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Face sculpting — oval, square, round, triangular and rhomboid

Sculpting the face — oval, square, round, triangular, and rhomboid; Description of tools required for sculpting

Face sculpting — This is not a way to bring the appearance of each person to a single standard. Not at all. Each person is individual, beauty and lies precisely in the interesting features inherent in this particular appearance. And, of course, it is impossible to turn everyone into identical dolls, so we can lose many sources of inspiration, because always the faces for all the great creators were bright, rich and one-of-a-kind.

Sculpting, or contouring the face is an opportunity to make the general contour of the face more prominent, to give it expression, smoothing over some inaccuracies and imperfections. This word expresses a special technique in the make-up art, by means of which, by applying different shades of the same color, it is said to “sculpt” the overall sculptural appearance.

In fact, the master of sculpture is a real sculptor who can perform miracles with the help of ordinary cosmetics and brushes. Interesting historical background of this technique. This version of cinema make-up came to us, where, due to the specific lighting, it was necessary to adjust the make-up of movie actors. That is why now the basic principle of modeling is the principle of falling light. That is, it is necessary to imagine that the light falls on the face, as it were, in front of a little above, and fix the shadows formed with makeup. But this is a greatly simplified face contouring scheme, because for each type there will be its own face sculpting rules, which we will examine a little later.

Of course, no one obliges you to spend every morning on step-by-step, time-consuming application of various shades of cosmetic products on different areas of the face, followed by the most thorough shading. But if you just put on the foundation of the same color, even out all the irregularities, hide all pimples and moles, then you will most likely get a face mask. Therefore, to know the rules of face sculpting and skillfully apply them, dosing the intensity of the application of flowers is necessary for every girl.

There are some general recommendations that it would be good to learn before you put into practice facial sculpting lessons:

  1. Carefully consider the type of your face, that is, you should accurately refer your appearance to the necessary category. To do this, carefully consider the outline of your own traits. It may even be necessary to apply this method: put hair in a ponytail, smoothly comb it, free your face, go to the mirror and circle your reflection with lipstick. Then consider the resulting shape and remember the lessons of geometry — there are oval, round, square, rhomboid and triangular faces.
  2. Apply cosmetics for sculpting on the prepared face — that is, cleaned and thoroughly moisturized. You can even use a base for makeup for greater durability of the result.
  3. Extinguish the limits of shades carefully. On the face should be smooth transitions, not multi-colored spots.
  4. After you have achieved the result you need, go out into the daylight with a mirror, or better still take a picture of the result and carefully review the picture. So you can observe in the process of learning their own shortcomings.
  5. Do not be afraid to experiment. The rules are rules, and yet you are individual and it is possible that it is you who need to apply other methods of modeling facial sculpture.

Means for face sculpting can be divided into two groups, the representatives of which are simply obliged to be in each cosmetic bag: these are tools — brushes, and cosmetics for contouring and modeling facial features. So, then we will tell you exactly what is needed for face sculpting.

Brushes. At this point everyone chooses what is comfortable to fit in his hand. The main can distinguish the following types of brushes:

  • The kabuki brush is really a universal brush for perfect blending of borders between shades, it looks like a very thick wide brush with a flat cut.
  • Flat brush with a semicircular cut — ideal for applying cosmetics on the face, but not suitable for shading.
  • The brush with a beveled cut — depending on the size and thickness is used to apply and feather cosmetics on the wings of the nose and on the cheekbones.
  • Volumetric dome-shaped brush — perfect for feathering the borders of shades, moreover, depending on the volume, it can serve as a tool for applying and feathering powder-like cosmetics.
  • Beautylender (“pink egg”) is the name of the new-fashioned accessory becoming more and more popular among makeup artists. It is a miracle sponge of an egg-shaped form with a sharp end for applying cosmetics in hard-to-reach areas, such as the corners in the wings of the nose, and a blunt end for perfect shading. Is it worth having this product in your own kit only for you?

Cosmetics. Modern manufacturers of cosmetics of the most famous brands consider it their duty to produce fully-completed kits — palettes for face sculpting, in which several shades of the same color are perfectly matched to each other for perfect sculpting of one or another color type of appearance. But even with such a large selection of ready-made kits, not every girl can choose what is needed. One any color, so be unsuccessful. Therefore, you have to independently assemble your own line of colors for contouring. It is not so difficult.

The main thing is to remember to remember that fixed assets must be matte, because the shiny Christmas tree at the end of December will not please you with its attractiveness. Adding shine is possible only in a small amount on the cheeks.

That is why it is necessary to choose three shades for modeling the features — the darkest shade should be a natural color that perfectly matches your skin color. In addition, you need a little bit lighter. They will be the base. But to them you can already add a bronzer and highlighter, or shimmer. This means, purpose for highlighting any or one site of the person, containing in the structure light-reflecting particles. Bronzer can highlight cheekbones, giving them a hint of a tan. A highlighter or shimmer will make your cheekbones and eyes more expressive with the help of skillfully applied highlights.

What kind of cosmetic products can be a sculpturing tool? In fact, variations can be great variety. Try to build on your skin type.

If you treat it as a dry, sensitive or normal type, then pay attention to non-creamy textures. It can be tonal creams of the necessary shades, cream powder, proofreaders for sculpting are also good if they are taken in the right color palette. But the use of correctors is fraught with the fact that the layer of cosmetics on your face will not be thin at all, due to the dense texture of the product. Therefore, this option is acceptable in the winter, and not in the heat of the summer.

If your skin can be attributed to a fat or a combined type, then you should use powder-like agents for this purpose, that is, simply speaking, powder or blush of the necessary shades, but always with a matte effect. And here you should start from experience, use compact or crumbly options.

An oval face is considered ideal for shaping the stages of sculpting other types and shapes of faces. And, therefore, many unfairly believe that this type of person should not be subjected to correction. But there is no limit to perfection, and therefore there is something to experiment with. So with the oval type of face, one can distinguish sharply the cheekbones and turn into the fatal Egyptian queen, or make the appearance mysterious. At the end of the day, just make your own traits more expressive. For this type of person you can apply the following techniques:

  1. With the darkest shade, draw stripes on the area under the zygomatic bone, the easiest way is to simply draw in your lips and carry a shadow over the depressions formed. And on the area above this shadow, on the contrary, apply the lightest shade, which, after careful shading, is also emphasized with a highlighter.
  2. To make the nose more expressive and aristocratic, darken its side parts, and on the centerline, on the contrary, apply the lightest shade, but in minimal amounts.
  3. Apply a highlight to the center of the chin. If he doesn’t have a special grace, then apply a thin brush with the darkest shade, forming the necessary contour, and then gently using a dome-shaped brush to extrude all borders.
  4. The highlighter can also give greater relief to your cheekbones, thus making your face look like Kim Kardashian’s face sculpting. Smile, now add a bright shimmer or highlighter to the broken “cheeks” of the cheeks.
  5. With the lightest shade and thin soft brush, circle the contour of the lips in order to make them more expressive. To shade this line should be a soft brush from the lips, without affecting the flat line of the border with the lips. This effect can be enhanced by applying a drop of a highlighter or a shimmer to the hollow above the upper lip.
  6. You can make a more expressive look, remove a few years with the help of a simple technique: draw the eyebrows from the underside with the lightest shade, carefully shade this line towards the eyes, without affecting the clear line of the border with the eyebrow. Additionally underline the highlighter.

Pay attention to the characteristic features of your face: high forehead, crooked nose, and so on. And follow the rules:

  • all you need to hide or reduce — darken;
  • everything that needs to be emphasized, brought closer or raised — brighten.

A square face has the following features: the width at the level of the forehead, cheekbones and chin is approximately the same. And the height from the lower jaw to the hairline also coincides with the width of the face. Based on this, the main purpose of the adjustment can be considered as drawing and narrowing the general contour, which can be implemented with the help of such techniques:

  1. It should be dark color to mask excessively protruding features, such as the corners of the lower jaw and the side of the forehead. It should maximally darken all the side parts of the face, highlighting the vertical of the face — the center of the forehead, nose, chin.
  2. Putting a shadow on the cheeks also has its own characteristics — they are applied in the form of an elongated triangle, one corner of which lies at the temples. Then from this angle, draw visually down the line, and stop in front of the middle of the cheek. Then from these points, draw straight to the center of the face. The point at which they intersect will be the third corner of the triangle. Having darkened this area, you visually stretch your face and give it more texture. You can add strength to this effect by applying a highlighter to the cheekbone at the outer corner of the eye, and the “apples” should be emphasized with light peach or pink, depending on the color type, blush.
  3. Another detail can be considered lightening the area near the nose. The wings of the nose themselves, if necessary, darken, but emphasize the line from the inner corner of the eye to the corners of the lips with a light tone, without making this line very wide.
  4. Such a moment is interesting when working with a square face: even eyebrows can help you stretch your face, giving it an aristocratic narrowness. To do this, do not make them too long, try to shorten the length a little, with the eyebrows as high as possible. That is, the external angle of the eyebrow must necessarily be higher than the internal.
  5. When forming common facial contours, strive to ensure that all lines acquire a vertical direction, try to avoid everything horizontal. This mainly concerns the principles of contouring themselves; a brush for applying cosmetics should, if possible, move up and down. But the details of the makeup can also help us achieve the goal. So the arrows of the eyes and the corners of the lips should also have a direction to the temples. Rather than being straight horizontal.

A round face needs correction due to the fact that its rounded shapes, bulging cheeks look very childish and naive. This is wonderful, and in many cases goes into the hands of its owner. But there are times when I would like to give more seriousness, texture and sculpturality to my appearance. A round face, as a rule, has soft, flowing smoothly from the chin to the cheeks and forehead, in lines, and, at the same time, it has no sharp, sharp corners and features. That is why you need to know round face contouring basics and apply them as necessary:

  1. Mainly accentuate the shadows in the lateral parts of the face. It is necessary to remove excessive roundness in the cheeks, for this use a dark tone in order to put color in the form of half a circle on the face. Where the center of the semicircle will be located near the ear, and the arc to seize the cheeks, not approaching the nose closer than 2-3 centimeters.
  2. One of the drawbacks of this type of appearance can be considered the fact that very often a round face looks flat, a poet in order to give it relief, use the rules of contouring in the lips, nose and nose. Use a light matte tone to highlight the triangles from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth and the center of the nose. Lighten also the triangle from the bridge of the nose to the heads of the eyebrows. In the darkest tone, highlight the sides.
  3. This type of chin is also quite often heavy. That is why you can give it elegance with light semicircular strokes. One semicircle in the center of the chin, and two small sides, then carefully blend. In no case do not use the brilliant and pearly cosmetics, in this area! It is permissible to use only matte cosmetics.

A round face is a great easel for modeling work. That is why it can be played with shades, undertones and shadows for your pleasure.

A triangular face is of two types, it is either a triangle apex directed upwards or downward.

Downward triangle. This is a face with a wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a small, sharp chin. Contouring this type of face implies smoothing out sharp corners and harmonizing parts of the face that differ sharply in width:

  1. Dark tone the protruding corners of the face and toned the corners of the forehead to give it a rounded shape.
  2. To hide the sharpness of the chin, apply a dark spot on its center, highlighting the side parts.
  3. Shadows on the cheeks in this case have a diamond shape.

Upward triangle. This form of the face is very rare, and it is caused by sharply prominent lower jaws and narrow, inexpressive chin.

  1. When correcting this type of face, the entire lower part of the face should be darkened, in a special way masking the sharp corners of the lower jaw and chin.
  2. In this case, the technique will work well, in which the accentuation should be done on the upper part of the face, that is, select the eyebrows as brighter as possible, which, if possible, lengthen, and make them wider. It is also necessary when making up to focus on the eyes and thick lush eyelashes.
  3. In this case, try to follow the rule: everything is bright and neutral from the bottom, and everything is bright, rich and dark — from above.

The triangular face has many distinct features that make it very individual, and that makes it even more attractive. Do not seek to paint over the face, turning it into a standard. Try to smooth out any irregularities as smoothly as possible, leaving a pronounced specificity.

Diamond face in the environment of makeup artists and cosmetologists is not for nothing called the «diamond». This is due not only to the external similarity of forms. The fact is that owners of this type of face are in a very advantageous position due to the current fashion trends, style and beauty. And so the owners of the diamond face have two ways of applying tonal and corrective means. The first is to strive to balance all the irregularities and pronounced features. The second is, on the contrary, how to emphasize them as much as possible, while making chiseled cheekbones an accent of your image. Use these ways can be mutually beneficial, using the second, for example, in a day’s make-up. And the first to use in solemn, evening or club make-up options. In order to smooth out irregularities and harmonize a face, one should follow, in principle, the same recommendations as in modeling a triangular face, except perhaps without using dark tones for the forehead.

But to focus attention on the cheekbones, try to emphasize this part of your face as much as possible with the help of means for sculpturing and rouge.

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