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Eyes swollen from tears — how to get rid of swelling and why the eyelids swell

Eyes swollen from tears — what to do to quickly remove swelling and swelling?

Eyes swollen from tears — This is a problem that every woman must have encountered. Almost every girl is very emotional, and crying and tears are the body’s natural reaction to stress, emotional turmoil, resentment, and also to joy. After the girl has cried, the feeling is created that she felt better in her soul, I want to act again. But the face says the opposite, as the eyes and eyelids were swollen and red. Then it becomes necessary to cope with the situation.

In this article, you will find detailed information on why the eye is swollen from tears, and what to do about it. Sometimes help is needed very quickly, and what to do in this case, we will also tell.

Why do eyes and eyelids swell after tears? The reason lies in the fact that a person experiences rather strong emotions, both positive and negative. It can be jubilation, horror, genuine joy or burning resentment, as well as some other emotions. All of them contribute to the activation of internal processes that lead to the formation of tears. In other words, it is a kind of protection of the body from stress.

Tip! It is not recommended to restrain feelings, of course, if the situation allows it. In this case, the body is free from an oversupply of feelings.

Tears are completely natural to the human body. A small child with their help shows parents that he wants to eat, that he is tired or upset about something. An adult also expresses his own emotions through tears. Many people worry that after crying eyes swell up. But then the state of mind of a person returns to normal.

It is important to understand that a person can cry, not only because of emotional experiences, but also for other reasons: a speck of dust, dust or eyelashes in the eye. When ingested, the work of the lacrimal gland is activated, which is aimed at removing a foreign body from the eye.

With the help of tears, toxins and stress hormones are eliminated from the body. Tears contribute to the disinfection of the eyeball, which helps protect it from the effects of harmful microorganisms. Crying is also an opportunity to ease pain, that is, it is a natural analgesic. It acts by blocking pain signals to the brain. In other words, sometimes it is very useful to cry, although later it becomes necessary to fight against swelling and reddening of the face.

Quick help after crying will need the eyes of every woman. Crying, for sure the woman will look at her reflection in the mirror and be horrified: her eyes are red, her eyelids are swollen, swelling is observed. And then it comes time to provide quick help.

Tip! First you need to let in some fresh air into the room by opening the window. You should breathe them, taking at least 10 deep breaths. This will help you to feel better, as well as get rid of the many sad thoughts that go to your head.

After that it is necessary to wash with cold water. With a break of 10-15 minutes you need to wash at least three times. There is a high probability that after that you will want to visit the shower, and this is excellent. Ideally, you should give preference to a contrasting soul. After taking it to notice that the girl was crying, it will be impossible, the beauty will be restored.

In some cases, there is simply no time for such pleasure as a shower. And then come to the aid of compresses. It is necessary to take cotton swabs, moisten them in cold water and apply to the eyes. Long hold is not necessary. Just a few seconds. The procedure can be repeated 3-4 times with a break of 2-3 minutes. Lotions can be replaced with ice cubes, but they need to wipe the skin around the eyes, you can not keep the ice on the eyes. Such ice cubes will also help get rid of the feeling that the girl was crying, removing the swelling of the eyelids.

It is worth knowing that you can get rid of swelling of the eyes and eyelids through simple gymnastics. Exercises are very easy and performed without difficulty. You need to lower your eyes down and hold your index finger over the upper eyelid, and then raise your eyes up. No need to push, just light massage movements. Exercise should be repeated 15-20 times, and then you can watch the result.

Argued that water contributes to swelling. But in those cases where a woman cried all night, she definitely needs to drink a glass of water. It will have a healing effect on the body, restoring its strength after a sleepless night.

Caffeine and tannins can be good helpers. These substances are contained in tea. With their help, you can restore skin tone and quickly get rid of severe edema. It is enough to use ordinary tea bags. They should be brewed in a small amount of water for 5 minutes. After this bags need to cool and put on closed eyelids. The result will be a narrowing of blood vessels and, consequently, a decrease in swelling under the eyes. By the way, if you do not use tea bags, they do not need to specifically buy. It is enough to brew ordinary loose tea to make it strong. Then in the welding should be moistened with cotton pads or pieces of cotton and put on the eyes.

Tip! Let there be a supply of chamomile ice (or cubes of parsley, calendula, green tea) in the freezer. It will help not only in cases where you need to get rid of the swelling after crying. Chamomile ice is useful for cosmetic procedures.

All these measures will help to quickly remove the swelling of the eyes after crying and in the morning. In conclusion, it is recommended to make a compress, eliminating the redness and swelling. You only need to choose the most suitable recipe.

Recipes remedies for puffy eyes from tears will help return the eyes and face to a normal state. It should be understood that all compresses are individual in their action, so you need to choose what is right for you. The most common can be found in the table.

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