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Festive salads — easy, fast, tasty recipes with step by step photos

Festive salads — light and fast (in a hurry), delicious step-by-step recipes with photos on cooking at home inexpensive dishes

Features of cooking salads in a hurry and not only

Festive Salads — one of the main attributes of a solemn table. There are a great many recipes for their preparation, and therefore such festive dishes can be created for any taste. And the budget for them, you can lay any. Inexpensive holiday salad is no less tasty and original than that made from the most expensive products.

For many housewives, the phrase festive salads is primarily associated with “Olivier”, “Presidential” or “Herring under a fur coat”, but in fact today the presence of diverse, even sometimes exotic products, make it possible to cook the most unusual dishes. Such festive salads, cooked at home, will definitely help to surprise and delight guests with something special.

Festive salads are not so difficult to prepare as it may seem at first glance. You can verify this by examining your favorite recipe with step by step photos. In addition to the fact that recipes are fairly easy, they are usually also quick, that is, feasible in a hurry. However, this is not a dogma. There is also a mass of such festive salads, for the preparation of which will have to spend more than one hour.

The main difference of the festive dishes from the ordinary is, first of all, in their decoration. Since its success will largely depend on the refinement of the dish, so much attention is paid to it.

To decorate festive salads, as a rule, they use the carving method (curly cutting for vegetables and fruits). For its realization it is necessary to have special knives and certain skills at home, but even a beginner in cooking will be able with a strong desire to cope with a similar task. You can learn more about this decoration of festive salads from the relevant articles of our site and from the step-by-step photo recipes on this page.

Choosing salads for the festive table, you must give preference to those that you will be able to arrange. It is also worth opting for recipes with photos and a clear description of how to arrange the dish, this will allow you to understand the process in more detail and easily repeat everything in your own kitchen. In addition, it is better if the dish can be prepared in a hurry, because you will have to prepare not only it.

And, when choosing a salad recipe for a festive table, please note that its ingredients should not intersect with the ingredients of the main course. Both of these dishes should complement each other, and not duplicate.

In that case, if the salad needs to be served on a buffet table, it can be arranged in à la carte snacks, for example, put into tartlets or chips.

A celebration on the occasion of an anniversary or a wedding will not be able to do without particularly exquisite salads, which will attract the eye with the original design in the form of figures, interesting inscriptions and other decorative elements. For such purposes, ideal color bright vegetables, various sauces and much more.

Another important point in the design of festive salads is the dishes on which they will be served. It is desirable that it had an interesting shape, for example, for a romantic evening, it can be in the form of a heart. But for serving at the buffet table, perfect cocktail glasses. The main thing is to show ingenuity and make some efforts so that the festive table amazes the guests with its magnificence and diversity.

Starting the preparation of a festive salad in addition to the instructions of the recipe according to which it is prepared, The following recommendations should also be considered.:

  1. All ingredients must necessarily be fresh, with no signs of spoilage. You cannot save on the quality of the products even if you need to make an inexpensive salad. It is better to replace the selected recipe with what will be affordable.
  2. The composition of the salad should not duplicate the composition of the main course.
  3. In the event that meat or fish is present in a salad, the amount of one or the other ingredient should be 25% of the amount of the other ingredients.
  4. In the matter of the proportions of certain components should strictly adhere to the recommendations of the recipe.
  5. Harvesting lettuce, even if it is festive, is not worth it, as it has a relatively short shelf life.
  6. Cooking a festive salad at home should be done shortly before serving, while filling it, as well as salting and peppering at the time of serving. The only exceptions are those dishes that need time to brew.

That’s all the main recommendations. As for the recipes of cooking festive salads, you can find them in this section of the site. Each recipe is not only painted in detail, but also supplemented with step-by-step photos that greatly simplify the cooking process.

We hope that the salads prepared according to our recipes with step-by-step photos will occupy a worthy place on your holiday table.

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