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Facial skin care after 50 years at home: basic rules

How to make skin beautiful: the rules of home care after 50 years

Women who have reached the age of fifty more closely observe their reflection in the mirror. Some of them sadly realize that the dazzling shine of hair, soft and velvety skin is no longer to return. But is it worth thinking, looking at yourself, that now they can not enjoy their view, but those who are younger? The modern beauty industry is capable of helping to take care of the skin of the face even after 50 years and at home. The past years, stress, poor nutrition and bad habits make themselves felt by reducing the tone and fading of the skin. Even those who do not abuse anything, it is not easy to see the sad changes in their appearance. How to help women who are thinking, is it possible to care for the skin of the face after 50 years, able to postpone old age for many more years? There are many ways to smooth out wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, to give the skin a radiant whiteness and elasticity.

Ways to rejuvenate the skin

On the female face all negative processes occurring in the body are reflected. This is facilitated by:

  • excessive sun tanning;
  • drinking and smoking;
  • excessive use of strong tea or coffee;
  • chaotic food and other reasons.

For those who are already over 50, it is important to limit yourself in products that affect the functioning of internal organs, because their unstable functioning affects their appearance.

It should be remembered that the excessive use of salty, smoked, spicy dishes leads to an unattractive appearance of the skin.

But combining skin care after 50 years with a vegetable, fruit, dairy ration, you can rather quickly correct the situation and allow yourself to look younger.

General recommendations for those who want to keep young

As a rule, women know how to care for the skin, because it is necessary to take into account her type and condition. The general rule for mature is that you should try to use natural remedies. Cosmetic masks from a banana, strawberry or honey bring extraordinary pleasure: with their wonderful aroma they raise the spirits, which positively affects the psychological state. Natural remedies are used as follows:

  1. In order to clean the face, it is rubbed with foam, cosmetic milk, steam baths are made or ice is applied from chamomile, peppermint, celandine or calendula tinctures.
  2. As a tonic used liquid, which does not contain alcohol: aloe juice, lemon, honey.
  3. Collagen masks will help to make the skin firm and elastic, especially for those who have to take care of dry skin.

In adulthood, facial treatments are selected with particular care. A lot of useful masks for those who are over fifty years old can be made from natural products that are always at hand, without wasting time on trips to a beautician.

Natural masks

Permanent care will help make the skin fresh and elastic; procedures are carried out several times a week:

  • wiped cucumber nourishes the skin with vitamins, well whitens;
  • a mixture of sour cream with honey tones;
  • oatmeal promotes deep cleansing.

Any vegetable components for the face at home will help find the basic components. They soften their action with the help of dairy products. In winter, honey is a salutary and necessary component of the masks.

Anti-aging procedures are not limited to external means only; face care after 50 years of age requires auxiliary measures. A positive result is achieved faster if you add masks with facial massage.

Massage gives a rejuvenating effect, as it increases blood circulation, it begins to do from the frontal zone, ending on the chin. After the procedure, a cream or mask is applied.

In addition to external procedures, deciding how to properly care for yourself without the help of professionals, it is necessary to stimulate the processes of skin renewal from the inside. With a great desire to look younger than his age, he pays close attention to nutrition, physical exertion, it is necessary to drink ordinary water (up to 2 liters per day). The whole complex of body-supporting activities will allow to extend the beauty and health.

Useful mask

You need to prepare the yolk, as the basis for the mixture, honey and oatmeal. To the mixture add no more than 1 tsp. honey — it relieves inflammation, cleans clogged pores from dirt and bacteria. To the finished mixture add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, it promotes the healing of inflammation and microcracks with dry skin.

Fresh Potato Mask

For the procedure, take fresh tubers, boil with the skin, until the potatoes are hot, soften it with milk (2 tablespoons), add the yolk to the mixture. Before applying the cooled slurry is heated, cover the face, including the skin near the eyes. To enhance the effect of the top impose a hot napkin. Half an hour later, wash off the mask with warm water.

How to choose a face cream

By the age of 50, most women are aware of their skin type, the selection of a cosmetic cream or lotion is not difficult for them, and to care for their face at home is comfortable and easy. The main thing is that the composition corresponds to the age characteristics, because in 50 years there are a lot of problems that women do not face in their youth. The cream must contain antioxidants:

  • ascorbic acid, or vitamin C;
  • tocopherol, or vitamin E;
  • carotene, or vitamin A;
  • lycopene.

Of particular importance is such an important component as hyaluronic acid. It is located in the cells of the body and is a biological lubricant of the articular cartilage. With age, there is a transformation of its mass. The caring component behind the face is also part of the skin, and when sunburns, its synthesis stops, the decay rate is accelerated, and the skin rapidly fades every year.

The peculiarity of hyaluronic acid is that it concentrates a huge amount of water in itself, thanks to which it prolongs the life of the cells, moisturizing them, giving elasticity. Cosmetology makes extensive use of acid in the production of creams and lotions.

When skin care, hyaluronic acid, which is in the composition of cosmetics, forms a special film, so the skin is easily moistened, retaining the liquid. Acid-based preparations are anti-aging protection, they are effective even in the presence of deep wrinkles, because the action at the cellular level enhances the production of collagen, elastin. The main sources of the magic component are soy products, some vegetable fruits.

Folk remedies for wrinkles

Successfully caring for your skin after 50 years at home is not difficult, you need to use complex measures with the use of lotions or masks. They can be prepared by yourself, using pharmacy raw materials or whatever is on hand. For this fit many varieties of vegetables, fruits and, of course, berries. Careful treatment of the skin of the face and hands will allow a woman to forget for a long time that she has already passed 50 years. If she cares for the body every day, moisturizing the skin, nourishing it, then a dazzling appearance will be her main weapon for a long time.

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