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Greek cuisine — traditional national recipes with photos

Greek cuisine — traditional national recipes with photos

Greek cuisine or the national cuisine of Greece with absolutely all the recipes for preparing its dishes is one of the most prominent representatives of the Mediterranean cuisine. Many of its traditional dishes are similar to Italian and French dishes. But this was not always the case, as some facts from the history speak of. For example, for a long time, Greece was controlled by Turkey, which could not help but postpone its imprint on its kitchen. Until the nineteenth century in Greece acted «haram» or a ban, because of which practically did not eat pork, and also did not drink alcohol. Oriental note in modern national Greek cuisine is more pronounced in the preparation of desserts. You can verify this by comparing the list of ingredients of Greek and Turkish sweets.

In general, the traditional dishes of national cuisine are quite widely used fresh vegetables. The most commonly used include potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplants, and, of course, olives. This list can be continued for a long time, but the most important thing in all this variety is the maximum preservation of the beneficial properties of vegetables in ready meals.

Traditionally, in Greece, cheese making is not surprising that among the dishes of Greek cuisine you can find many of those who have this or that cheese in their composition. The most famous among them is feta (this is salty cheese, which, as a rule, is used in the preparation of salads).

Speaking about the national Greek cuisine it is impossible not to recall the olive oil. It is added to almost all dishes. Olive oil is the pride of Greece, it is even called liquid gold here.

As for meat, then at the moment the most widespread pork and lamb. Meat is cooked in all possible forms: from stewing a whole carcass on a spit, to making minced meat dishes. Often the meat is baked in pots along with vegetables (a vivid example of such a dish is Moussaka). In addition, in the diet of the Greeks, you can find all kinds of fish. Most often it is baked on the grill, although other options are possible.

One of the main features of traditional Greek cuisine is the use of a large variety of spicy herbs. This essentially distinguishes Greek dishes from all other Mediterranean dishes.

And, of course, the most important thing that we haven’t mentioned yet is the atmosphere in which any meal takes place. As a rule, the Greeks eat in a close circle of family and friends. Because breakfast, lunch and dinner are held in a warm and cozy atmosphere that truly makes Greek cuisine special!

To the classic question of our tourist, who wants to get acquainted with the culture of Greece and gastronomically, “What to try?” We will not give a banal answer: “Go explore the menu of a restaurant or cafe of national cuisine!”. You can start exploring Greek cuisine at home and it’s very easy! It is only necessary to take advantage of those recipes with photos that are listed in this section of the site. The most detailed, they will answer any of your question! And remember that there is nothing better and tastier than what you cooked with your own hands, with love and care.

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