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Hair care in winter: features of the use of tools, useful masks

Features of hair care in winter

With the arrival of winter, the hairstyle is experiencing the greatest stress, since the negative impact comes both from the inside (lack of nutrients and vitamins) and from the outside (sharp temperature changes). To preserve the health and beauty of the curls, you can use our tips on how to care for your hair in winter.

Vitamin Cocktail

It’s no secret that the appearance is directly dependent on what we eat. With the end of summer and autumn, the fertile period of fresh fruits and vegetables is completed, thanks to which the daily diet was filled with healthy ingredients. Their shortage is immediately reflected in the appearance of the hair. Curls lose their lively luster, becoming more dull, weak, their seasonal loss begins.

A balanced healthy diet is a mandatory component of hair care in the cold season. During this period, you should pay close attention to foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are so necessary for strong and healthy curls. The lack of these substances leads to dry scalp and a noticeable weakening of the hair. It is necessary to include in your daily diet flaxseed oil — the only one in which there are natural polysaturated fatty acids.

Habitual sweets are best replaced with nuts, dried fruit and natural honey. In addition to the obvious benefits to the figure, this solution will be very «beneficial» for the hair, because these products contain zinc, selenium, sulfur, iron and other important trace elements.

Be sure to include in your diet legumes (protein, biotin, zinc and iron), green vegetables (calcium, iron, vitamins C and A), whole grains (iron, zinc, vitamins of group B).

The key to success is a good blood supply.

When the air temperature is low, vasoconstriction occurs, which is why the hair bulbs do not fully receive all the necessary nutrients that come from the lymph and blood.

As a result, the curls weaken, become more fragile and thin, their development and growth slows down, loss begins.

In your daily hair care in winter, it is very important to include a self-massage of the scalp. Apart from the fact that manipulation gives relaxation and pleasant emotions (which is also important for an attractive appearance), it increases skin tone, activates the blood supply of onions, thereby nourishing them and enhancing the effect of any cosmetic procedures.

Proper hair care in winter should include a head massage, which can be performed in several ways.

  • With a hair brush. It is better if the tool is made of natural materials (wood or boar bristle). You must ensure that the movements were soft, smooth, in the direction from the temporal part to the crown, and then to the back of the head. Repeat the wave-like movements several times over the entire head in different directions.
  • Aroma massage. It is carried out with the help of a comb made of natural wood. Suitable essential oils for this type of massage is oil beat, rosemary, Atlas cedar. 1-2 drops of natural remedies are applied to the comb and combed hair in different directions.
  • Hand massage. Performed with fingertips. Initially, make circular motions in the temples and forehead, neck, then proceed directly to massage the scalp. There are no restrictions or specific rules for how to massage the head. You can make any unsharp movements in different directions, ironing, rubbing, tapping or tingling lightly.

No matter what type of massage was chosen, it will perfectly complement hair care in winter.

General hair care tips in winter

Hair care in winter should be different from the usual, because it changes, albeit temporarily, the type of curls and scalp. If you continue to use the usual care products, you can further aggravate the state of hair.

As a rule, in the autumn-winter period, the hair changes its type to dry or combined, becoming greasy at the base and with strongly weakened tips.

To help your hair worthily survive the winter and meet the spring in all its glory, you should adopt how to properly care for your hair in the winter.

  • It is worth refusing to wash your hair with hot water, as this activates the activity of the sebaceous glands and thereby further aggravates the problem of fatty roots.
  • Refuse or reduce to a minimum the use of a hair dryer and irons: overdried air in heated rooms and so badly affects the hair, and the additional thermal effects will make them even drier and weaker.
  • Winter hair shampoo should be very gentle, with a neutral pH and without the addition of flavors, silicones, dyes and parabens. Well, if its composition will be enriched with medicinal botanical extracts.
  • With a combined type of hair in winter, you should choose a shampoo for oily type curls, and conditioner or balm — for dry. It is only important to ensure that during use it is at the roots and does not provoke the action of sebaceous glands.
  • Regular use of nutritious hair masks in winter can save the day. In the case of a fat type of scalp, they are applied exclusively on the hair, retreating from the roots by 5-7 centimeters. If the skin is dry, the cosmetic can be safely rubbed into the roots and distributed over the entire length of the hair.
  • The constant wearing of warm caps and sudden temperature changes become the culprit in the development of various problems with the epidermis of the scalp. It is winter that most often appears dandruff, which has never bothered before. Solve the problem will help the essential oil of tea tree, a couple of drops of which should be added to cosmetic hair care products: shampoo, masks, balsams and conditioners.
  • In winter, at home, it is recommended to prepare universal moisturizing masks, which will be equally useful for hair, regardless of their type.
  • Every 1.5-2 months you should cut the dried ends — so the hair will always look well-groomed and attractive.

Features of caring procedures in winter

So that the hair does not hurt when changing temperature indicators, it is necessary to provide appropriate hair care in cold weather.

During this period, it is very important to supply the hair with the lack of moisture, and not only in the form of moisturizing care products. It is necessary to take more purified or mineral water, as well as to optimize the humidity level in the room with a special device.

If this is not possible, you can put 1-2 containers with water in the room (this can be an aquarium without a lid or just decorative vases).

Of course, you can purchase specialized hair care products in the winter or visit the salon for additional moisturizing and nourishing curls. It is quite expensive and not always effective. It is quite realistic and at home to conduct a fairly effective winter hair care.

  • Natural coconut oil is able to perform real miracles with hair, returning them a dazzling shine, softness and silkiness. To use it, you need to melt the product a little (at normal temperature, coconut oil is hard, frozen), and then just apply over the entire length of hair (no more than one tablespoon). Like all oil masks, this one is held for 1-2 hours, wrapped in polyethylene and a towel. At the end of the procedure, the hair is not recognizable — they are so attractive, and they also smell a delicious coconut scent.
  • Useful substances should not only enter the body. Hair will be grateful if you regularly make vitamin masks for hair at home. To create this cocktail, you need a tablespoon of unrefined olive oil to enrich with cedar and rosemary essential oil (1-2 drops each), as well as berries (raspberries, strawberries, currants). If you hold the mixture under cellophane and a towel for an hour, and then wash the curls and dry without a hair dryer, your hair will look very vivid, beautiful.
  • In winter hair masks it is necessary to include bee products, in particular, honey. By mixing a couple of tablespoons of melted honey with yolk and suitable essential oil, you can get an excellent cosmetic product, which in its effect on the hair is not inferior to expensive salon procedures. After applying the mask, you need to wrap your head and leave it for an hour, then wash off the nutrient mixture with shampoo, as usual.

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