candy among sweet teeth is caramel. It can also be cooked at home. To do this, you only need to melt the sugar (preferably brown cane) in a thick-bottomed pan of iron or aluminum to a liquid state. Then the resulting mass is poured into molds and left to solidify. This is a classic version of making sugar caramel. You can prepare it in other ways with the addition of certain ingredients. However, in more detail this question can also be studied in the corresponding step-by-step photo recipes of this site.

Having decided to make sweets at home, as a rule, the question always arises — what kind of sweets can you make with your own hands. The answer is very simple. Any! Thousands of recipes for the preparation of these delicacies. Among them are various jelly and chocolates, fudge, pralines, truffles, roasted, various candy bars, as well as caramel and lollipops. This list is far from exhaustive, as you can see by studying this section of the site and its step-by-step photo recipes for making sweets.

Starting to prepare these or other sweets with your own hands, be sure to make sure that you have the necessary ingredients. In the process of cooking, there will be no time to run to the store! And, of course, be sure to read all the instructions of the selected photo recipe. Then soon, you will be able to please your household with delicious treats, prepared by yourself.

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