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Hair falls out — what to do at home?

Hair falls out: what to do at home

Hair loss is one of the undesirable problems among men and women. On average, for a daily period, an average person has 50-100 dead hairs. And this is the norm, however, if a much larger number climbs, it is a serious reason to reconsider your whole lifestyle in order to prevent the problem and give the hair a beautiful appearance. So, what methods should be applied if hair falls out, and whether it is possible to get rid of this phenomenon forever — we will consider in the article.

Causes of hair loss

The causative factors of why hair falls out of the head can be abundant, but the main factor lies in general health. Insufficient levels of hormones secreted by the thyroid and adrenal cortex, gynecological pathologies — and these are only the most obvious signs. Sometimes even a trivial runny nose or cough can lead to serious violations. Of course, it is problematic to protect oneself from these processes, but you can easily reduce their negative impact. The first step to take, since the hair on the head falls out — contact a specialist.

When detecting loss of curls above the norm, it is necessary to remember the time when this loss began. It is also important to reconsider your usual diet, hair care products, medications taken and other factors. You should not be seduced by promises of advertising and fame of the company

What measures to take independently

According to reviews of practitioners, if hair falls out, it is necessary to use a combined approach to get rid of a strong loss. It includes the selection of good cosmetics, the performance of massage, the saturation of the diet with vitamins and minerals. The variations of the methods are numerous, and it is worth considering each of them in order to understand the big picture.

Massage against loss

AYURVEDA is an ancient direction of teaching that has been used in India for a long time. According to many teachings, curls — a side residue from the formation of bones. The practical part of therapy in this case includes the performance of the mandatory massage, which must be done on a regular basis. The combination of practice with competent and complete care as an auxiliary combination will allow you to solve the problem and create the beauty and health of your hair in a short period of time.

The use of folk techniques

Another answer to the question of what to do if hair falls out is in the use of medicinal herbs — tinctures and decoctions of them. Also, popular therapy includes the use of oils. The most commonly used sea buckthorn, olive, castorca. Enhance the effect can be achieved through minerals and vitamin formulations. Hair on women’s and men’s heads will grow much better if a combination of these techniques is used.

Burdock oil: subtleties of use

This product can be used as an independent composition or as an element in other recipes. Components that contribute to enhancing its action — vitamins and minerals from vegetables and other folk remedies. It is important to take into account the type of hair. So, for dry strands, you can add egg whites, dairy products, which help fight split ends and strengthen weakened curls.

For oily hair, mustard and various herbal decoctions are good for restoring structure. With hair loss, these funds should be used several times a week. This option helps not only to stop the process with hair loss in women and men, but also will be of great help in the fight against split ends, will eliminate dermatitis, dandruff, brittleness.

Folk recipes against loss

Our grandmothers believed that if your hair falls out very strongly, you need to use folk remedies that are designed to maintain natural, natural beauty. The composition of natural masks and rinsing products usually include plant substances containing a large amount of vitamins in the composition.

Recipe №1 Wheat mask for curls

If hair falls in women and men, you must apply the following composition: mix wheat germ in the amount of 2 tbsp. l., vegetable oil, which can be sea buckthorn, burdock, and red pepper. This tool helps to enhance the function of the hair follicles and the overall strengthening of the hair. If you produce and apply the tool correctly, you can achieve an effective result in just a few applications.

Recipe number 2 oil mask for strands

The first thing to do with strong hair loss is to turn to oils. Even our grandmothers believed in their inexhaustible natural power. When hair falls out, it is necessary to make a mask as follows: take any base oil in the amount of 2 tbsp. l., cook the mustard in the amount of half a teaspoon, the yolk of one egg. You need to make a mask 1-2 times a week depending on the purpose and the desired result. Oil will not only stop the process of loss, but also nourish, moisturize the hair and saturate them with enough vitamins.

Recipe № 3 Onion remedy

In order for the hair to become stronger, beautiful and well-groomed, it is necessary to use an infusion or juice from the bulb. The amount of raw materials — 1 tbsp. spoon. To the obtained product be sure to add the yolk, any basic vegetable oil. The composition will prevent baldness and will promote the beauty and health of your hair. You will get a thick and luxurious head of hair that everyone will envy!

Recipe number 4 Pepper or mustard

If hair falls out, the first thing you can do at home is to turn to time-tested growth stimulants. To do this, mustard or pepper masks are used to improve the blood supply to the scalp and attract the growth of the strands. Good recommendations received tincture of chilli peppers, as well as various masks with the addition of mustard. They prevent fragility and improve the overall condition of the hair.

Recipe number 5 Rinsing with herbs

Hair remedy — which is better? In fact, there is no unequivocal answer to this question, because every girl should choose her own ideal method. But it is indisputable that with each rinsing after washing it is recommended to use not simple running water, but an infusion made on the basis of medicinal herbs. It may include St. John’s wort, burdock (burdock), nettle, immortelle. All these plants help strengthen the roots and tips and make the condition of the mane much better.

Recipe № 6 Mumiye for hair

This natural elixir is the No. 1 medicine in the fight against fallout and fragility. Through this composition, the hair begins to grow better, acquire an attractive shine and density. It is important to correctly prepare the composition, so strictly following the recipe and moderate use on a regular basis will help to ensure that your hair will become inimitable and especially beautiful.

If the hair falls out, the above recipes will help men and women to get them back in good shape, to ensure the awakening of the “sleeping” bulbs. All formulations are notable for availability and absence of long time expenses for their preparation. It is worth putting on each hair, carefully distributing on all length. Do not deprive the attention of the roots, in which the skin should be massaged. Each tool is aged on the head for about 20 minutes, after which the curls are thoroughly washed with water or decoction of herbs.

Subtleties and features of care

So that the lost hair does not bother you, you need to provide a competent hair and a full care. To do this, you should follow a few recommendations from real professionals.

  1. Regular, gentle brushing increases blood circulation. It is recommended to use a soft brush for this.
  2. It is important to abandon the tight gum and complex styling, breaking strands and contributing to the violation of their overall structure.
  3. You should not increase the curls, because instead of a luxurious head of hair, you would rather achieve the opposite effect: strands will be damaged and begin to fall out.
  4. You can not comb the female or male hair wet, you need a little dry it.
  5. In order not to suffer from baldness, refrain from washing with hot water, the maximum allowable temperature should be 40 degrees.
  6. If you often have to use tongs, irons and hair dryers, it is worthwhile to postpone them.

Thus, all that is required of you — ensuring minimal stress on the hair. Then they will be able to recover, and you will be able to provide them with significant assistance and give an attractive appearance.

Now you know what to do to keep your hair from falling out, to be strong and to delight you with its attractive and special appearance. Remember that in the modern world our skin is influenced by a large number of negative factors, and only by minimizing them, you can achieve incredible beauty and health for your hair.

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