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Herbs for hair loss: chamomile, nettle, horsetail and other medicinal plants

The best herbs for dandruff and hair loss

The causes of hair loss are many, but they can be grouped into two large groups. So, strands fall out due to the recurrence of any internal disease or due to the negative impact of external factors. Whatever the reason, the hair needs treatment. Herbs from hair loss help in both cases, only methods of application will be different.

Internal causes

Internal diseases leading to baldness:

  • Disorders of the endocrine system lead to a strong loss and early appearance of gray hair.
  • Damage to the liver and gallbladder are expressed in excessive fat.
  • Sick kidneys manifest in dry strands.
  • The deposition of salts in the cervical spine provokes loss.
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrhea, etc.

The approach to treatment in these cases should be comprehensive and aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease. Cosmetic masks and hair conditioners will not help here. Only correct therapy under the supervision of a physician will help stop the loss.

Herbal decoctions are also used during the main treatment, but they are taken orally as a drug. For example, herbal tea with medicinal preparations will strengthen the body, restore the metabolic process and saturate with vitamins.

External causes

Among the external causes of increased hair loss, the most common are:

  • chemical exposure (discoloration, dyeing, perm);
  • the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays;
  • smoking, poor diet, stress;
  • improper care for curls.

Healthy strands are well protected from mechanical damage. This protection creates a fatty film that completely envelops the hair shaft. But many aggressive factors (chlorine, hot sun, chemicals in the composition of paints and cosmetic care products, temperature changes, the impact of electrical appliances, improper combing) damage this natural shell. Hair is damaged, thin, become weak, dull, brittle. In addition, all these harmful factors affect the condition of the scalp. Dandruff (oily or dry seborrhea), irritation, allergies. Hair follicles cease to receive the necessary nutrition and begin to freeze and fall out.

What do we have to do

Baldness is an extremely unpleasant process. We have to throw all the forces to fight him. You can restore the curls with the help of proper care, the essence of which is to fulfill all hygienic requirements, follow the rules of combing, and abolish the use of all thermal styling products (hair dryer, tongs, hair curlers). During this period, cancel any staining, highlighting, chemical perm. Take all the time and attention to restoring hair growth.

So, before starting treatment, it is necessary to determine the real cause of the loss and the further method of treatment. Consider a few herbs from hair loss that can have an effective effect and return the lost strength and beauty to the curls.

This little white flower is one of the most unpretentious plants. Chamomile is a powerful natural antiseptic. With its help, various inflammatory processes in the body are treated, they eliminate the infection, relieve pain, make hair soft and manageable. The composition of chamomile includes such substances:

  • Chamazulene (restores the tissues of the scalp, relieves pain and inflammation, eliminates dryness and dandruff);
  • choline (helps accelerate hair growth);
  • nicotinic and salicylic fatty acids (nourish the roots and eliminate dandruff);
  • polysaccharides (moistened strands);
  • carotene (thanks to him strands acquire a golden hue, become silky and shiny).

Chamomile is used in the treatment of hair in the form of decoctions and infusions for ingestion, and for rinsing.

The fact that nettles can work wonders with their hair, even our great-grandmothers knew. This simple plant helps to get rid of the problem of hair loss very quickly. All this is achieved due to the presence of such substances:

  • pantothenic acid;
  • vitamins B, C and K;
  • carotene.

Nettle well restores hair after chemical dyeing. This plant can be used both in fresh and in dried form. Fresh juice is also very useful. It is rubbed into the scalp, which helps stop the process of hair loss after the first procedure. Hair follicles become stronger under the influence of minerals and vitamins, the growth of new hairs begins. Tincture and decoction of nettle are suitable as a rinse after washing. Strands after that begin to shine beautifully, to the touch they become smooth and silky.

Silicon in the composition of the horsetail makes this weed an indispensable aid in the treatment of damaged hair. It is silicon that is involved in the synthesis of collagen protein, which triggers all the restorative processes in the damaged hair structure. All the nutrients in horsetail are an excellent nutrient for skin and strands.

Vitamins and fatty acids stimulate accelerated growth. It also contains potassium, manganese, silicic acid, flavonoids and alkaloids. All these substances improve blood circulation in the dermis. Horsetail is used in fresh and dried form. For the preparation of a therapeutic agent, it suffices to grind the plant and make a decoction or infusion.


This unpretentious plant can be found literally everywhere. Its composition is striking in wealth:

  • tannins (hair follicles become so strong that the hair stops falling out);
  • carotene (moisturizes and gives elasticity);
  • alkaloids and flavonoids (eliminate dandruff, restore the damaged structure of each hair);
  • inulin (a tool that is aimed specifically at hydration).

All these nutrients nourish the scalp and hair follicles, stimulate metabolic processes in the dermis.

Calamus root

This plant has long been used as an effective treatment for baldness. Why? And you just look at the composition of the plant:

  • phytoncides (stimulate hair roots, which help to accelerate growth);
  • fatty acids (thanks to them, hair cells are able to recover, their elasticity improves);
  • glycosides (help to eliminate toxins from the body);
  • Vitamin C (the strongest antioxidant, helps accelerate growth);
  • starch (keeps control of the sebaceous glands);
  • iodine (eliminates dandruff);
  • Resins (thanks to them, the thinnest film forms around each hair, which protects it from the negative environmental effects).

Herbs against hair loss can be used both individually and mixed with each other. Rinse hair is necessary after each wash. The most important thing in the process of hair restoration is regularity and patience. After some time, the curls will certainly thank for their pomp, beauty and brilliance.

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