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Face peeling: features of a cosmetological procedure at home

Features of facial peeling: how to perform the procedure at home

To make the face shine with freshness and beauty, the skin needs to be systematically cleaned of dust, keratinized particles and oily film. Contaminants prevent her from fully breathing, slowing blood circulation. As a result, irritation, acne, black spots appear on the skin. Facial peeling relieves blockage of pores, prevents cell aging, lightens pigmentation.

Regular cleansing of the skin is a reliable way to remove inflammation, improve complexion and maintain attractiveness.

What is the secret of peeling?

A few decades ago, not all women knew about peeling, and what units such could understand, although the procedure itself was well known to everyone. This skin care has been practiced since ancient times. Our ancestors carried out cleansing with wet river sand and various household products. This is beneficial to the appearance, making the faces of beautiful women clean and shining.

Now, most women know what peeling is. The name translated from English means “deep clean”, “scrape”. These words accurately convey the essence of the procedure. With its help, the dirt is removed from the pores and dead cells. The epidermis is saturated with oxygen and nutrients, after which its intensive renewal begins.

Cosmetic procedure is necessary for all women without exception. The fact is that the cells of the upper layers of the skin die off every 28 days, turning into keratinized particles. If they are not regularly cleaned, they clog the pores, interfere with the appearance of new cells, contribute to the aging of the face.

The main secret of peeling is that it helps the skin to recover, cleansing it to the layer where the live young cells are located. In addition, it tightens pores, preventing bacteria and dirt from entering and destroying sebaceous glands.

After peeling, the production of collagen and elastin increases in the cells. These substances are necessary for smoothing wrinkles and skin elasticity.

What is peeling?

Depending on the effect on the skin, the procedure is:

  • chemical, when keratinous particles are dissolved with caustic substances;
  • mechanical, in which the dead cells are removed from the skin with the help of modern devices;
  • physical, requiring before cleansing the softening of the skin and pollution.

Face peeling also differs in the degree of penetration deep into the skin. There are three types of effects.

  • The most gentle procedure is superficial peeling. It affects only the top layer of the skin. For its use, fruit acids are often used, which quickly eliminate desquamation, refresh and improve the complexion. Superficial cleaning is easy to do on their own, using available cosmetic products.
  • Median peeling helps to cope with many defects on the face. It is made in the cosmetology room with the help of chemical solutions or a special apparatus that cleans the stratum corneum and produces skin grinding. To achieve the desired effect, several procedures are required with an interval of 10 days. After each session, you need a comprehensive facial care under the supervision of a specialist.
  • Deep peeling is used by women to get rid of scars, stretch marks, acne and strong wrinkles. This serious intervention in the layers of the skin must be trusted by professionals and done under local anesthesia in a hospital setting. A strong chemical or mechanical impact injures the skin, so for three days after cleaning the patient needs the supervision of a physician. Complete healing, during which there is a burning sensation and tightness, occurs throughout the month.

Depending on what problem you need to fix, you can choose a peeling procedure aimed at removing the inflammatory process, moisturizing, peeling off unwanted particles or skin regeneration.

Indications and contraindications

If you want to clean your face with a deep or middle peeling, you should definitely consult a doctor, because the procedures have many contraindications.

They are forbidden to do:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with the development of dermatitis or herpes;
  • in the presence of cuts on the face, ulcers, severe inflammation.

Some women often have an allergic reaction to the components of the peeling. This must be taken into account when deciding on a cleansing in a beauty salon.

Superficial peeling is easy to do at home using natural remedies. It is useful for regular cleansing the face of girls, from 18 years of age. For therapeutic purposes, a signal to carry out are:

  • enlarged pores;
  • red spots left after acne healing; small scars;
  • freckles and age spots;
  • excessive dryness and tightness of the skin;
  • manifestation of signs of aging.

Oily skin is in dire need of peeling. It is prone to inflammation, quickly pollutes, becomes greasy.

What is needed for the procedure at home

To make a face peeling, you can purchase a special composition in a pharmacy or prepare it yourself. You will need the components that each hostess has at hand:

  • coarse salt;
  • oat bran;
  • powdered nut kernels;
  • coffee grounds.

Strengthen the cleansing effect and saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals can be auxiliary ingredients. Their selection is very wide.

  • It is useful to use honey, cottage cheese, olive oil.
  • A good result is achieved when using fresh fruit, for example, strawberries, apples.
  • The composition of medicinal herbs is ideal for sensitive skin.

The features of a light peeling for the face are such that it perfectly affects the skin, slowing down the aging process, maintaining tone and maintaining a flowering appearance. It is of two types:

  • scrub, consisting of coarse particles, acting aggressively;
  • gommage that has a soft texture, smoothly and gently cleansing the skin.

Self-prepared composition for home peeling does not provide an instant effect, like a salon procedure, but with regular use it improves the appearance, rejuvenates, makes skin soft and ruddy.

Rules of application

For full impact on the skin during cleansing you need to follow some recommendations.

  • First of all, prepare your face. It should be steamed over the herbal decoction for about 15 minutes in order to stimulate the opening of the pores and the softening of the accumulated dust.
  • The cleansing composition should be applied on the massage lines in a circular motion, gently rubbing into the skin.
  • A light massage should be continued for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse the applied agent with warm water.

It is recommended to use a gommage and a scrub in the evenings, so that during the night’s sleep the skin calms down after the procedure. If necessary, the composition can be applied during the day, but in this case, try not to go out into the fresh air for 2-3 hours.

After washing off the peeling cleansing components from the face, use a nourishing cream, and best of all pamper your skin with a moisturizing natural mask.

Home peeling

To cleanse the face brought the maximum benefit, you need to choose the right composition. You also need to know the frequency of manipulations. The facial peeling procedure requires taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin.

  • Dry and normal skin cleansing is necessary every 10 days.
  • Oily skin peeling need 2 times a week.
  • Women with sensitive skin, which has a thin structure, are required to carry out cleansing every 1-2 weeks, using soft, gentle means.

Recipes for dry skin

To make a scrub, powder the kernels of two walnuts, add the yolk of the eggs to them and beat. Separately, melt 1ch. butter, combine the ingredients and use.

Easy peeling can be done with an apple. Rub fine fruit, measure 1. tsp, add to it the same honey and banana puree. Pound into a homogeneous mass and in the end put 1 tbsp. l oatmeal and fat sour cream.

Recipes for oily skin

Cook gommage of strawberries. This recipe requires a large spoonful of fresh berry puree. Pour into it 1 tsp. blue clay, apply the resulting paste on the face, gently massage and rinse.

To narrow the pores and clear the greasy shine, cinnamon powder, grape seed oil and honey are suitable. Combine them in equal proportions and process a homogeneous face.

Sensitive Skin Recipe

Gentle skin, prone to irritation, it is important to choose a gentle composition. For this, face peeling with healing herbs is like.

Pour into a coffee grinder for 1 tsp. dry leaves of plantain, chamomile and oatmeal. Grind the ingredients into a powder, pour half a teaspoon of almond oil there and dilute slightly with water. You should get herbal thick paste. Lubricate her face, gently rub into the skin and wash.

Recipes for all skin types

For coffee peeling, you need to grind 1 tbsp. l coffee beans. Mix the resulting powder with sour cream 1: 1 and use a mass to clean. If the skin is too fat, sour cream is recommended to be replaced with unsweetened yogurt.

Oat scrub can be used instead of the usual washing. It has an excellent cleansing and refreshing effect. Crush the oatmeal. Put some powder on your hand and pour a little water on it. Apply to skin, massage and clean it with water.

Whitening peeling

When it is necessary to lighten pigment spots, freckles, or just whiten and clean the skin, peeling for the face from lemon juice can help.

Heat 1 tbsp. l oil from flax and mix it with juice squeezed from half a lemon. Apply the composition on the face, carefully rub into the skin and leave for 20 minutes. After rinse with water or herbal decoction.

Home facial peels do not require complex ingredients and cash expenditure. If you do it regularly, it will help to cope with many skin problems and relieve your face from dehydration and signs of fatigue.

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