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Hair keratinization — photo instructions, how to do the procedure at home

Hair keratinization — photo instructions, how to do the procedure at home

Hair keratinization — The procedure is extremely useful for the health of your hair and a significant improvement in its appearance. The restoration takes place in the structure itself, where the deep layers of the hair are affected, due to which it straightens. This is the main difference from lamination, which is often confused with the procedure. In fact, recovery occurs at the molecular capillary level.

The effect on the hair after keratinization is noticeable from the first time, but it tends to accumulate, so it is recommended to carry out a comprehensive treatment for up to 6 sessions, depending on the initial state of the hair.

The procedure will be useful not only for those who want to straighten their curls, but also for everyone who is not satisfied with the state of their hair, damaged by constant straightening, coloring and drying with hot air. Thermal effect has a strong effect on keratin, destroying it.

Such sacrifices will not be necessary for you anymore, even for the sake of a beautiful look — the means for keratising are able to pacify even the most disobedient strands, making them smooth and obedient.

The essence of the keratinization procedure is to replenish the natural protein in the hair structure to restore the damaged areas. In addition, the preparations contain additional oils and substances that will provide the necessary care, moisturize and give health to the curls.

More recently, the owners of curly hair had to visit beauty salons, spending a lot of time and money to implement long-term straightening. However, today you can handle the process yourself at home. To do this, you need to buy special sets for keratinizing in beauty shops and follow the standard procedure. We suggest using a detailed photo instruction for a beauty session at home.

In order to conduct keratinization at home you will need the following ingredients:

  • shampoo for special deep cleaning hair;
  • composition, with rectifying components;
  • shampoo for the required care after the procedure.

You will also need a powerful hair straightener with ceramic or tourmaline plates that have a minimal negative impact on the hair.

Various manufacturers offer products with the obligatory presence of instructions, since funds may have some distinctive substances, which causes small nuances in the process. But these details are rather insignificant, basically the procedure is standard. The most commonly used Brazilian keratinization, which is considered the most effective for straightening hair.

Try a new procedure for yourself by applying our step-by-step recommendations with photos to arrange a beauty salon in your own home, but get ready for the fact that it will take you quite a lot of time. In addition, for the first time you may need outside help, which your friend can easily handle.

  1. Use the cleansing shampoo from the set — wash off any impurities of any nature, body fat, and styling products from the hair.
  2. Dry your hair with a towel, comb them and apply a spray of keratinous substance and soak it, as indicated in the instructions.
  3. Dry the strands with a hairdryer, and then go over each strand with a hot straightener, which through heat treatment will contribute to the deep penetration of useful substances and seal them in the hair structure. For the quality effect will have to handle strands up to 5 times.
  4. After 3 days, wash your hair with a caring shampoo and enjoy the beauty of your hair.

The composition does not include aggressive chemical elements, therefore, contraindications are not even pregnancy and lactation period. We will be very happy that with our help you will get the desired result.

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