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Heparin ointment — a method of application at home and reviews of cosmetologists

Heparin ointment for wrinkles — reviews of cosmetologists, side effects, as well as instructions for use at home

Heparin anti-wrinkle ointment — A great substitute for surgeries for tightening the skin of the face. You can easily buy it at any pharmacy for a small price.

Apply heparin ointment for wrinkles was not so long ago, because initially it was used as a remedy for bruises and abrasions. Its miraculous effect was noticed quite by accident. Due to its special properties, heparin ointment can smooth the skin and relieve swelling and redness.

Heparin ointment is very often used to get rid of not only wrinkles, but also bags under the eyes, acne and bruises on the face. The composition of this tool is a huge amount of useful elements., such as:

  • a nicotinic acid;
  • Peach oil;
  • glycerol;
  • petrolatum;
  • A large number of natural compounds.

The meaning of the action of heparin ointment is that it allows you to accelerate the rate of regeneration of skin cells, as well as make it more elastic. An interesting fact is that even the reviews of cosmetologists about this tool are only the most positive.

The undeniable advantage of heparin ointment is that it acts very effectively, smoothing wrinkles under the eyes, on the forehead, near the lips and even on the neck. In addition, the price for it does not exceed two hundred rubles. It is very beneficial if you compare heparin ointment with popular anti-wrinkle creams.

Many who do not know how to properly use wrinkle heparin ointment at home, constantly sit on the forums to read the instructions for use of the tool. In fact, there is nothing complicated. It is necessary to use ointment no more than two times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. The course of use is not less than a week and not more than two weeks.

Apply a thin layer of heparin ointment to your face, carefully rubbing it into the problem areas around the eyes, on the forehead, and on the rest of the face. Pay attention that it is impossible to impose too thick layer of ointment. This will prevent the air from penetrating the skin, which will have a negative effect and cause acne.

One of the negative qualities of using heparin anti-wrinkle ointment is a not very pleasant smell. However, since the remedy really helps to get rid of wrinkles, you can suffer a little. Heparin ointment has no contraindications.

In general, if you believe the positive reviews on the forums, heparin ointment can help get rid of wrinkles, if properly applied at home and not ignore the general recommendations.

Each agent has side effects, however sad it may sound. Heparin ointment is no exception. Although there are enough positive reviews about the use of products, there are also negative reviews. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of negative qualities of heparin ointment, which is used to combat wrinkles.

  • When using the ointment on delicate and sensitive skin, there is the possibility of acne. Heparin ointment clogs the pores and prevents the subcutaneous fat to go out, resulting in acne.
  • Using heparin ointment too often, you weaken the walls of blood vessels, because of what they become fragile and brittle. Due to this, in very cold or hot weather, small subcutaneous hemorrhages can occur on the face.
  • The skin under the eyes will surely become dry and begin to peel off if you use heparin ointment regularly.
  • Possible occurrence allergies on the means.

Opinions of cosmetologists vary greatly: someone considers the use of heparin ointment to combat wrinkles as the norm, even uses it independently, and someone says that it is impossible to use products not intended for fighting wrinkles for this purpose. People are captivated by the low cost of money, but health is much more important than money. In any case, whether to use heparin ointment for wrinkles or not is up to you.

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