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Eyeshadow — how to make a natural cosmetic with your own hands?

How to make natural eyeshadow with your own hands?

Eyeshadow, as, however, and any other cosmetics for eyes are the most bought among all means for a make-up. In general, the correctly chosen shadows can qualitatively highlight the beauty of your eyes. The market of decorative cosmetics is saturated with all kinds of options — cream, baked, crumbly, powder shadows. The color palette is so wide that it can satisfy the most spoiled consumer.

The trends in the development of the production of decorative shadows by well-known world brands are directed towards the use of natural mineral components in their composition. But the use of natural components leads to some appreciation of the product. In essence, the makeup of the eyeshadow is simple enough and if you have the desire to create your own individual palette or you have very sensitive eyelid skin that is prone to allergic reactions, you can easily create your unique tool and make the perfect makeup. It does not take you much time and money.

The basis for natural eye shadow is the substance sericite. It is a natural mineral that is widely used for making cosmetics. It, along with pigments for the funds can be purchased in specialized stores for hand-made.

Natural components and necessary fixtures

In order to make your own eye shadow you will need:

  • small storage tank with tight-fitting lid;
  • plastic spoon;
  • a coin or any other device that is slightly smaller in diameter than a shadow container;
  • ethyl alcohol 70%;
  • paper napkin;
  • sericite;
  • pigment (mineral mica powder for cosmetic use);
  • additive (magnesium stearate or magnesium myristate).

Step by step photo instruction how to make eye shadow

If you want individuality, use our step-by-step workshop to create your own palette of natural eye shadow shades that will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

  1. To begin, disinfect the necessary devices with alcohol.
  2. Sericite, pigment and additive take in the ratio of 50/45/5 of the total dry mix. Mix thoroughly until the color is uniform, apply some powder on the back of the brush and rub. Make sure that the saturation and hue of the color suits you.
  3. Put the powder in a jar and start adding the alcohol dropwise, stirring it continuously with a spoon. Add alcohol until the mass turns into a thick paste.
  4. Take a napkin, put it on top of a jar. Put a coin on the napkin and start pressing down the shadows. Press until the mass in the jar becomes tightly compressed.
  5. After that, cover the container with a clean towel and leave it for a while in order to evaporate the alcohol.
  6. Eye shadow ready. Apply them to the eyelids with an applicator and store in a tightly closed container. Such a tool has a fairly long shelf life.

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