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Hair extensions — how to do it yourself at home?

Self hair extensions — options and care after

What is an independent hair extension?

Hair extensions on their own at home — This is a great opportunity in a very short time and at no extra cost to find chic long curls. You do not need to wait a few years, deny yourself the use of a hair dryer and other styling products that usually affect the hair only from the negative side, although they help to quickly establish a visible order on the head.

In order to grow healthy long hair yourself, you will need to tirelessly take care of them, put a lot of effort, trim the tips, buy expensive cosmetic tools.

Modern cosmetology products are not always a great option to put your curls in order, because of the aggressive components of the chemical composition, you will only harm yourself. But as for natural homemade cosmetological tools — the result, of course, will be, but this option requires a lot of time and patience from the skilled worker.

The opinion that hair extensions only require the intervention of a specialist’s hands is quite stereotypical. Of course, he will be able to guarantee, invisible to the outside view, the harmony between artificial and real hair. But the introduction to the market of the beauty of the new technology of acquiring an irresistible head of hair provoked the possibility to carry out his plans not only in expensive salons, but also in the walls of his home, and independently. Thick, volumetric curls with a desired length in a few hours are the secret dream of many women, and the numerous successful results of the procedure, before and after, push even more girls to turn their cherished dream into reality.

There is a wide variety of ways to increase curls, but which one is better and safer ?! Each option is distinguished by its distinctive features, quality and different effects on its own hair. Your attention is invited to several varieties that today are very popular:

  • Stitching tress — elementary and accessible method. Tress — a wide ribbon with stitched hair, a certain length. It is cut into pieces and wrapped with the help of threads in its own hair. This method allows you to easily and quickly acquire the desired length, but, unfortunately, the term of the socks is very disappointing, only one month.
  • Tape — the most harmless build-up, no injury to your own curls. Additional strands attached with thin adhesive tape. The adhesive is completely safe for the structure of the hair, the strands can be removed at any time, when it pleases. Depending on hair growth, you will need to make a correction, at least every two months. No special skills or additional specialized equipment are required, ideal for weak, thin and sparse hair;
  • Capsular — hot building technology. A strand of extra curls is attached to its own with the help of fused keratin, thus small capsules are formed, during the correction they move closer to the roots. Depending on hair growth, it is necessary to make a correction, approximately every three months;
  • Ring star — Japanese extension method, not popular enough, curls are attached with a silicone ring, which is clamped with forceps. When the rings are removed, the hair is very injured;
  • Hair extensions special resin or glue — very cheap and not practical, for those who love the sauna, sauna.

So, answering the question posed earlier about which method of building is better and safer, we can say with confidence that the first two (stitching tress and tape building). It is these types of procedures that are the least traumatic for your own curls, which makes them the leaders, despite all the other disadvantages.

Whatever method of hair extensions at home you choose, remember that in no case you can save on the procedure, it is recommended to purchase European quality curls for use, they have a natural shine and sufficient versatility, fit almost everything, fit perfectly, with the right tone guaranteed a result of a harmonious combination between the hair, the curls can not be distinguished from their own.

Independent hair extensions at home — quite troublesome, the preparation process requires a lot of time, depending on the chosen method and professional skills, equipment. It is necessary to acquire at least a standard set suitable for a particular variant of the procedure: strands for extension, dividers, tongs and others.

Before the procedure, you need to get rid of damaged split ends, and thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo, then carefully wash off all the remnants of foam. The length of the hair is not shorter than 10 cm, it depends on the length, on how much, self-accrued curls will be firmly fixed.

Each hair extension technique has its own characteristics. For example, with the hot method, it is necessary to separate the hair, guided by the fact that the main part of the additional curls is attached to the back of the head. Attached strands are recommended to be placed at a short distance from the roots. The final stage is the alignment of the tips.

Cold buildup, meaning tape feed is a more gentle and safe option. First, due to the lack of applicability of high temperature. Before starting the procedure, you only need to divide the hair in a circle and distribute the strands at a distance of one centimeter.

Hair care after the procedure, carried out both in the salon and at home, will determine the appearance of curls and the frequency of correction. In cosmetology shops you can get a special comb (you can also use a regular comb with sparse teeth) and hair extensions. In principle, it is not necessary to buy specialized cosmetics for the care of curls, the main thing is that the shampoo used should have a light texture, there is no need to rub it strongly into the roots. It is very important to purchase an air conditioner, with which the combing is greatly facilitated.

After self-hair extensions, it is recommended to avoid contact with hot water, it is better to wash your hair under the shower. Irons, hair dryers, styling products, especially those containing alcohol, are the main carriers of negative effects on hair extensions. Remember this! And most importantly, in no case, do not lie down with even barely wet curls, wait until they are completely dry, braid them in a light braid, so as not to burden yourself during sleep.

Exquisite thick hair of luxurious length is, above all, the right and regular care. To maintain an amazing effect over time, perseverance, desire and patience are very important — and you will be rewarded.

Contraindications for the procedure and the harm from it

Contraindication and harm, effect and positive qualities almost always accompany each other. For example, a short list of contraindications, for home as well as professional building, however, there is:

  1. up to 18 years — due to too weak hair follicles, not fully ripe;
  2. hair length — not less than 10 cm;
  3. when taking antibiotics, chemotherapy for colds, it is better to wait for the recovery of the body;
  4. with fungal and similar skin diseases (seborrhea);
  5. allergic reactions.

And forget about the possible danger is also not worth it. A small, albeit independent, course of familiarization with this «weapon» and expert advice are extremely necessary. If you decide to build luxurious curls at home, but have never encountered this procedure, it is better to entrust its implementation to a professional. Lack of necessary skills can result from rather unpleasant consequences and inconveniences.

In any case, hair extensions will surely please you and those around you with beautiful long curls, perhaps in this way you can fulfill your dream, in spite of natural data.

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