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Hair is electrified — what to do at home

Hair is very electrified and faded — why and what can be done about it at home?

«What if hair is electrified?“- this question very often sounds in the winter-autumn period of the year, but often this phenomenon can be noticed in spring or summer. Harm to the health of the electrification of the hair does not carry, however, can bring a little discomfort. Many people prefer not to do anything, however, it will be interesting for everyone to learn about the causes of hair electrification. Let’s delve into this question.

Many of you noticed that most often the hair is electrified and poured in the winter, but did not understand the reasons why this happens. This often happens at other times of the year, but in winter the air in the room becomes dry due to heating devices, which negatively affects the condition of the hair. TOIn addition, they constantly endure temperature drops, being in the freezing cold, sometimes warm, and also interact with the synthetic materials that make up hats and most of the clothes. Because of these factors, in winter the hair is very electrified.

Among other things, the reasons for the electrification of hair can be attributed to poor care. If your hair is weakened by frequent dyeing, perm and heating appliances, they will conduct electricity much more strongly.

If you, after reading the reasons for which your hair is electrified, wondered: “What to do?”, We have the answer. We offer you to get acquainted with the means by which you can prevent the electrification of hair at home.

Despite the fact that electrified hair is not harmful to health, this minor problem can spoil the hairstyle and cause aesthetic discomfort. It is logical that many girls are wondering: «What to do?». We have a few simple recommendations, following which you can get rid of this problem at home.

  • The easiest and most common way out — buying antistatic. You can purchase such a tool in any store with hair products. Antistatic helps relieve tension from hair and make it more docile and soft.
  • If you did not find the antistatic or it did not help you, which is unlikely, then against the electrification of the hair, it will help you just hair spray. Just apply it on your hairbrush, having cleaned it from hair beforehand, and comb it in the usual way. A similar effect has a beer or soda.
  • When electrifying hair, you can use the usual hand cream or face cream. You just need to rub a little cream in your palms, and then rub your hands through your hair. It is necessary to clarify that it is better to take quite a bit of cream, even if the hair is electrified and is very thick, otherwise your hair may become oily after your manipulations.
  • Try using the help lavender essential oil. You can purchase it at a pharmacy, and use it as follows: Pipette a few drops of oil into the pipette and dissolve them in a mug of water. Pour water into a spray bottle and treat your hair, letting it dry without the help of a hair dryer.
  • Always use balms and masks for hair that promote their hydration. This will help get rid of electrifying hair in the winter season.
  • If your favorite hairbrush is made of plastic, then it must be abandoned, making a choice in favor of scallops, consisting of natural materials.
  • Choose a shampoo that includes silicone or keratin. These substances will help create an invisible shell that protects against electrification.

As you can see, the recommendations are not complicated at all. If you follow these tips, the problem of electrification and hair pulling will stop bothering you.

If your hair is electrified very much, and our recommendations did not help you, then you should go to radical methods and use folk remedies., which have been tested over the years. To folk remedies include balms and hair masks based on natural products that are made with your own hands at home. Here are some recipes for effective hair masks that will save them from electrification.

  1. Mix fat kefiP in the amount of a large spoon with egg yolk, then remove the mango and chop half of the fruit as small as possible. The resulting mask should be applied to the hair already washed with shampoo, and it should be washed off only half an hour after application. Naturally, if you do not want your hair to become electrified, you cannot blow them off after use.
  2. In one bowl, mix egg yolk with a small spoon of olive or any essential oil, add a large spoon of honey melted in a water bath, then apply this simple mask to your hair for forty minutes. Rinse with cool clean water. Since the mask contains oil, it is better to use a little shampoo, as the hair can become oily.
  3. To prevent electrification of the hair or get rid of it for good, try adding egg yolk to your shampoo. Gelatin has a similar effect. Their use will help create a weighting shell on the hair and eliminate electrification.

Hair masks based on natural products are especially useful for those whose hair is not only electrified, but also falls out. Natural ingredients will help nourish the hair roots with vitamins and microelements, which at first will slow down and then stop the loss altogether.

Apply a mask against the electrification of hair can be no more than two times a week for a month. Already after a week you will notice that your hair has become less electrified, and besides, it has become soft and docile.

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