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Hair oils from split ends — what to choose?

Effective hair oils from constantly split ends

The tips of the hair, which split, not only spoil the appearance of hair, but also prevent the growth of long and thick curls: girls suffering from this problem, you have to constantly trim them. The problem is that natural-type skin lubricant cannot reach the tips, resulting in their drying.

As a solution, oil is widely used for split ends of plant-based hair, since each of these products has a whole complex of saturated and unsaturated acids and amino acids. Nutrients help nourish and moisturize hair.

Why are hair split

Before you choose the most appropriate means for the ends of the hair, it is necessary to determine the causal factor of this phenomenon. In fact, the problem is very common, and causal factors are in many ways similar.

  1. Hereditary predisposition;
  2. Environmental factors of external action;
  3. Lack of care for the tips of the hair;
  4. Wrong and unbalanced nutrition;
  5. Lack of liquid and vitamin substances;
  6. The abundance of applied styling;
  7. Frequent stay outdoors.

If you want to improve the situation, to help you base and essential oils that are perfect for the ends of hair of any type and length.

How to choose a base oil composition

The base oil is a qualitative composition for the tips of the hair, which split and are damaged, and this fact can be explained by its beneficial effect on the hairline as a whole.

  • Light texture means it perfectly distributes through the hair;
  • Safe composition does not pose a threat to the health of curls and strands of any length and type;
  • Useful properties of the oil for the ends of the hair provide hydration, shine.

Most Popular Bases

In the people, several base oils are traditionally used to improve the quality of hair.

  • Peach oil for hair is recommended for winter hair care, in the course of its regular use hair locks become more attractive and healthy.
  • Olive oil is the top 1 in the entire cosmetology field. It is perfect for hair ends that have lost their vitality and moisture, because it easily nourishes, moisturizes them and gives an attractive look.
  • Burdock oil is also widely used against split ends and contributes to improving the appearance and health of curls. Availability, rich vitamin composition make it popular.
  • Castor oil is used by many representatives of the fair sex to eliminate split ends. The tool literally returns damaged strands to life, creating volume.
  • Almond oil is a panacea for split ends of hair. It has many healing qualities that allow you to give nutrition, hydration, create a protective barrier between them, the environment.
  • Coconut oil is able to save hair in any weather, it is used as a standalone product or as a component in numerous masks. Gives instant effect, makes the strands soft and obedient.
  • Flaxseed oil is another effective remedy that promotes their strengthening, increase of elasticity, elasticity, giving strength and vitality.

In addition to base oils, ethereal compounds are often used, which not only have a healing effect, but also give a magical fragrance to the curls.

Essential oils

Essential oil on the ends of the strands implies an increased concentration, so that their «pure» use without the addition of other ingredients is not relevant. But such compositions are an excellent addition to the bases. Having given a lot of time and special attention to the preparation of compositions, it is possible to achieve a positive result. For the hair with their own hands there is the possibility of making an indelible composition. For example, it is mandarin, sandalwood, chamomile.

An important role in such oils goes to their composition, which should be 100% natural. After all, many oils can cause allergies, and the use of not the highest quality product will contribute to the aggravation of the overall situation. Even innocuous compounds should be tested for their ability to show allergies by conducting a test immediately before the procedure for the ends of the hair.

The most famous oils suitable for split ends are the following:

With their help, hair masks are made for the night, they are added to shampoos and ordinary balms. You must choose your most effective method by which hair oils from permanently split ends will be used.

Rules for the use of oils for curls

The result of the procedure as a whole depends on the correct application of the oil composition to the strands. With the illiterate use of funds over time, the desire to treat hair may evaporate. Therefore, before trying out the oil for the split ends of the hair on yourself, you need to learn a few basic rules that will help you enjoy the process and the result.

  • You can make mixtures and use them regularly for curl tips;
  • Effective is the use of special masks for dry strands;
  • You can make indelible formulations of lightweight raw materials.

If the hair began to split, then the most common use of the composition is to apply the ends. According to reviews of many representatives of the fair sex, a positive result can be expected within a few weeks after using the composition. But even this method involves the observance of the simplest rules that will allow to obtain the expected effect in a short time period.

  1. Thus, it is possible to apply only bases — it can be peach, castor, burdock oil — which one will like.
  2. Drawing is carried out directly on previously moistened strands of hair.
  3. The use of an oil composition is relevant for the hour before washing the hair.
  4. Mixtures can be used in the same way, but additional time is required for their preparation.

Popular recipes oil mixtures for curls

As already noted, the essential oil for constantly split ends of hair can be used in its pure form as a separate product, and can be combined with other elements. Below are the most popular formulations used formulations.

  • Olive base in the amount of 2 tbsp. l + lavender ether (10 drops);
  • Base of olive (2 tablespoons) + 2 drops of geranium;
  • Olive product 1 spoon or peach + rosemary to 10 drops;
  • Shi oil 1 tsp. + jasmine wax, 1 tsp. coconut oil and patchouli.

The order of preparation is also important to comply: the essential oil is always added to the base oil, you cannot do the opposite. On 3 drops of ether accounts for about 1 tablespoon of the base is minimal. It is best to use as a base peach oil, which stands out against the rest of the products due to its attractive structure, suitable for use in cold and warm seasons.

It is possible to use such tools even year round, since there is no loss of efficiency on their part even during long-term use. After 3-4 procedures you can find a positive effect. The application of basic elements to the hair is possible at least daily, but if mixtures are used for therapeutic purposes, they can be taken 2-3 times a week, no more. If you need only prevention, such homemade masks should be done no more than once a week.

By the method of experiments, you will select your perfect recipe that will cure your hair once and for all. Treat yourself and your curls with good care and nutrition, and they will answer you with unimaginable beauty.

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