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French cuisine — national recipes of classic and homemade dishes with photos

French cuisine — national recipes of classic and homemade dishes with photos, features of this cuisine

French cuisine or national cuisine of France — this is more than a set of recipes in a culinary encyclopedia or a cookbook, these are, above all, culinary traditions that are an invariable part of the culture of this country. By the way, acquaintance with any country begins with traditional dishes, and not with sights. So we suggest you to go on a «tasty» journey through France.

Superbly decorated gourmet dishes are the hallmark of classic French cooking. Therefore, it is not for nothing that traditional French cuisine is called high! By the way, a feature in the preparation of absolutely all dishes is the desire to preserve the flavor characteristics of the product used, even after heat treatment.

Speaking of French cuisine, it should be borne in mind that it is divided into regional cuisine. That is, all the provinces differ in their traditional dishes. This difference is most clearly seen in home cooking. Perhaps, only the menu of cafes and restaurants of classic cuisine can offer you approximately the same list of dishes. For example, in the south of the country they prefer to use a large variety of vegetables and herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, etc.) in cooking. Southerners prefer seafood and fish. In addition, in the preparation of many dishes, they abundantly use olive oil. The cuisine of the east of France, for example, Alsace, is more satisfying. It is represented by meat and poultry dishes, most often from chicken.

To understand the features of homemade French cuisine, we study the diet of an ordinary Frenchman. So, the morning begins with a light snack. Usually this is a small cup of coffee, supplemented with either a pastry, for example, a croissant, or a sweet sandwich (toast with fruit or berry jam). Although in the province of breakfast pay more attention. There, it is somewhat satisfying and may consist of any pies, sandwiches or, for example, traditional crepe pancakes. Also sutra french often include in their diet and all sorts of yogurt. Dine in France, starting from 12 days, while calling lunch breakfast. At this time of the day, the French eat snacks, for example, pieces of cheese, light mashed soups, some “green” salad, meat or fish dishes (but they are more snack than main ones), and dessert accompanied by a cup of coffee or a glass of juice. . Dinner usually takes place from six to seven in the evening and is a major part of the daily diet. It consists, as a rule, of an aperitif, a light vegetable salad, a main hot dish (fish or meat, always with a side dish), as well as a dessert. At the same time, the rich variety of traditional French dishes makes it possible to make even an ordinary menu very diverse!

An interesting fact is that modern French cuisine is famous for its sauces, of which there are today more than three thousand. Without them, it is simply impossible to imagine recipes for cooking traditional dishes. Yes, and the French themselves treat them quite anxiously. Although they are from an ordinary meal make a real ritual!

Popular delicacies in France are frog legs, snails, foie gras, oysters, which are famous, in general, all over the world. However, it should be understood that these dishes for ordinary French people are not part of everyday meals. Although, of course, on occasion they will definitely take the opportunity to enjoy these delicacies. From this you can make only one conclusion: frog legs, snails, foie gras and oysters — this is just a small part of French cuisine.

Mastering the basics of French cuisine at home is quite simple, but many, frightened by the term «high-class», do not even bother to cook the most basic dishes that even beginners in the field of cooking can do. We dare to assure you that even intricate foods will be within your reach. It is only necessary to use the recommendations of our photo recipes, which describe all the stages of preparation in detail. These are real master classes, the best of its kind, in which all actions are painted step by step, and besides, they are also provided with pictures. Dare and you will succeed! Bon appetite.

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