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Grilled — delicious homemade recipes with photos, how to do it right

Delicious homemade frying — recipes with photos, how to make it right

Frying — This is a delicacy, named after the method of preparation and a set of ingredients. For a tasty dish made according to various recipes and technologies at home, usually use pork, beef, lamb, veal, chicken or turkey fillet or breast, offal, game, and other meats. In the context of this article, we will try to talk about what kinds of toasts exist, describe the right technological process of cooking food, and also suggest how to diversify the daily home menu.

For the original variation of the described treats it is necessary to fry thin slices of beef or pork. However, many enterprising and economical hostesses have learned how to prepare a delicacy from other ingredients.

The above dish can be prepared not only from meat, but also from such components:

  • fish (pollock, perch and other species);
  • ground beef;
  • sausages or sausages;
  • offal (beef liver, heart and other offal);
  • vegetables (cabbage, onions, zucchini, beets, beans, eggplants, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and onions, bell peppers);
  • mushrooms (mushrooms or other species).

Tasty and simple homemade delicacy can be cooked in a pan, in a slow cooker, microwave or oven.

Pork frying is a very tasty and nutritious dish that can be pampered for loved ones for lunch or dinner. The nutritional value and calorie content of pork steaks is as follows: 100 grams of the finished product contains 192.9 kilocalories.

Finished pork delicacy can be served at the table with various side dishes, such as cereals (buckwheat, rice and others), boiled (mashed potatoes) or fried potatoes, salads from fresh or boiled vegetables, as well as with other products.

A juicy and original dish made from meat according to one or another recipe can be served on the table every day, as well as for a holiday or a family celebration. The ready-made juicy, appetizing and tasty food, complemented by fragrant gravy, will certainly be pleased by the invited guests and will definitely not go home hungry.

If you follow the step-by-step technology of cooking culinary delicacies, which can be borrowed on the Internet, then the ready-made food will certainly not leave your family indifferent. Many housewives prefer to diversify the classic recipe for cooking meat roasts with their own «chips» and favorite ingredients, which are preferred by relatives. A couple of additional components — and the dish will play with new notes of unique and original taste.

Every culinary specialist tries in some way to diversify a traditional dish, consisting of a certain set of ingredients, by adding some other spices and spices, vegetables and other products. As a result, this classic treat has a huge number of varieties of cooking ideas, which we will discuss in the next section.

Types of homemade fried are different, ranging from the classic pork and ending with the most original. If you want to please your family or friends with some kind of new, tasty and very appetizing dish, then it is useful to get acquainted with how you can still cook this delicacy.

The recipe for a hot and hearty delicacy of meat provides for the presence of pork, beef, veal, lamb, poultry and other types of meat products. Basically, this delicacy is served for lunch or dinner. They complement the culinary masterpiece with a different side dish, which not only allows you to get pleasure from eating, but also brings a certain usefulness to the body.

Sometimes you can meet the cooking scheme of the above delicacies without meat. It is enough to replace it with some other components, for example, fish, vegetables or champignons — and you will already have a completely different delicacy, no worse than a meat one.

Many young hostesses, who only learn the basics of culinary art, are interested in the question of how goulash differs from frying, because young ladies believe that there is no difference between the two dishes. But it is not so. The fact is that goulash must first be fried, and only then stewed in some sauce (sour cream, tomato or soy), in which you definitely need to add a little flour. Grilling is roasted and stewed cuts of meat in its juice or in large quantities of broth, as well as with the addition of tomato sauce.

Many connoisseurs of meat products and gourmets, who have tried both variations of the delicacy mentioned above, recognized that in comparison with goulash, roasting obviously takes the leading position. Some men like the latter for the fact that there is no flour flavor in the frying, which not everyone loves. In addition, many find the Tartar delicacy more delicious — the basics of beef in their juice or with the addition of broth. In the Tatar treat, it is necessary to fry and simmer this meat, and then add pickles to it.

Today on the World Wide Web you can find a huge number of different types of frying (pork, beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, onion), which is quite capable of making their own hands at home.

Thanks to a collection of recipes and step-by-step recipes with photos, you can quite easily and quickly implement this or that dish you like (lean or more caloric). The main thing is to have on hand a set of necessary ingredients, a little patience and time. After tasting the finished culinary news, relatives will certainly be delighted and will ask for supplements.

The history of the origin of the food mentioned above, as well as its country of origin, is interesting to many Internet users who did not live in the era of the USSR, because this dish originates from that time. Especially for the younger generation of users, we will tell you in detail, thanks to whom and where this plain dish appeared.

Many elderly people who happened to live in the Soviet Union, I remember, what a huge shortage of food products existed at that time and not only. Remember? This fact may be unknown to the younger generation or is simply unusual, because now the shelves of domestic supermarkets are overwhelmed with all sorts of food products for every taste and budget. However, this was not always the case.

In connection with the fact described above, at some period in the USSR, the choice of the product range was very poor and uniform. Therefore, employees of each Soviet canteen tried to invent and somehow diversify meat pork or beef dish with new ideas. As a result, a very tasty and nourishing grilling with gravy appeared, which the visitors of the Soviet public catering accepted enthusiastically.

Technology cooking pork «Moscow Fried» was published in 1955 in the collection of recipes «Cooking». This recipe implies the obligatory roasting of meat not in oil, but in fat. You should also add a little meat broth and “Yuzhny” sauce, which was very much in demand at that time, to the retro treat. Unfortunately, this gravy was no longer produced in jars, but on the Internet you can certainly find a recipe for making this marinade with your own hands.

Much time has passed since then and a lot has changed. Including progress touched technological processes of cooking various dishes. Therefore, the quality requirements for roasted pork have also been revised. For this reason, pork can be easily replaced by beef, chicken or veal. If you don’t have the above sauce at home, then ketchup, tomato paste or any tomato marinade can easily replace it. The aspect of cooking a treat that has remained unchanged since that time is that there must be meat broth in the dish, which should be boiled on pieces of pork.

With the observance of this technology, the finished treat is very tender and juicy. If the dish is supplied with freshly chopped greens, a set of spices, bay leaves and chopped garlic, then the prepared delicacy will produce a magical and enchanting aroma.

If you wish, you can cook a traditional or original second meat dish with elements of the author’s cuisine to everyone, be it an experienced cook or a novice hostess. Photo recipes or provided video material on the pages of culinary online publications can be a good help to create an appetizing delicacy.

How to make this meat dish right? In the originally conceived version of the Soviet recipe, it is necessary to make culinary sophistication in compliance with certain requirements for the preparation of meat products, which we will discuss in this section.

First of all, it is necessary to take very seriously the choice of the meat component of the dish, as it must be fresh. Frozen products are very difficult to «bring to clean water.» For this reason, try to buy only chilled meat, the quality of which you can see for yourself.

At the freshest meat will indicate such signs:

  1. Beautiful appearance.
  2. Good smell (without the presence of odor of impurities and signs of deterioration).
  3. Light shade, and in any case not too dark.
  4. Consistency.

Armed with the necessary knowledge, you can safely go to the supermarket, to the market or to the butcher shop. If it is possible (in the last two versions), then touch the piece of meat with a finger. If in a few seconds the trail left disappears and the product takes on its original shape, then you have fresh meat that you can buy. Some prefer to marinate the fried in aromatic spices and marinade before cooking, but you can do it at your own discretion.

If you are going to cook a dish of boiled meat, before you cook it, cut the pork or beef with a very sharp knife into portioned pieces across the fiber muscles or into small pieces of the same size (if you cook for infants), which are then conveniently chopped into a puree blender. states. Older kids can be deliciously fed with boiled, chopped meat, which will perfectly complement the side dish, sprinkled with melted butter, vegetable or meat broth, as well as with a mild sauce.

Basic requirements for the preparation of a meat dish:

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