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Georgian cuisine — national recipes of delicious homemade dishes with photos

Georgian cuisine — national recipes of delicious homemade dishes with photos

Georgian cuisine or national cuisine of Georgia It is a mixture of spices and spices that are invariably present in every dish. The exception to this rule will be only desserts. Georgian cuisine throughout its history has been able to preserve the unique identity and it has remained almost unchanged to this day. This means that if you visit a restaurant or a cafe of traditional Georgian cuisine and choose one of the suggested dishes from the menu, you can enjoy a real delicacy prepared according to an old homemade recipe, at least a hundred years old. The only change that has been made to the national recipes of modern Georgian cuisine is the new utensils, as well as the new kitchen appliances. But this is only additional help to the skilled hands of the cook!

So what actually makes up the traditional home-made Georgian cuisine ?! These are appetizers, first courses (all kinds of soups), hot main dishes, salads, preparations for the winter, desserts and all kinds of pastries. In general, the peculiarity of the national cuisine of Georgia lies in the variety of its dishes, which we will have to deal with!

Since Georgian cuisine traditionally uses a lot of spices and spices in its recipes, we will begin with them. The best known are dry adjika (used in the preparation of meat dishes), dried barberry berries (they are added to various side dishes, as well as to meat), hops-suneli (a mixture of dried herbs: mint, parsley, bay leaf, celery, basil, saffron , marjoram and red pepper, saffron (this spice is used in cooking fish, poultry meat, as well as fish; it gives the dish a characteristic orange hue), dried ginger (used in making sauces and various baking), cinnamon (it is traditionally used to make I have desserts, as well as for cooking the first and hot meat dishes). As for spicy fresh herbs, it is most often used basil, cilantro, parsley, mint and wild garlic. Of course, this list can be continued for a very long time, and therefore it is a topic for a separate article. We will continue to deal with the peculiarities of traditional Georgian cuisine.

Appetizers in Georgian cuisine are very diverse. They are cold and hot. The first is, for example, the famous Lobio (stewed beans — white, red or green leguminous). Also cold appetizers are presented to vegetable stews (Ajapsandali), eggplants and tomatoes in various culinary treatments, Pkhali (a dish of spinach, leaves of young nettle, beetroot leaves with dressing of walnuts, onion, garlic, hot pepper, cilantro, salt, hops). suneli and wine vinegar). As for hot snacks, the most famous among them is Kuchmachi. This is either boiled chicken stomachs, or boiled pork offal with peanut sauce.

There are salads in Georgian cuisine, and you can find a great many recipes for their preparation, but usually Georgians simply serve fresh vegetables and greens to the table.

The abundance of first courses in the national cuisine of Georgia strikes the imagination of even an avid gourmet. The most famous soups are:

  • Kharcho (prepared on an acidic basis tkemali with the addition of beef, rice and walnuts);
  • Chikhirtma (this is a rather unusual and difficult to prepare dish; its peculiarity is the complete absence of vegetable ground, its thickness is achieved by adding flour and egg white);
  • Hashi (soup consisting of broth on beef scars and legs, to which is added bread soaked in milk);
  • Shechamandy (vegetarian first dish, which does not include grains and vegetables; cook it on a sour-milk basis, fruit-sour and nut-green basis, which is thickened by adding flour).

Second courses are, as a rule, meat dishes, for the preparation of which they use mutton, beef, pork, chicken, and offal. The most prominent example of such foods are Khinkali. In fact, these are big dumplings, the stuffing of which is minced lamb, beef or pork seasoned with black pepper. Also quite famous second course can be called Satsivi. Satsivi is a spicy stew with the addition of poultry meat and walnuts. Also, the previously named category of dishes includes grilled sausages, kebabs and chicken of tobacco, which you probably not only heard about, but also tried them!

The variety of sauces in home Georgian cuisine is also amazing! There are many of them, it seems even that all the names and do not remember. The most famous are Adjika, Satsbeli and Kindz-dzmri.

Georgian pastries are also quite famous around the world. By the way, it differs, unlike the region of the country. For example, cornmeal flatbread is most common in western Georgia, while wheat bread is baked in eastern Georgia. However, when it comes to traditional Georgian pastries, the first thing that comes to mind is Khachapuri — delicious tortillas with cheese.

As for desserts in Georgian cuisine, they are represented by Churchkhela (nuts in thickened grape juice), gozinaki, pelamushi (thick kissel based on grape juice, which is invariably served on the table cold), baht-bottles (balls of corn flakes, watered with sugar syrup ) and still quite a large number of dishes, which can be talked about endlessly, because, as we noted earlier, Georgian cuisine is simply amazing for its variety of dishes!

And in the end, we would like to mention the homework for the winter, which Georgians make year after year! So since ancient times, this nation has accumulated a lot of ways to preserve fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat for quite a long time. Although you will learn more about this in those recipes that are listed in this section in a large variety!

We have passed a brief introductory course into the specifics of real Georgian cuisine, so now we offer to join the study of photo recipes presented on this site. These are the most detailed master classes on creating true culinary masterpieces. They are written not only in simple accessible language, but they are also provided with step-by-step photos, which will simplify the cooking process as much as possible. Thus, with our recipes you can easily cook any Georgian dish!

Create real culinary masterpieces at home and delight your loved ones with them!

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