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German cuisine — traditional recipes of national dishes with photos

German cuisine — traditional recipes of national dishes with photos

German traditional cuisine or national cuisine of Germany — this is a somewhat generalized concept, which highlights only the general culinary characteristics of a country, formed over a rather long history of its existence. In general, each region has its own «delicious» features.

In order to understand the German cuisine better, first of all, let’s turn to the “culinary” daily routine of an ordinary German. Morning begins with a light snack, which can be any pastry or sandwiches, complemented by a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea, juice or milk. In addition, for breakfast, the Germans love boiled eggs, fruits, muesli, yoghurts and other dairy products. The main part of the daily ration falls on the time from 12 to 14 hours of the day, that is, for lunch, which consists of soups, meat or fish dishes, invariably supplemented with potatoes in all sorts of culinary processing. Various snacks and salads can also be served. German dinner special diversity is no different. Most often it can be ordinary sandwiches.

Now let’s deal with the types of dishes! We start with soups. They are in Germany the most diverse. Among them you can find liquid broths on poultry meat, supplemented with dumplings, noodles, eggs, and rather thick soups, called “Eintopf” (they are quite rich, and therefore they are often ordered in restaurants and cafes of German cuisine in the cold season). Also common are the first courses of mashed potatoes shaped consistency, prepared on the basis of various vegetables. The highlight of the traditional German cuisine is beer and bread soups.

Main dishes, as a rule, meat or fish, served on the table with a side dish. By the way, in German cafes the cost of the side dish is included in the price of the main course. The most popular type of meat is pork, followed by beef and poultry, most often chicken. They also prepare various game, which, of course, is difficult to attribute to everyday food products. Potatoes are usually served as a side dish for meat. This root vegetable in the national cuisine of Germany is very popular. It is even called the second bread, and therefore do not be surprised if you do not get ordinary bread made from wheat flour to the potatoes. It is just not accepted. We would also like to talk about a rather unusual meat platter, the birthplace of which is Germany. It is called «tartar» and is an ordinary raw stuffing. It is salted and sprinkled with spices, and also an egg is hammered into it. In this form, this «culinary splendor» spread on slices of bread and serves it to the table.

Fish is also a fairly frequent guest on the table. The most popular variety is herring. From it prepare quite a large number of dishes that are unusual for us. For example, in Germany, you can try the herring patties. As for the side dish to the fish, they are usually served boiled rice. Although in this case it is a question of personal preferences of each individual.

Also, speaking of traditional German cuisine, one should not forget about all kinds of sausages and sausages, which are cooked and eaten in large quantities.

We would like to make a special emphasis on desserts. In Germany, they are very diverse. These are cakes, pastries, pies, strudels, puddings, jelly and much more. In general, the Germans are big sweet teeth. For example, it was found that in a year a resident of Germany eats about 34 kilograms of sugar and one and a half kilograms of natural bee honey. The recipes for making desserts are very diverse. They are able to satisfy almost any taste preferences. So, if you go to Germany, be sure to order yourself in a cafe some traditional dessert, for example, the famous Bavarian cream or snowball cake (a ball of egg dough filled with nuts, chocolate, etc.).

Well, to complete our little story about traditional German cuisine, we cannot fail to mention its most famous drink — beer. The Germans are very fond of him and often enjoy it. In the south of the country, local wine can compete with beer; however, the French have largely shaped its consumption culture here.

Of course, not everyone can go to Germany for the sake of gastronomic pleasures, but it doesn’t matter, because all the dishes of traditional German cuisine can be easily cooked at home. All that is needed for the implementation of the conceived is step-by-step recipes with photos, shown on our website, and a great desire and willingness to implement them!

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