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Eyelash extensions — types of procedure; its pros and cons; recovery after building

Eyelash extensions — This is a procedure that can turn absolutely any eyes into shining and gorgeous, while it saves girls time, allowing them to look great at any time of the day. After all, it was thanks to the beautiful eyes, the inviting gaze thrown out from under the thick eyelashes, the peoples were subjugated and the borders of empires changed throughout the centuries of human existence. But before long and thick eyelashes could boast only those who by nature had been given such a gift. Everything changed at the beginning of the 20th century. It was in 1927 that Max Factor, the famous makeup artist, make-up artist and inventor of cosmetics such as foundation and mascara, was the first time for actress Phyllis Heiver to play the role of Roxy in the legendary musical “Chicago”. . They were a construction of a fringe, holding on to the base of the thread, which should be fixed to the base of natural glue.

This invention so transformed the appearance of the actress that, despite all the flaws, such as fragility, inconvenience in use and apparent unnaturalness, created a huge sensation among Hollywood beau monde and firmly occupied its niche among the cosmetic leaders of that era. For a long time because of the very high price, false eyelashes of the type invented by Factor were available only to very rich famous fashionistas. But by the middle of the century, technology had leaped forward, artificial models became more accessible and, most importantly, acquired a more natural look, making them one of the most popular and widely sold beauty accessories. But, nevertheless, artificial eyelashes were all the same method of sticking whole strip with ready-made cilia, arranged in a row.

The revolution in eyelash extension technology took place at the beginning of the 21st century thanks to Japanese manufacturers of cosmetic accessories who first tried eyelash extensions with beams. And already three years later they led to the constant use among their clients of the eyelash extensions according to the Japanese technology, when an artificial eyelash is attached to the present, while creating a completely natural effect. This event really became a revolution, because from now on women could calmly relate to the daily beauty procedure, saving a significant amount of time, which is not superfluous in conditions of a crazy pace of modern life.

Eyelash extension can really boast a fairly rich history of existence, and this is justified, because artificial eyelashes can help in a variety of situations. Therefore, they are so loved by women around the world, because the use of artificial materials gives our imagination unlimited space, allowing us to constantly get different effects and select the necessary forms for each individually. In order to get a really high-quality and amazing result, first of all you need to know everything about eyelash extensions, its types and possibilities. And, of course, on the basis of your knowledge, choose a wonderful master who will turn your eyes into two shining precious stones.

Materials for eyelash extension are presented in a wide variety on the market of modern cosmetic products. But with one important feature, they are still all uniting — they are all synthetic, artificial. Because the use of natural materials is fraught with strong allergies, moreover, natural fibers are not practical at all. Artificial do not have these disadvantages.

Currently there are the following types of extensible eyelashes:

  • Mink — one of the most popular options due to the fact that they are almost identical to natural eyelashes on the feeling during wear, density and visual perception
  • Sable — The most voluminous hair is at the cilia of sable. Such eyelashes will not be able to please you for a long time, but it is with the help of this material that you can create the most voluminous results necessary, for example, for an evening and solemn appearance.
  • Rubber (silicone) — a novelty in the market of cosmetology, because thanks to the achievements of modern chemists and cosmetologists they have exceptional practicality. These cilia do not break down during sleep, even if you sleep, buried in a pillow. With them you can visit the swimming pool, sauna, do not be afraid to paint them and use cosmetic makeup remover.
  • Speakers — thin, almost weightless cilia, with the help of which it is very difficult to create a spectacular and volumetric result, but thanks to the column, even the thinnest and most gentle cilia can be transformed, and because of their weight, they will stay on the eyelids much longer than other types.
  • Silk — glossy, brilliant cilia, in quality that can be compared with mink, with the only difference being that they give a more festive result.

But the raw material from which the false eyelashes are made is not the main difference. Because even made of the same material, they can differ in the degree of wrapping, bending, and hence the effect created. The curl is created on special round elements that are very strongly heated. At the same time, the resulting eyelash turns out to be about 7 cm. After heating, high-quality artificial cilia are manually filed and ground, creating a thin tip for it, like in natural hairs. Currently, the range of eyelash extension masters has the following options for the degree of bend:

  • J — This is a very weak curl, almost a direct eyelash. It is necessary for creating a natural effect and is most often used not for building up the whole eye, but for a separate area of ​​it.
  • B — A light curl, more natural for most girls, is necessary for a natural effect.
  • C — The average curl is the most popular among the clients of eyelash extension salons, because it gives the effect of an open eye, without depriving it of its naturalness.
  • D — curl, created for special occasions, gives an instant «glamorous effect» of long eyelashes.

And of course, in the specialist’s arsenal there will definitely be such beautiful eye creation tools as glue for eyelashes, tweezers, nail scissors and much more. All this should also be of excellent quality and must be sterilized, because in this case the contact of working tools with the mucous membrane of the eye takes place, which means that it is necessary to be safe from possible problems.

Types of eyelash extensions differ in techniques and technique of execution. In addition, the results of different types may also differ in their external characteristics; currently, the following services are offered for clients in various salons and beauty studios.

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