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Hair glazing — description of the procedure, how to do it at home

Pros and cons of glazing hair; the composition of the funds and how to do at home? — text and video instruction

Hair glazing — a procedure that almost any modern salon can offer. You can do it at home, but for the first time it’s better to trust a professional.

In the process of salon glazing master puts on the hair a special composition, which is called the glaze. It helps to restore hair after frequent stains, glue the split ends and make hair less brittle. Glazing is colored and colorless, we will tell you more later.

Many people often confuse glazing with lamination. Although these procedures are similar to each other, however, they have significant differences.

  • First, for both procedures are used different means.
  • Secondly, the effect of glazing hair is too short-lived and can last up to two weeks. As for lamination, the effect is washed off only after three or four weeks. Therefore lamination of hair at the price is more expensive procedure, than glazing.
  • In addition, in the process of glazing, the hair is not enveloped with a film, but from the inside it is filled with bonding agents that are called ceramides. They contribute to the renewal of the hair structure from the inside and the alignment of roughness.

Glazing of hair is recommended to be done in case of extreme brittleness of hair, and also in the event that you are the owner of the split ends. Also glazing allows you to make a little richer hair color or slightly adjust its range.

Reviews of salon or home glazing hair is often positive, however, it is impossible to carry out such a procedure on those who suffer from baldness, have any skin diseases or fresh wounds on the scalp. Pregnant and lactating women do not glazing hair.

In order to decide whether you really need a hair glazing, we suggest reading positive and negative properties of this procedure.

Among the positive qualities of home or salon glazing are the following factors.:

  • Preparations for glazing are absolutely safe for health and do not cause an allergic reaction.
  • Allowed to use the procedure on any hair (thin, brittle, thick, short, dyed, etc.).
  • Since a slight toning occurs during the glazing of the hair, this procedure can even be used as a coloring or color renewal.
  • After this procedure, the appearance of the hair changes dramatically for the better. They become obedient, soft and shiny.
  • Even more naughty curly hair will become much easier and more pleasant after the glazing procedure.
  • After glazing, a protective layer appears on the hair, which prevents a negative impact on their structure for some time. Thanks to this, smoothing hair with a hair dryer or drying it with a hairdryer will not adversely affect your hair.
  • The cost of the glazing procedure is quite small in relation to lamination or biolamination of hair.

In addition to the positive qualities of glazing there are dark sides. For example, it is forbidden to dye hair after you have done the glazing, as this will negate all the efforts of the master. Also, the shortcomings of the result can be attributed to the shortcomings, because already after a couple of weeks your hair will take on its usual appearance.

If you want to save money and make glazing hair at home, then you will need to purchase special kits for this procedure. First of all, take care to search for the glaze. It can be purchased directly in the salon or in a specialty store.

If you are not a fan of store products, then make a mixture for glazing hair at home you can do it yourself. You will need to do this. regular food gelatin. We suggest that you consider two options for home glazing: homemade and store glaze. From them you can choose the most suitable.

Choosing shop glaze, it is best to give preference to such firms as «Matrix», «Estel», «Salerm» and «Caral».

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