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Green tea for the face — the benefits and harm, recipes home cosmetic masks

Green tea for the face — beneficial properties and harm masks

Green tea for face is a source of vitamins and nutrients. Using this tool, you can achieve excellent results. The tool helps in the fight against many diseases of the epidermis.

In the last decade, green tea has become a very popular skin care product. And they use this product not only for preparing a decoction or infusion, but also in a dry form for preparing a large assortment of face and body skin care products.

The tradition to use green tea for skin care is relatively young. She came to post-Soviet countries much later than green tea as a tonic. Nevertheless, cosmetics, which include green tea, every day becomes more and more. Among them the most popular are:

The cost of the above drugs is the most diverse. It depends not only on the quality of the product and brand, but also on what raw materials were used as the basis for the cosmetic preparation. There are very cheap and affordable creams to restore the epidermis and heal wounds with green tea extract, but there are also expensive masks made from Japanese tea of ​​a special type called “Matcha”.

The simplest means that can be prepared at home from ordinary leafy green tea are listed below:

  1. Decoctions and infusions, which are used instead of alcohol-free tonics or face lotions. Also brewed tea is used to make ice cubes.
  2. Scrubs from powdered tea leaf. The tool helps to exfoliate dead skin layer. The procedure makes it possible not only to conduct a soft peeling, but also to nourish the skin with easily accessible beneficial substances.
  3. Masks in combination with all sorts of food: cereals, fats and dairy products.

You will find recommendations on how to prepare them properly, as well as to use with maximum benefit, in the article devoted to green tea as a panacea for problem skin.

The properties of a useful product are directly related to the rich mineral composition of tea, because the leaves of this natural source of youth contain vitamins A, C, and also group B. In addition, chemical studies confirm the content of trace elements in the product:

In addition to the listed components, green tea contains flavonoids and essential oils, as well as caffeine. All of these substances are characterized as tonic and regenerating components. Their action allows you to achieve rapid recovery of the skin, get rid of acne and age spots.

The benefits of green tea for the face are as great as for the whole body. External use of infusion and green tea products has no contraindications, since the effect of the product is exclusively local. It can be used externally for pregnant and lactating women, while taking the drink inside is not always recommended. Creams and masks are also harmless to future and new mothers, and they are perhaps one of the safest and most complex ways of facial care.

The uniqueness of products based on a useful product is that they are suitable for all types of skin. They are able to solve a huge number of skin problems, so with confidence green tea cosmetics can be called «smart.»

Using just one product, you can get rid of both dry and oily skin. The therapeutic effect is observed when used on loose skin or in a fight with youthful acne.

Many skin problems can be easily solved using green tea products in different product forms (creams, masks, lotions) throughout the day. It will not harm the skin.

Homemade Green Tea Cosmetics

The most popular homemade recipes that can solve many skin problems are listed below. All the proposed masks and lotions can also be applied on the skin of the neck and décolleté, as well as on other parts of the body.

If in the process of making homemade cosmetics you need to add an infusion of green tea, you should be aware of the fact that:

  • decoction should be prepared immediately before use;
  • a concentrated product with therapeutic characteristics is made from ten grams of tea leaf and one hundred milliliters of water heated to ninety degrees Celsius.

Tea leaves are put in a cup, filled with water and infused for an hour. During this time, all the useful substances will be released into the liquid, but they will not have time to lose their qualities.

After applying the cleansing compositions, it is advisable not to apply decorative cosmetics, as well as to refuse to use other means of skin care.

Pigment spots, often occurring after exposure to the sun, as well as due to problems with the work of the intestines during pregnancy and breastfeeding, can be cured with a mask prepared from:

  • one tablespoon of green tea;
  • three tablespoons of natural yogurt or sour cream;
  • one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Apply the mass should be on clean and dry skin. Soak on the face means you need for half an hour. Repeat this mask should be every other day for two weeks.

To some extent, such a mask can lighten age spots, only it should be used for a long time.

Swelling under the eyes and dark circles can be overcome with the help of lotions from the infusion of green tea. Cotton discs or a soft cloth are dipped into the liquid, and then the material is applied to closed eyes. The application lasts no more than fifteen minutes. The effect of the use of green tea is many times greater than the use of black tea, because in the raw materials of poorly fermented tea leaves all the useful substances are in greater concentration. Enhance the effect can be a cup of tea, taken inside. As a sweetener, it is desirable to use natural bee honey. You can do without sugars.

You can fight against loose skin with the help of the remedy below, prepared from:

  • one glass of infusion;
  • one tablespoon of homemade sour cream or butter.

The exposure time of such a composition is fifteen minutes. After that, wash off the mass and dry with paper napkins.

Another version of the mask of a similar action is prepared from:

  • three tablespoons of infusion;
  • fifteen grams of rye or wheat flour;
  • one chicken yolk.

Mass is mixed and immediately applied to the face. It is necessary to sustain a mix approximately twenty minutes. The number of procedures per week should not exceed three. They need to be alternated with other actions.

Normalize the condition of oily skin by using the following mask. For its preparation is not needed a decoction, and the leaves themselves, which should be steamed. Vitamin mass can take the one that remained from the preparation of fragrant green tea. Miracle remedy is prepared from:

  • two tablespoons of heated leaves;
  • a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • one tablespoon of crushed flakes of oatmeal.

Nutritious and at the same time drying mask should be used daily for a night of at least ten days. After that, it is advisable to take a break for at least three weeks. If the skin is very oily, then the tool can be used with a break of fourteen days. The exposure time of the mixture on the problem part of the face is twenty minutes. After the time the mask should be rinsed with warm water.

Against sunburn and frostbite will help protective lotion, which can be prepared from:

  • three pieces of lemon;
  • glasses of hot infusion;
  • two tablespoons of alcohol.

Means insist to cool completely in a jar, wrapped with a towel, and then filtered. Moisture from the lemon rings should be pressed. Keep the substance to be in the refrigerator. Apply lotion with a cotton pad on the skin of the face and allow it to dry. If the skin is very susceptible to obvetrivaniyu, then after drying the first layer, you need to process it again.

Acne and other inflammatory processes in the upper layer of the skin of the face can be overcome with a composition made from equal parts of apple cider vinegar and green tea decoction without impurities. In a glass of liquid should dissolve a teaspoon without a slide of table salt or sea salt, suitable for consumption.

The resulting product should be soaked with a cotton cloth, and then put the last on the face, steamed on a steam bath with essential oils.

After five daily procedures, your face will become much cleaner. The course of treatment with such a remedy is three weeks. After completion of the procedures and treatment, it is generally recommended to use a protective alcohol lotion, the recipe of which is given earlier.

It is possible to get rid of rosacea (reddening of the skin of the face, which is a consequence of the pathological expansion of capillaries) using a product derived from:

  • three tablespoons of green tea extract (sold in pharmacies);
  • one tablespoon of strong chamomile tea;
  • one tablespoon of fresh aloe juice;
  • one tablespoon of glycerin;
  • five drops of mint essential oil;
  • five drops of lavender essential oil;
  • five drops of immortelle essential oil;
  • five drops of essential oil nerole.

All listed ingredients should be mixed in a bottle with a wide neck to a uniform consistency. Apply the product should be daily for a month twice a day: in the morning and in the evening after a thorough washing.

It is also possible to use a composition of equal parts of grape seed oil (natural, not cosmetic!) And brewing green tea to combat couperosis. As a tonic substance you can use peppermint or lemon balm. Any of these components should be put in the brew in the amount of one teaspoon of leaves (about two grams), crushed into mush. It is necessary to use means for fourteen days.

After this time, the results will be noticeable. But do not use the drug longer. Repeated course can be held only after three months. During this time, the vessels will noticeably shrink and «learn» to keep a given shape.

Healthy, rejuvenated and radiant skin will be a reward to all those who will not only use green tea as lotions or other means for face and body care, but also drink a healthy drink in the morning instead of coffee.

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