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Face Jojoba Oil: a natural remedy for youthful skin

Jojoba oil is an amazing product for beautiful skin

Jojoba shrub, a Chinese Symmondia, comes from North America, where it grows in a wild-growing form. Cultivated in Mexico and Egypt. In the VIII century, the extract from the fruits of this plant was added to the food by local residents, they were treated to all sorts of ailments. The Indians prepared from him a means to strengthen the hair. Travelers brought recipes of drugs and cosmetics from jojoba to Europe, where they became very popular.

In terms of its structure, jojoba oil is a liquid cold-pressed wax made from nuts. This method allows you to save many valuable ingredients.

Jojoba oil for beautiful skin of the face is recommended by all cosmetologists, as it simply abounds in many vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants. In addition, it contains a substance similar in composition to collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis.

Application in cosmetology

Chinese Symundia oil is very popular today, it has found wide application in cosmetology. Given the unique properties, this tool is great not only for skin care of the face, but also for the care of the neck and décolleté. Let’s learn in detail how jojoba oil is beneficial.

  1. The composition includes fatty acids and proteins, their properties are to tighten, moisturize, increase the elasticity of the dermis.
  2. In contact with the skin, the agent is instantly absorbed, penetrating deeply into the epidermis. So, deep hydration is provided.
  3. This extract is very similar to natural sebum. It forms a film on the surface of the dermis, which prevents the evaporation of moisture. But the greasy does not remain, which is nice.
  4. Antiseptic effect. The extract will eliminate all pimples and inflammations.
  5. This tool refers to plant waxes, it will not turn sour and will not faint. Already at 0 ° C, the substance becomes turbid and viscous, then hardens. Therefore, this tool does not need any preservatives, it is itself capable of playing such a role.
  6. Hypoallergenic. The substance can be used by both children and pregnant women.

Cosmetic jojoba oil is also used to heal hair. Means just perfectly copes with brittleness, lifelessness, split ends, gives curls pomp, strength, volume, healthy shine, protects from the harmful effects of the environment, promotes rapid regeneration.

The tool can be successfully used in pediatrics — in the care of children’s tender skin, which indicates its absolute harmlessness.

Unique exposure method

Once on the skin, the oil forms a thin film that protects the epidermis from the influence of aggressive environmental factors. The film retains moisture in the skin for a long time, makes it smooth and elastic, does not leave an unpleasant greasy shine.

Using jojoba oil for the skin, it is most often used as a base (as a basic agent), supplementing it with other essential agents in various proportions. Thanks to this campaign, you can vary the beneficial effects on the skin.

Ways to use at home

So, you were convinced, what fine product — oil jojoba for the person. Its use in the home is quite simple.

  1. This universal remedy is suitable for any type of skin. If you add almond, orange, lemon or avocado oil to the product, you will get a wonderful product for youth and skin glow. Wipe your face with this nutrient after washing or sunbathing.
  2. Eliminate fine wrinkles. In this case, jojoba oil for the face should be mixed with avocado extract in the same proportions. It is good to add 2 drops of fennel and mint oils. It is useful to apply this mixture directly on wrinkles twice a day.
  3. To forget about peeling and inflammation, you need to use the following mixture: in 100 ml of jojoba oil enough to drop 2 drops of orange ether. The finished aromatic mixture should be treated daily inflamed places in the morning and evening.
  4. To maintain the elastic skin is useful to combine 3 tbsp. l this remedy with 3 drops of patchouli oil. The resulting mixture is necessary to massage the face along the massage lines until completely absorbed.
  5. How to use jojoba oil for the face in the presence of inflammation and acne? You need to make this solution: 60 ml of jojoba extract mixed with 2-3 drops of lavender esters and tea tree. Wipe your face twice a day with this mixture. Can be applied as compresses for 15 minutes.
  6. You can significantly improve and enrich your usual face cream with vitamins if you add jojoba essential oil for the face to it. This tool is able to reach the deep layers of the epidermis and restore the skin from the inside.
  7. It is an excellent remedy for the skin around the eyes, for this you should gently apply the product on the eyelids with the fingertips.
  8. For bright juicy lips, it is worth preparing such a mixture: in 15 ml of jojoba oil, add a couple of drops of fragrant mint or lemon balm. Lubricate the lips in the morning and before bedtime.

Solid benefit

With regular exposure to this oil, the process of cell renewal improves, the skin of the face is enriched with the most important active substances and beneficial trace elements.

Due to the high content of the most well-known antioxidant — vitamin E, jojoba oil protects the dermis from the damaging effects of free radicals. Healing vitamin renews the cells of the epidermis, which prevents the aging process. In addition, numerous amino acids contribute to the preservation of skin elasticity.

Jojoba extract does not have its own strong odor, so it can be easily added to other aromatic products.

Possessing unique features, this tool is suitable for any age and any skin type. It perfectly heals any damage, smoothes wrinkles, relieves irritation and inflammation.

Use jojoba oil in daily facial care. Be beautiful!

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